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  • We received a $3000 grant from Specialized to build a local trail with a total build budget of $35,000. This was a key grant as it was the first one that we received and opened the door to a lot of other grant money from various sources. My rule is that the first grant is always the hardest to get, but after that others fall into place because your project has legitimacy. It isn’t necessary the amount given in one shot, but the total amount of giving for little projects that makes the most impact to our daily riding.

    in reply to: Who is making great custom mountain bike frames? #211534

    Steve Garro – Coconino Cycles. Finely crafted bikes that are built to be ridden. Garro does gorgeous fillet brazing, nice one color paint jobs and an eye for the craftsmanship of a well made frame, but doesn’t build bikes that are too pretty to ride. He’s also never driven a car, is a tough Basque mofo, threatened to beat me up at my bachelor party, and is one of the best people you can ever know.¬†

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)