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    As a physician, somewhat in jest,  I say to that you are much more likely to meet criteria to be an organ donor from head trauma if you don’t wear a helmet.  We need organ donors, but not this way.  And, it is all about the odds.  Everyone falls.  Your odds of having a severe head injury are much more likely without a helmet.  So, this is a no brainier–pun is intended.

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    My favorite site. It keeps me in touch. I read everything by Greg Heil who is the best MTB writer that I have ever read. He is right on with almost every issue–thoughtful, informed, and possesses a keen insight that is unique. Keep it up.

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    I use a Fox tailgate pad on my pickup and can haul up to 5 bikes easily. On my motorhome I use a Swagman platform rack that is very solid. Others platform racks specifically state not for RVs because of too much whip on the bikes and would not warranty it.

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    Yup.  Have seen at least 1 every other ride on average.  But they are cool creatures.  Leave them alone.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)