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    "mtbgreg1" wrote


    That sounds awesome! You guys could be setting a new precedent.[/quote]

    There just is’nt any good Trail Head Parking up there.But it’s awsome riding up there….Kind of a PITA to have to park in downtown but a little organization of parking and direction will help that,good thinkin james,keep us updated…

    in reply to: Rotor not fully engaged by pads #109471

    [quote="trek7k"] Guys at the shop noticed it too

    The guys at the shop didnt have any suggestions???I think you have too many spacers under the caliper bracket.I think you can take the lower one’s out and so the upper washer’s are the adjuster cup/spacers that align the rotor to the pads.

    in reply to: Wonderful Windy way #108119

    THAT was a full moon last night huh funrover??It looked exactly the same in the morning when I walked out the front door at 5:30 a.m. to go to work but was on the west horizon,it looked like a huge gas lamp it was sooo cool.Nice ride pic’s/ride report as usual funrover…

    Dont loose faith Onefatbug,I’m sure somthing just went wrong and your post slipped through a crack in cyberspace.I know for a fact this site is built upon user submissions and would’nt want to loose your voice in the matter.Have you attempted to repost your review???

    in reply to: Saturday was sweet! #108035

    Right on funrover,that sevice road is boring but is a good climb.Steep,loose and long.Been up it a few times myself,hahahaha.Oh,thanks for the cool text today dude,made me laugh and lightened up my mood.. 😄

    in reply to: Trail maintenance, circa 19th century #108022

    Yes,very nice work shwim,I always wanted to use one of those saw’s…maby one day I will.Was wondering what you guys are gonna do with all the cut up tree,looks like you could make some really cool trail features with it..

    in reply to: My first article in a print MTB magazine #107745

    That’s really cool Greg, 😎 …….keep it up dude….

    in reply to: Riding After Cancer #107491

    Welcome to singletracks amb6708,I pretty much know the road your on.I just didn’t actually have cancer,although I had to have my colon removed to avoid cancer.I love riding bikes because it’s basically the first thing I learned to like in life and I’ve found that no matter what I go through,there always seems to be a bike waiting for me somwhere,somehow.I hope to not bring you down on this note but one of my bike mechanics buddies just past away from cancer.Got a call one day saying that he was in the hospital for cancer,and inbetween the time I got that phone call and the time I planned a hospital visit,he past away.It happens soo fast,just saying though,go out and ride it for what its worth and have fun while ya can.Even that bike mechanic of 30+ years use to complain he was’nt getting out and riding as much as he wanted to..

    in reply to: Is it just me? #107350


    in reply to: CranX is open!! #107287

    THAT was worth watching…………..Anyone goin there????

    Now you need to ride Fruita/GJ/Loma etc… area’s..You should really like Mary’s and Horsetheif and the Ribbon,and18 road and…………Hahahaha,sounds like a best of times ride you had,I need to get out to Las Vegas to ride tooo.

    in reply to: Surly Ogre: stock or custom? #107208
    "stumpyfsr" wrote

    I wish I can find to test-ride those smaller sizes…
    Thanks in advance for your time and suggestions.

    I test rode the El Mariachi 3 yesterday and they only had the Large built to test ride,although they were more than happy to build the XL for me after they get it built out of the box.They took my phone number and e-mail and will contact me when it’s ready.Also,all the shops I went to test ride bike’s said they would order in bike’s just so I could test ride them.I was lookin to test ride several bike’s yesterday and half of them were not built up to ride.It aint easy lookin for steel frames,hahahaha.

    in reply to: Advice on 29ers #107131
    "GoldenGoose" wrote

    FWIW, On-One Bike’s US store is blowing out all of their 2011 steel frames right now at 25% off the listed price if you use the coupon code "BORNANINBRED". I couldn’t pass on the Inbred 29er. Got it, shipping included, for $297.00. If you don’t mind building your bike up, that’s a GREAT deal for an incredibly versatile steel frame 29er.

    Thanks GG,I’ll take a closer look when I back to my desk top computer.That inbred looks pretty cool and I was most likely gonna build up the karate monkey anyways so it’s very possible I might pick one up…

    in reply to: Cyclist group builds the trails for all to use #107143

    Yeah,I like that story Greg,pretty inspiring.

    in reply to: Advice on 29ers #107125

    I am looking at 29er bike’s right now,although I"m looking at steel framed 29er’s.I’ve been on an aluminum 26" wheel full suspension for 5 years now.I’ve actually had fun with the bike,although I’m going back to a steel hard tail/rigid set up like I had in my first bike and gonna give the 29er thing a try.I am currently looking at the Surly Karate monkey
    The Kona Honzo
    The Transition Transam 29er
    For me,these bikes are the best bang for MY buck,I come from a BMX background though,so the steel frame thing probably isnt for everyone but thought I would share.I’ve been thiking of going custom,although the waiting list’s are quite long when I only have one bike to ride and selling the other one.The price range for a steel bike if it’s your thing is pretty attractive,plus a steel frame will last forever,especially if the geometry is right.The Karate Monkey from surly is probably the best deal,I can get into that bike ready to ride under $1500,although I really like the Transition but it’s about a thousand more.Decisions decisions…..Anyway,hope I expanded upon your bike bike awarness as I hope to expand upon my own,,,happy trails and hope you find the right bike.

    in reply to: where to buy my fuel ex 9.8 #106737

    One of my buddies bought his Trek at that Trek store,as far as I know he had a good experience.Got fitted and was able to wheel and deal a little with them on a brand new bike.

    Man,I did it a few years ago when gas was way up.Not to mention the drive from Denver to the western slope(Fruita,GJ,Moab etc…)is litterally through the Rocky Mountain passes which really eat up gas to boot.I didnt go last year so yes I’m right on target to do it again with the gas prices predicted to hit all time high……..Again 😐

    in reply to: Hi all #106920

    Hey 98special,good to see you back.

    in reply to: Ride the correct direction…!!! #106800
    "schwim" wrote

    [quote="steve32300":2vaswoqa]So were not supposed to talk about what conflicts us at the trail on our mtn bike’s scwimm???Please explain

    This is a forum, intended for the sharing of opinions, whether or not they are in line with yours. I shared mine after you shared yours and then asked you to update us on whether complaining in this thread gets you your new trailhead sign.

    You guys are more than welcome to complain to each other to your heart’s desire. Hate it out.[/quote:2vaswoqa]

    I did not detect any REAL HATE in the OP’s post,now you(schwimm) call us out as hater’s,I do not appreciate this.And why is it wrong to discuss a mountain bike trail sign on a mountain bike website??I dont under stand your position…

    in reply to: Ride the correct direction…!!! #106798

    Dude,it’s all good sittin at home on the computer,but when somthing like almost hitting a stroller with a baby in it happens,I dont feel good.I didnt hit the stroller or anything else,I was not only riding under controll and relative constraint,but I also ride with these things on my mind as much as possible so no one get’s hurt.We have had our fare share of people getting hurt in this area and the rules got changed,us rider’s almost lost our privilages to ride because of people getting hurt when they didnt see them soon enough and couldnt stop,I mean people wwent to the hospital at time’s.I dont think it’s talkiin down to anybody when were just talkin about it tryin to keep things coool.

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