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  • in reply to: Visiting New England #236712

    I live in New England, maybe I’ll crash into you… haha. might be some help.

    in reply to: City/Trekking bars #236710

    Wow, I saw city and bars in the title and thought we were on a different topic. This wasn’t the bars I was thinking.

    in reply to: MTB Chains #236709

    Not sure what the rule of thumb is but i replace my chain every year. I havent had any issues yet. Not sure if im just lucky or not.

    in reply to: Tire logo #236708

    fredcook- I was asking as far as mounting. I found a very small arrow so apparently they are directional. So in this case, the logo is on the drive side.

    in reply to: Tire logo #236707

    Dr Sweets-  I agree on the logos. I dont mind a small logo but not a fan of being a billboard.

    in reply to: Tire logo #236706

    Rmap01- The tires are Tioga something. Forget the model. I am always trying different tires. Brands, sizes, tread pattern etc. I stumbled across these and they were $20 each. Never really have a price in mind but for that price, I was like, why not.

    in reply to: What confuses you about the mountain bike industry? #236558

    Im new to mtb so everything is confusing to me. I have been riding bmx forever and decided to give it a shot. The lack of a standard has been killing me so far.

    in reply to: Tire logo #236557

    Seems logical. Guess thats why I got a good deal on them, lack of ink ?! If they were directional it would answer this easily but they don’t appear to be. Thanks

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)