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  • in reply to: High torque hubs? #127772

    Thats great info thanks.

    Heres a sweet vid that really explains how the different hubs work..

    in reply to: High torque hubs? #127770

    I just noticed I posted this in the Lounge instead of the Maintenance category..

    Yeah… Tx for the info. Ive blown thru Hopes already. In my mind I’m feeling like higher engagement means "smaller" grooves an pawls so they can pack more of them in there.. sacrificing strength for more surface area..?? I wish they could tell you max torque ratings or something like that via product testing.

    in reply to: Snake Creek Gap TT Tips #123005

    makes sense..if its as muddy as you say it is in some spots than I prob. want to stay out of there.. I’ve been road riding hard and spinning classes at my local Y.

    in reply to: Snake Creek Gap TT Tips #123003

    Awesome Info! Thank you. Trying to get up there this week to ride the first 17…but this rain.. RIver will prob be up to my neck..

    in reply to: Goat heads #122762

    I heard of some guys lining the inside of the tire with that Fed EX material they use for the envelopes.. Its lightweight and tough to penetrate I guess…. Just Grapevine info I thought I would pass on. It makes sense though..

    in reply to: Super cheap Bike Repair Stands… #117630

    Does this link work to see a pic?

    in reply to: Super cheap Bike Repair Stands… #117627

    SO I did receive the cheap 35 dollar bike stand the other day. It great! so worth the money and free shipping!

    Obvi, Its not pro quality but its better quality than I thought it would be. If you take care of it and use it properly it should last very long.

    Other than the price..the reason I gave this one a go was because I liked the way it used that base tube to take all the weight of the bike via the bottom bracket.. It works great. Its not tippy either. I can really crank the pedals without any obstructions.

    Its way lower to the ground than I though. I would like it higher but for 35 bucks ya can’t really complain. Im 6’2 and the cranks end up at my waist/thighs. SO I could either build a box to stand the whole unit on or I can just sit on a chair if needed.

    My bike is a 21" frame 29er and I had no problem fitting it into the swing arm. Once the bike is seated and clamped down its not going anywhere.. The calipers are great for keeping the handlebars and the front wheel perfectly still.

    My bike is 31lbs. and this stand had no problem with the weight. SO grab one while you still can…Worst case scenario you sell it for 50 bucks on Craigslist and net!

    I have been on this website for over a yr now and can’t for the life of me figure out how to add a pic from my own pc files… this below post gives me no hints either..

    I did add a pic to my profie that shows my bike in the stand….just waiting for the pic to be approved by ST.

    in reply to: Walking staff mounted on a 26" mountain bike #117693

    Pack a leatherman and whittle yourself a stick from some fallen wood at each destination. Moreover, if you have the balance and skill to "mountain bike" you shouldn’t need a walking stick…


    in reply to: Entry Level Budget Bike #116989
    "sk8fux" wrote

    I was riding a really rooty trail and bent the back wheel already "15$ fix only" but that is lack of riding skills being on a actual trail for the second time only.

    Start looking and saving for a set of real wheels. Those wheels won’t last you longer than 6 months.(if you ride a few times a week) Your 6"2- 260. I’m 6’2- 275. Heed my words…

    Learn how to "de-weight" the bike going over obstacles and they will last longer

    in reply to: Super cheap Bike Repair Stands… #117624
    "gar29" wrote

    Hey, for $35, if it breaks quick, it’s not that big of a loss!

    Yeah I figure I can jerry rig it to suit my needs if its a total flop…

    in reply to: Super cheap Bike Repair Stands… #117622

    Sweet post. I just bough the first one…35 bucks! free brainer.. doesn’t look very robust but I’m down with that design putting all the weight on the bottom bracket.. Because of its simplicity it’s robust where it needs to be Regardless, it beats hanging my bike on my car bike rack when I have to work on it..

    I’ll give a little review on this thread as soon as I get my hands on it..

    in reply to: Hotels and Bikes #101157

    Im in sales. On the road lots brining my bike along. I just walk in the front door go right through the lobby with my rear hub buzzzzzzzzzzing. I have never ever had a problem. I mostly hear "cool bike"…. Right on the elevator and up to my room.

    I only stay at Hilton Properties though. Hilton Rules.I cant say enough about how good that chain is. I stay at Hilton Garden Inns, Doubletrees, Embassy Suites and Hiltons. I’m only traveling in southern states. GA, AL, FL,MS ..peeps are way nicer down South Y’all..

    in reply to: Hello, noob here… #116374

    I agree, I think you got a pretty good deal. You didn’t steal it from him but I’d say it is a fair deal. I have a Redline 29’er thats very similar to this bike. Same frame, same brakes. Your fork might be a bit better I have Dart3.

    In any event, I love the Avid BB5’s. I find nothing wrong with them. I adjust them every few months to keep them dialed in. They work great for me. They are easy to service and replace pads etc.. I’m 275 and have more stopping power than I need employing the one finger braking technique.

    Use this method to true them up every few months. Using a business card for a spacer. It works great and is easy and quick. … sc-brakes/

    Being so close to the border..are you a Tragically Hip fan?

    in reply to: First bike for large person? #109841

    I just realized This feed is way too old.. But heres my answer anyway…I wonder how bignicks bike is holding up and if he crushed the wheels yet.

    .I’m 6′-2" and fluctuate between 260 and 290 lbs. (currently 275) …umm coming back down from the holiday gorge fest of

    I got and entry level Redline Hardtail 29er. Its holding up excellent for me. except for the rims.. So I had to have wheels built for myself.

    Heed my warning. You will… due to your size… ruin the wheels of whatever bike you buy.. So just keep in mind that you will have to have some wheels custom made for you if you want to take part in this sport.. Those will run you between 600 to 800 bucks.

    So If you could find a nice used xl 29er for cheap 5 to 600ish$.. Use it until the wheels start to go…Then have some wheels built up for you.

    and Dude,your 6-4 290…. Don’t listen to the weight weenies and worry about how heavy the bikes are that you look at..Just get a big strong frame that you can add stuff to down the road and def don’t do a big box store bike.

    There are a gazillon opinions out there this is just my experience being a Clydesdale..

    Good Luck!

    in reply to: Can’t get stem tight enough on steerer tube #116044

    can you put a shim in there? You can get them on amazon.. Or you can cut an aluminum Beer can into a nice shim..
    Heres a link you will have to copy and paste… … 6FTVF5EEP5

    in reply to: Opened my own business! #115695

    Sweet. Good luck. I can vouche for Velocity rims and Hope hubs. I had a pair of wheels built last year with the P35 rims and Hope hubs. Freaking awesome and bombproof. 35 mm wide footprint makes my hardtail just cushy with high volume tires… And the high engagement Hope hubs sound like a swArm of bees..hikers are well out of the way by the time I come up on them… Dgaddis I checked your website and with your mechanical background I’ll bet you will be pumping out some fantastic well built wheels.

    in reply to: Just be nice… #115815

    On headphones if you go at a pretty good pace and don’t get passed much. I would say its ok as long as you keep watch for riders gaining to pass.. I was behind a guy once and I was so close to him I coul hear his music.. He had no clue I was behind him.. I was yelling and whistling.. No switchbacks where he could see me in his periphery… It was a long time on prob 10 mins. On some long flat simgletrack tht I like to bomb through …until I finally squirted him with my water bottle.. It worked and and it was hilarious.. We chatted for a bit It was his first time riding.. Good times!

    in reply to: Just be nice… #115797

    lol. Greg I think I ordered Dirt Rag based on your recommendation..many moons ago..

    nice catch though.

    in reply to: Just be nice… #115795

    Man, I’m sorry for being so harsh with my final quip.. (calling you whiners) I guess if you don’t have thick skin you’ll prob think everyone is mean to you on the trail or in life.. or maybe you just have an axe to grind. Weather it be towards the older generation of MTbr’s or towards the US. or whatev your agenda may be… I guess I just deal with zombies a bit different. If someone is rude in my presence or I disagree with someone. I will call you out right there on the spot and we can hash it out.. I guess thats why I jumped in on this chat. I have ridden trails in Miss, Bama, FLa, GA, TN and Mass.(I am a native Masshole living in GA 5 yrs) I have ridden some of the busiest trails in the S.East- Oak Mountain, Coldwater Mt, Blankets Creek, Alafai.. I just don’t see it like you guys do. You can moan about it in a chat room or you can confront the people that have no situational awareness out on the trail. Let them know they are not following bikers rules and etiquette. Chances are, they just don’t have a clue because nobody told them..In my experience most of these people are just clueless and need to have things explained to them.
    Sorry again for my extremely rude and offensive remark..(no sarcasm)

    Gel packs on sale SPorts Authority all the time up by the register.. Only the nasty flavors are that cheap though..

    in reply to: Just be nice… #115785

    Wow. I completely disagree with every post on this page except Skibums. I’ve been at this sport for a little over a year. I can tell you one of the most amazing things I have ever seen is how the fellow MTB’r. Will always stop when they see someone who looks in trouble or with mechanical issues. Every time without fail the peeps in my area will stop and offer help..and I do the same because of it. I don’t know where you guys ride one might be from from GA but I just don’t see anything like you describe. Ever.

    For the record 99 cent gel packs absolutely make me into Superman. That is a fact.

    Get over yourself ya bunch of whiners..

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