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  • in reply to: 1x Conversion Advice #125880

    seems like most guys I know just put a narrow wide on the front and call it a day. Number of teeth is totally up to you, whatever you feel comfortable with. Ex. you may want a 34t for your front, but me doing other things with my bike and being a different person, chose to ride a 25t in the front and a 10t in the back (single speed). Gearing is all about the ratios, if I was you, I’d decide which of the front gears you use now you like more and decide if you want more or less teeth… Like if you have a 36t and a 28t in your front and decide to go single chain ring in front, I’d find something between the two personally, like a 32t. Again, it’s pretty dependant on what you like, how you ride and all that.

  • in reply to: 29er, mtn/road convertible, travel friendly! #126280

    That’s sweet, but for the price I’d rather buy a nicer bike and pay to put it on a plane once and a while…with the right build you can fit your bike into a hockey bag and ship it free too ;)

  • in reply to: New MT bike best bang for the buck #126309

    Nice set up man, its easy to see why it cost so much through… You don’t HAVE to put carbon parts on a bike… Lol, comparing that build to an average factory build isn’t even fair. Your bars were probably like 150 dollars on their own, when you can get aluminium ones for like 40 dollars…goes for all components. custom doesn’t need to be as fancy as you or myself make it, could have built up a 150 dollar frame with budget components for less than a thousand bucks for sure..but you know as well as I do that its more fun when you go all out lol.

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    I hear you guys and honestly, when you’re talking full suspension its kind of another game..I’m just throwing this out there thoug, I just bought two frames for less than 400 one of which would make a really nice all around MTB which only cost me 154$ brand new. All of last years components are on sale and if you’re building with a budget in mind, you can get some pretty cheap parts.
    I’m just comparatively thinking about how I spent 750$ after tax on a specialized hard rock 29er – mechanical brakes, sr suntour forks, suntour crank and typical bottom of the barrel drive train….now I’m spending 1200-1400 on my current build that will be mostly deity, ns bikes, spank and octane one parts… Just saying, the price difference might be double, but I’m getting better than double the quality of parts – especially considering right now I can find many forks on sale for half or less than half their retail value… I would assume that if I had have chosen to go less fancy on my build I could have built something similar to my hard rock for less money…especially if I went used on some parts and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just saying, its worth considering if you are thinking of a new ride.
    As far as my lbs goes, I buy my tools there typically and have already spent a couple thousand dollars there in the last year, so… You know, I’m not some consumerist whore who is wanting to screw the little man lol.

  • in reply to: First time wheel building questions #126332 … prod113664
    I have to assume this is the hub you speak of…I’d assume I would have to buy a driver separately for this one? TBH the blue finish on this one just ain’t the same kind of wow-factor as the NS hub lol

  • in reply to: First time wheel building questions #126331

    interesting, I will have to take a look at that hub as well then! One of the things about the NS bikes hub I really like is it has a female bolt system (less stuff sticking out and less likely to smash ankles on bolts/nuts) I understand where they are coming from with not being too excited about me buying parts elsewhere, but when you only stock 2 brands and no single speed stuff, I’m not too sure what else should be expected lol, like she was seriously trying to sell me on a 9mmQR style hub that comes cassette ready as if it would meet all my needs and take the same beating that a 20mm axle would…I just ain’t buying it.
    I should also mention I want a LOUD hub that looks flashy, I know it sounds stupid, but I’ve already got a XC bike that has all the function over fashion stuff on it, I want something that is truly a rolling expression of my individuality with this current build.
    Your input is much appreciated! Thank-you!

  • in reply to: New MT bike best bang for the buck #126304

    have you considered building your own? IMO best bang for your buck comes from custom building – that way you get what you want for your dollar regardless of how much you spend – you get to choose where to sacrifice and where you spend extra. Just my thought – if you aren’t a heavy/abusive rider, why spend extra money on a fork when a cheaper one will suffice and a better brake set or gearing would benefit you more…if that makes sense.
    I’m currently going through building my own rig right now and I honestly would have to say dollar for dollar I am getting a WAY nicer bike than a factory build for the same kind of money…not to mention it will be one of a kind and as the kids say #swag. 😃 —- however I am also building a single speed park bike, I am not putting a front brake or gears on it and that saves some coin that I can spend on things like blinged out anodized parts and such.

  • in reply to: First time wheel building questions #126329

    Thank-you for the quick reply, I do not want to assemble these myself as of now, just because I don’t have a stand or experience and messing up the wheels on my multiple thousand dollar build is just not what I want lol.
    When I went into my LBS the lady there said they would build them for me if I paid for labour + spokes, so I guess I’ll leave that choice in their hands – I am just afraid of them being reluctant to do it, because when I mentioned I wasn’t interesting in buying my parts at their shop I got some pretty bad looks and of course a half hour of why I should spend double the money I want to on their DMR parts as opposed to the NS bikes and spank rim choice. That’s the thing at my LBS, either you buy a 60 dollar garbage hub or you pay 350-500 dollars for one that isn’t necessarily any better for the job…she was even trying to convince me to buy a cassette ready hub and an adapter kit…how frustrating considering I told her I was hand picking every part in order to match a colour scheme and compatibility. 😛

  • in reply to: Frames #125397
    "Greg Heil" wrote

    Not really… there aren’t that many frames for less than $550, but there are tons of tires under $100 and quite a few forks under $800. However, it’d be good to know what he’s looking for.

    There are nearly 40 frames on chain reaction for under 550 and that’s just in the MTB section.
    There are 5 in the road section
    36 in the bmx section…
    That’s just on one website selling a select set of (mostly European) brands.
    It REALLY depends on what type of bike you want to build, I wouldn’t build a 29er if I was looking to ride park and city, I wouldn’t build a DJ frame up if I was looking to set up an all around ride…
    Personally, I am currently building on an Octane one Zircus frame. Cost me 154 dollars….just throwing this out there, but that’s like 400 extra dollars I can spend on things that actually make the bike move, like wheels and drive train.
    I also own a Specialized Hardrock 29er and can vouch for the awesomeness of riding a nice light 29er off road on the XC trails – so I’d say that suggestion is fair, but I also DON’T like riding that bike in extreme situations where there may be a lot of drops/jumps/tight fast corners. The frame size makes it a harder bike to clear when you bail and the larger wheel size is noticeable.

  • in reply to: Frames #125395

    For what? That’s like asking what the best tire is for under 100$… or what fork is best for under 800$….
    Road, XC, downhill, free ride, slopestyle…bmx?

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