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    Here are a few edited images of my most recent acquisition from Nashbar. I love the GT feel, aggressive, light on the rear end so overcooking a corner ends up in a controlled drift rather than a front washout. I havent been riding much since my last bike (a $#!T 1995 Trek 930) was stolen a few months ago. This is much better. It pays to have insurance folks! Having waay too much fun. Using MTB as a way to better fitness. It is working…rather painfully ImageImageImageImageImage

    in reply to: Why do you ride? #95411

    I ride for the rush of trees flying by inches from your handlebars, like Return of the Jedi lol. The green tunnel effect as the outside world blurs away. Faster and faster, until all your problems are left out on the trail. I ride for the exhaustion, and the sense of fulfillment i get from it after beating a personal best. I ride for my life, and the mental/health benefits i get from ‘leaving it out on the trail’. Ride on, good gentlemen, ride on… 😎

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)