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  • Stowe, VT area…rode Cady Hill, Luce Hill(Von Trapp network), and Adams Camp.

    Great riding with a nice mix of Natural and machine built flow trails.   Great scenery with lots of vertical.   Favorites include Kimmers, Pipeline, Florence, and Bear.

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    I recently purchased a Pivot Mach 6 (2017 edition before the redesigned enduro-ized 2018 model).  I’d classify myself as an aggressive trail rider, so when i was in the market for a new MTB I was thinking any thing in the 120mm – 140mm range of travel.  I had no interest in looking/demoing a 160mm travel bike.  The LBS insisted I try out the Mach 6, and boy did my opinion change quickly.  The 2017 editon specs are more trail than Enduro when compared to the newer Mach 6, however this is exactly the feel I was looking for.  As others have said the DW suspension is top notch, and personally it was a major selling point for me.   My point with this is that a bike is not classified based on travel alone, rather it is the type of suspension system, geometry, wheel base, tires, etc…  I am so glad I test rode my Pivot Mach 6, as I may very well be riding a different bike now.  Demo Demo Demo to find out what feels right for you…It may surprise you.  Good Luck & Happy trails!

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    Beyond the number of lumens, you should consider the run times….Or more importantly “ride times”.  I often ride for two+ hours which is often about the max run times on some of these lights at the highest settings.  Fortunately most of the lights can run at different levels offering varying run times.  Ultimately you might need “more light” to support your ride times.  I have a 1700 lumen Cygolite Centauri which most of the time i run at the 1200 lumen setting.  1200 lumens offers plenty of light, and u can always switch back & forth when u need a little boost of light.  I highly recommend the Centauri light: high output with long run times. My only complaint about this light is:  It’s a bit heavy for a helmet mount.  Happy Trails !!

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    This seems so silly & niche…Can’t even believe someone is trying to market that thing.  Aside from the issue you raised, where exactly do u have roads that are rideable AND lead to some “pristine” ski run that no one else can get to without this bike.  How does that rack hold a snowboard ?   At best it is a commuter bike to get you to/from the slopes.

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    From the great state of Maine….Nightime Fatbiking at Sugatloaf in Carrabassett Valley is awesome right now

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    I realize this is probably outside of your drive limit, but….If you are considering E Burke (Kingdom), you seriously need to consider Carrabassett Valley, Maine (Sugarloaf Ski Resort).    While not as well known as Kingdom,  these trails are on par with Kingdom Trails network in terms of quality and quantity (IMO better in some regards).    As someone says above, Kingdom is remote, however Carrabassett is even more remote.   There are services available in the area, and you do have access to most of the amenities at Sugarloaf Resort to give you some sense of civilization.   Plenty of outdoor adventures to be had in the area with spectacular scenery abound.    If you are serious about making the trip, look into Maine Huts & Trails (amazing off the grid accommodations in truly unique settings) as the bike trails can be connected to the Hut Trails.

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    Second what other’s have said about the “cheap chinese lights”……The Lumens ratings don’t mean a thing, and not very reliable.  I went through two cheap ones before investing in a Cygolite Centauri 1700 (while on the other hand I ride with someone who has had no problems whatsoever with the “cheap” lights).   I am happy with my Cygolite.   My goal was to maximize lumens & runtimes…My only complaint would be the weight, otherwise I love it.

    I ride at night more out of necessity due to lack of daylight, versus choosing it over riding in the daylight.   What I like about riding at night is:  more flexibility on when I can ride, the narrowed focused on the trail, the solitude, and sense of rebellion from playing in the dark when the rest of the world is sleeping.   What I dislike about riding at night:  shadows,  depth perception (feeling of riding in 2 dimensions), and riding against the clock due to battery  life…The limited depth perception & visibility can sometimes result in slower speeds, poor line choice, and less ability to pre-plan for obstacles/gear choice/etc…

    Riding at night is fun, and will improve your skills no doubt, but it is different IMO…My advice would be ride on familiar terrain and less demanding terrain (where line choice/avoidance of obstacles is not as crucial) to minimize some of the “negative” aspects.

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    Ahhh….Powerline trails bring me back to the ole days….Another Maine rider…..Back in the day those were the only options to ride along with snowmobile trails….we used to seek them out & just ride for as long as you could.   These days we avoid them because the alternatives are so much better.  I do enjoy a good chunky double track trail every now & then,  but typically these trails just bake you in the sun (not to mention the vicious horse/deer flies that tend to be in these areas).  Strongly encourage you to try it out & get a sense of what “good” trails used to be like & appreciate how great trails are now

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    I prefer a paper topo map, however as others have said…..Unless you know where you are on the map, it is not much use.




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    Hands down 1Up USA Hitch Rack….Can’t go wrong….Dont’ waste your money on cheap quality like a Thule

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    I ride in the Northeast & my “go to” tire is Nevegal for a good all around conditions tire….great traction & grip

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    Reporting back:

    I appreciate the feedback….As been said, it was a tough call,  and unfortunately there is no right answer (aside from getting more than one bike).  She ended up going with a HT 26″+ (women’s specific design) bike….Given her size & the type of riding she plans to do, I am thinking this was the right choice.   She hasn’t really taken it out for a “true” test…..From the little bit of riding that she has done:   Positive-“It rolls over obstacles with ease & confidence”,  Negative-“Kind of slow…Big tires make it tough to get her rolling”.    Kind of the reaction that you’d expect.   I will report back with more once she’s been able to do some “real trail riding”.

    I must say I was a little hesitant going with a 26+ bike (because to my knowledge there are only 2 or 3 companies making them Jamis & Surly??)…So my next question is:   Do people think this is going to stick around for a while or fade away?   My concern is mainly wheels/rims/tires…..What to people think?



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    Short answer is:  You won’t be disappointed….As I recently posted in another thread, the town of Carrabassett Valley in collaboration with Carrabassett Region NEMBA, Sugarloaf Mountain, and ME Huts & Trails are all collaborating and partnering to build an extensive network of trails in the region….They have literally invested 100’s of thousands of dollars into the trail system in the last few years (and its not stopping).    To be honest it is hard to separate “true” ME hut trails from the CRNEMBA trails….they are all intertwined & connected.  If you are serious about riding up there, you really need to start with resources/trail maps on CRNEMBA site This is a better representation of the good stuff.

    Technically speaking, I believe the Hut Trail is the main trail which connects the individual huts from Stratton Brook, to Poplar, to Flagstaff, and finally Grand Falls Hut….These trails are double wide trails with usually a main ST trail on it (so a lot of the “double track” is really ST).   Going south to North from Stratton Brook to Grand Falls, you’ll find things start to get pretty remote & less traveled after you reach Flagstaff lake…I’d recommend not really venturing North on the Hut Trail beyond Flagstaff Lake….Plus the good stuff is in the Valley on either side of Route 27.   This place will rival Kingdom trails as a destination MTB area (if its not already).   Let me know if you have any specific questions.



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    Strongly urge you to consider Carrabasset Valley, ME (Sugarloaf ski area)…..

    Literally hundreds of miles of trails with the town, Carrabasset Region NEMBA, Sugarloaf, and Maine Huts & Trails all collaborating to build/maintain the trail network.   The trails are top notch, ever expanding nestled in the remote western ME mountains in a unique setting with amenities that truly are  unique….You can choose from traditional lodging at the Sugarloaf ski area,  a Hut to Hut experience thru Maine Huts & Trails, or just roughing it on your own with some of the many campsites on the State of Maine Bigelow Preserve.  The trail network rivals award winning Kingdom Trails, but without the crowds (but it won’t be that way for long).   Here are a few links with some info/details….Feel free to reach out with any questions you have.   Book it…you won’t be disappointed !!



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    Plus the idea of combining new lowers with 3+ years of where uppers may be asking for trouble or I could get a decent coil setup for about same price….thoughts on “going from nice air shock to newer coil setup ?”

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    Something to consider for future contest…..

    Rather than giving away the top prize to the individual with the most points (or most whatever)….How about doing some kind of weighted raffle system? So say for every X number of points contributed, then you get your name into the raffle, the more points the more chances to win, and this way EVERYONE who contributes gets a chance at the top prize.   You may get better quality submissions & potentially more.   In my case, I kind of gave up “trying to win” when I knew there was no way that I’d be able to keep up with the amount of content others may have as well as the time & effort required to do it.   If it were a raffle of some sort, I’d probably still be “trying to win”.

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    Jeff, thanks for the links.   Good stuff.


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    I think buying the wife a new bike(whether she needs it or not), helps when it’s time to buy your bike

  • in reply to: First ride photos of the new year #254913

    DH Mike,

    At Sugatloaf, there’s a decent amount of trails that are groomed.  The network of trails is managed by 3 groups: Carrabassett Region NEMBA, Maine Huts and Trails, and Sugatloaf Outdoor Center (nordic trail system).   So a lot of shared use trails mostly with XC skiers & snow shoes.  You should note that not every trail is groomed, and only a fraction of the Sugatloaf nordic trails allow biking, but the other 2 trail systems are open to biking.   If you are into skiing,  the best bet is to parlay a alpine skiiing at Sugarloaf with fat biking as conditions can be so fickle with fat biking (and Sugarloaf is an awesome Mtn).  Check out the websites for the 3 groups I mentioned for more info.  And if you don’t make it in the winter come in summer  or better yet in the fall,  when the entire network of trails is wide open 100’s of miles of remote riding & great views!  Shred it up!

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    Jeff….That is my fear along with not many tire choices for 26+.   Ultimately, I can go with a normal 27.5 wheelset or just “normal” 26″ wheels if choices on 26+ fades out.





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