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  • in reply to: XC vs Trail vs Enduro vs All Mtn vs Free Ride vs DH ?? #200889

    All the good answers are taken. JT Orlando put it best IMO.  Fatbikng = beach cruiser lol haha

    All mountain and Enduro are sorta blurred nowadays. All mountain used to be a more relaxed version of Enduro riding (which if I’m not mistaken has its roots over in European mountain ranges). All mountain, uses all the terrain and elevation changes a mountain has to offer, and the ride is what you make it to be, slow or fast, more uphill or downhill all at your own pace.

    Enduro, a more all out speed version of all mountain. But both having similiar trail features.

    in reply to: old familiar forum guys and return of spaz #199748

    Case in point is I would have never found out about coldwater trails in anniston when it first opened if it hadn’t been for singletracks.

    in reply to: old familiar forum guys and return of spaz #199747

    True true. This site has come a very long way since then. Great resource for trail info and thier details. I was always partial to this forum because how it seemed like a group or community. The other sights seemed like an endless metro of people that go round and round on repeated topics or opinions. That’s just my take on that. I’m just coming back into it all and usually depended on this sight in the past for info, gear and parts recommended, and finding new trails.

    in reply to: old familiar forum guys and return of spaz #199735

    I could see why that would be. It is very different from what it use to be.

    There use to be quite the discussions and even debates on topics. Made for some good stuff and a good show. I would kick back and wait for the replies from certain ones to start flowing and would get such a laugh sometimes. It got to be almost a given that if a topic was started on “what type of bike for beginner” there were two or three guys that were determined to make sure the beginner would agree with them, even if it meant reaching through the screen with typing fingers and lay the smackdown on the other guy.

    Yea….good forum wars back then.

    in reply to: old familiar forum guys and return of spaz #199723

    Gotcha, but that’s to bad. I was looking through the old posts and topics in my profile and it got me wondering.

    in reply to: In Between Frame Sizes? #199706

    This is an interesting predicament. I went through that several years ago. I went with the smaller frame and I adjusted the saddle all the back in the seat clamp then rolled/turned the handlebars forward slightly to give a little more reach in front. The seat post was kept awkwardly high compared to the look of the frame, but my legs and feet were where they should be on the pedals. Thats all I could do back then.  You could try that, and might give you little breathing room. Or maybe if there is a longer stem you could use. It was along time ago for me before all the parts that are available now.

    But I have to say that either way that sounds and looks like some monster wheels on such a small frame. I still and will continue to ride 26″.



    in reply to: Upgrading components #199577

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>And what he said about the fork change. I did the same swap, but I wanted the extra travel and downhill stability knowing that tight tedious sections would be harder and the long uphills would be harder. Find myself going after all the downhill and bigger hits but shying away from all uphill</p></p>

    in reply to: Upgrading components #199576

    I had this problem. I rarely used my 3rd chainring so swapped it for a bash guard. I had alot of chain slack from before. I was swapping the rear derailleur to a mid-length shorter cage and a better derailleur at the time. Giving me more chain slack. I simply took out four or five links of chain. Just enough to allow the derailleur to provide tension and to shift all gears properly.

    in reply to: The frame finally gave up! #199572

    Yea, I tried that in my original post. Couldn’t make it work. Thought I was doing something wrong.

    in reply to: The frame finally gave up! #199562

    Jeff, can you clue me in on how to include photos in my future posts?

    in reply to: The frame finally gave up! #199560

    I guess that’s one way of putting it. But it was a bummer. After all this time I now have reason to get a better bike. But I feel I got my monies worth out of it. I mean the actual bike new cost me around 600. The parts I added to it gradually is over 900 haha which will be used again on the next bike. 8-10 years isn’t bad…….right?

    in reply to: $27 for Hydraulic Disc Brake + Rotor!? #199542

    this is good.  i am about to purchase a used bike with hayes el camino brakes. I have read nothing but bad about these, so im already looking to replace them before i even have the bike in hand.

    Anyone know of some good up to date hydraulic brakes for someone on a budget? Or that can give me some insight on these Clark brakes or the Shimano brakes that are mentioned here?

    in reply to: The frame finally gave up! #199541

    I dont know how to include photos in my post haha so feel free to remind me. For now here is the link to a photo of the brokeness.

    in reply to: Got a "home" trail? #69142

    If they open the new trail sections in coldwater by spring next year thats perfect timing for my trip 😃

    But keeping in line with the thread topic…my home trail is the fort benning trail. its still somewhat new but its so much fun. Leaves me wanting more by the time i get done. Very well built and laid out.

    in reply to: Replacment pins for platform pedals #113057

    I found this online … t-Pins.htm

    has anyone ever used blue sky cycling? I never have.

    in reply to: Headset adapters #113205

    Cool. I’m debating with myself whether or not i should do a build using all my same parts that i have now and only upgrading a few components like the brakes and maybe shifters. everything else i have is all i want, except the frame. I can see myself wanting/needing a new frame in the next year or so. Headset adapters was one the questions I had. Most frames that I would be considering only come with either a tapered or full 1.5 headtube. Thanks for the info…the FSA Orbit will be worth looking at.

    in reply to: Replacment pins for platform pedals #113056

    yeah, thats what i was reading other guys were doing…going to hardware store and finding what i think are called set-screws that would fit the threads and size.

    in reply to: Replacment pins for platform pedals #113054

    These are the ones im looking to get. … Pedals.htm

    in reply to: Help understanding the "U-Turn" adjustment on my fork #112763

    thanks. i will try looking at that. but i got this fork for such a good price you cant beat it. i woulda gotten a fox but cost way to much.

    in reply to: Help understanding the "U-Turn" adjustment on my fork #112760

    Anyone?…….Please? 😢

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