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  • in reply to: Sedona, February, and Hiline questions #126471

    Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions! I am only there for 3 days so I’ve already accepted I won’t be able to do all the trails I want… I leave this Friday to get there for Sunday (nothing like driving 3000 miles in 48 hours…. 😀 ) but I still have a few questions that hopefully you can help me with:

    What’s a good local bike shop in Sedona, Cottonwood, or Oak Creek? I’m staying at Dead Horse Ranch State Park while there so hoping to find a good shop with some knowledge of the epic trails to do… and fix my bike in case the unthinkable happens!

    I realize Hiline is just one trail in a network, but I can’t really tell which network it’s part of… which one? Is the trailhead easy to find for the network?

    Anyone want to go riding with me when I’m there? I’m meeting a friend at the state park for some camping and sightseeing after biking but he’s not a rider, meaning I’m otherwise riding alone… I was hoping to ride in the mornings and if anyone wants to join in one of the days (or all of them…) let me know and we can figure something out when I’m there. I’ll be riding Feb 15-17th…

    I’m pumped! It’s been awhile since I’ve done some epic riding in the west and I’m looking forward to seeing the incredible views and gnarly singletrack!

    in reply to: Sports Survey #119578

    Score… nobody’s said this yet:

    I play baseball (the normal, hardball style) as a pitcher. I also run in races (both road and trail). For awhile I played dodgeball… I guess that’s a sport?

    in reply to: What shoes to buy? #115138
    "mtbgreg1" wrote

    Those look like SPD pedals, but the cleats are interchangeable from shoe to shoe. Any clipless shoe you buy can take any type of cleat, and the cleats usually come with the pedals but are also sold separately.

    Hope that makes sense.

    Cool, thanks. It makes sense. One extra question; how big are the cleats (typically)? If I wanted to swap between platform and clipped while I ride, would the cleat make pedaling on the platform side uncomfortable?

    in reply to: IPHONE 4S as a sports camera? #111324

    I’d be really wary to use an Iphone as a sport video device. Iphones aren’t built for that kind of ruggedness, so I’d figure you’d probably wreck the internal components with the vibration alone.

    Fast technical is where it’s at; some of the trails here in Ontario have such insane technical descents (typically when going into a river ravine) that feature roots all over the place, and the occasional drop. I love a trail where every now and then, sections have no room for error. Cross this 10 foot log or fall in the creek! Make the switchback for fall 40 feet down the ravine…. awesome 😀

    in reply to: How far have you ridden? #113253

    The furthest of pure singletrack is about 30-35 miles (50-60KM)… the furthest I’ve ever ridden on a mountain bike in one shot is 156KM, which was mixed between road and trail.

    in reply to: Where can I ride in Ontario/Quebec? #112026

    When you’re in Montreal, check out Mont-Royal. It’s a giant park in the middle of the city, and has some fantastic views mixed in with medium-skill singletrack (lots of up and down).

    in reply to: Weekly Weigh In #105940

    End of season here, but figured I’d chime in…

    I’m 5"11, 27 years old.

    At the start of the season, around March, I weighed 152. I kicked off the year by running in a 5K race (ran a 19:18 time, good for 11th). I wanted to increase core strength as I had lost a lot of power there, and ideally, gain some muscle mass. 160 has always been the "peak fitness" goal.

    So I’ve been biking in a weekly race series (which is now done) and running trails and hills, and at the end of the season, my weight is:


    in reply to: Go Pro edit and huge crash #112587

    Nice video – I’ve found that with the GoPro you always have to point it up slightly higher then you *think* you should.

    in reply to: Be safe out there #112115

    Glad you found safety… and can ride again!

    in reply to: The thrill of the chase #112304

    The rider in the blue in the first vid (and the rider in the black around the 4:50 point) are racing, but they’re in a different class. The course has two trails, a beginner and an advanced. The beginner course frequently connects and breaks with the advanced course, and is about 1-1.5 miles shorter. So over the course of the race, I actually passed blue about 4-5 times.

    And in the 4 pass video, I just got really lucky. I had a huge amount of closing speed at the start of the hill, and carried it through the first few riders. Because the trail is so narrow, I knew that at the top of the hill there wasn’t really any passing chances.. so when I had a chance to take the other two riders near the top, I went all out and barely squeaked by the last rider (in the vid, you see his tyre on the left when he tries to respond and close me).

    But still, oodles of fun.

    in reply to: Even on a road bike I love dirt… #111401

    We get really weird winters where I am… last year we only had snow for about 3 weeks in Jan, but I went to Florida and rode for two of those weeks (just luck). But the year before that we broke 100 year old records for snowfall and had snow from Novemeber to April.

    Either way, if the weather is fine, I end up on my bike. Colorado gets snow too, though, so do you have any biking shutdown at all during the year?

    in reply to: Even on a road bike I love dirt… #111399

    I’m in London, Ontario, Canada now… AKA flatland.

    in reply to: Boler Mountain Race Series – race in the wet! #111702

    One good lap deserves another…


    in reply to: Even on a road bike I love dirt… #111397

    Cool pics!… makes me want to go back to Colorado again.

    in reply to: The last hurrah….. #111580

    A rigid on the trails? You’re a braver man than I….

    in reply to: Greenwood – Ontario rides #109980

    Okay, so this got more interesting…

    This video, which I had no expectations for, ended up getting in a local film festival after I submitted after a friend brought it up. Then, I proceeded to get interviewed about the video after I arrived, and it THEN went on to win the festival.

    So, that’s pretty awesome.

    in reply to: 150 foot log ride #109403

    Nice job!

    in reply to: Greenwood – Ontario rides #109979

    Haha, thanks all for the comments.

    The beer in the video is DAB. It’s a German lager. Really easy to get in Ontario, not sure about in VA though. Tastes fantastic though, it’s one of my favourite beers.

    The rider that bailed at 1:55 was my friend. He was pretty rattled after that fall, since it was a 9-foot tumble. He’s 29, so he did bounce back without anything other than a bruise I think. I’ve also seen the guy fall onto asphalt when going 20mph/35km before as well, and he bounced back then and rode for 4 more hours. He’s a tough kid, LOL.

    in reply to: Let’s see your bike hauler #107322
    "Dameontheman" wrote

    Here is my truck with the PVC rack I made for it, I don’t have a pic of my accord with bikes on it.


    Such a good idea! I also built a PVC bike rack on my truck, but did a totally different design…


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