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  • in reply to: Wear earbuds riding on the trail? #182234

    I wear them on some fire road trails I ride that are a little dull. They are, however, very fast to dry out, so sometimes they are all I can ride. I never use them on more technical trails.

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    Tires make all the difference. They have to be able to punch through. I ride Minion 2.3’s which all my buddies said was overkill when I put them on. All I’ll say is that overkill is AWESOME!

  • in reply to: What do you think of car bike racks? #178487

    I used my truck bed with fork mounts and a car trunk mount. Then I got the Thule T2 hitch mounted rack. Being able to load and unload in about 10 seconds is the greatest thing ever.  It is a pain to take off the truck. The hitch pin requires a wrench and a key. But the speed of use is worth it many times over.

  • in reply to: Best upgrade so far….. #177331

    I went from a 2.0 rear and 2.2 up front to 2.35’s all the way around. Found myself wanting to make monster truck noises when I rolled over stuff.

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    Got the Sampler Platter today. My backside feels like I was caned by a Singapore prison guard.

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    Picked up my bike today. I was amazed at how much lighter it is than my old Giant.

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    I’ve only been riding about 2 months. Got one Pioneer, GA rider, and a Sheriff so far. 9 trails done with lots to go. Really fun idea. It’s probably my favorite feature of the site.

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    "Before you know it" has arrived….

    Put a deposit down on a 2016 Trek Excalibur 9 at my LBS. I was slobbering over the Stache 9 29+, but funds were limited. Looking forward to much improved riding with a bike that fits much better.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)