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  • in reply to: MTB Sock Height: Low, Mid or High? #206547

    mid is the perfect height, they protect your legs while not making them hotter in the summer or letting dirt in. Now in the winter tall is where it is at, keeps your legs warmer.

    in reply to: Fat bike for single tracks #206546

    Depending on the deepness of the snow i would also look into plus size bikes. I have the trek stache and it shreds on dry rocky trails while also handling snow well, its not as good in the snow but it is very good for everything else. I have rode everything from endure trails, xc races and gravel roads on it and love it. It could be something to look into.

    in reply to: What is the most comfortable MTB saddle you've found? #205625

    When riding any bike from road to mountain and eduro, i love my tioga seats. They are definitely something to wear with bike shorts, but they are very comfortable and have play for movement in the unique design of the seat. The models do change a litttle bit, but i have the spider outland and i use it for everything and love it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)