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  • scott cant make it this weekend but next weekend for sure! what happened to chilipepper? all is posts are gone.

    wtf is up singletracker’s. met screamin seamen yesterday, he’s the new proud owner of my 3900. whats everybody been up to?

    rolling into the last 2 weeks of school but I definitely need to get an out of town ride in. whats everybody doing the morning of the 23rd or 24th? (joe, scott, cp, screamin seamen, anyone else). Thinking of hitting soilders creek, heard there’s some new features out there. we should get a session in. i know scott is down. how about the rest of you bums?

    whats up everybody! CONGRATS JOE!

    Hey Joe – you jinxed me. My wife is due September 13th. Time for Round #2!

    What’s everybody up to this weekend? hittin the GFT sat!

    I’m either gonna do a nice long urban session in Cocoa on sunday or hit the GFT. one of the two. let me know if you’re down for either.

    I was planning on going to the west coast to ride with my buddy over there but stuff came up.

    whats everybody got planned for the weekend?

    let me know if you’re in the area and need a bike. we got a men & womens beach cruiser, a trek 3900 hardtail with some nice upgrades and a giant womens boulder mtb you can borrow anytime bro.

    hey scott,
    glad you guys had fun. next time please dont park in the neighborhood, just park at the church and take the field back to the east section if you want to avoid the trailhead. thanks bro.

    good seeing everybody out there today. sorry i missed you guys scott. 1 man, 1 hand saw, 7 downed trees & 2 hours = lower east trail is back open thanks to yours truly!

    gonna do the good ole’ GFT tomorrow. hope to see some of you out there. I should be out there about 9.

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    a friend of mine in jacksonville is into cyclocross. he’s got a road bike setup with these crazy mag wheels and thin but knobby tires. they like the road bikes because they have to carry them a lot during the race.

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    probably some cyclocross guys with those road bikes!

    Issue has been handled. Thanks Jeff!

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    "mlorenz242" wrote

    My wife and son like to sleep in on weekends, so I end up getting out on the trail first thing in the morning. It often makes for sorter rides than I would like but I try to get miles in when I can and daydream about riding when I can’t.

    this is what i do, try to get out early on the weekends. it’s getting harder though between grad school, wife, 2 year old son and now expecting another in september!

    i did i think it needs to be taken down asap.

    i preferably dont wanna travel more than a couple hours. throw som ideas out there. preferably some places with a few stunt sections mixed it.. keep me posted!

    where you riding this weekend CP? I’d like to try somewhere different for a day trip but not sure where to go.

    nice ride CP. rode GFT yesterday with my pops and "freeride" or "two broke" mike, lol. Mike’s been busy out there there’s some awesome new stuff. that new little drop line is nice. unfortunately the entire lower east trail is screwed up all the way up to the point where the top trail starts. i counted at least 5 big tree’s blocking the trail. mike said this was new, not sure if it was like this when you guys were out there?

    im gonna head out there sat AM if anybody’s up for it. will bring a saw incase those trees are still in the way.

    whatup everybody. im still alive. not sure why but i dont get emails anymore saying that there are replys? Been really busy with school, work and family. Found out I’m having another kid in september! Been trying to ride urban a few times a week to keep in shape, but havent been on any dirt since riding with joe and scott a few months ago.

    chili let me know if you still need to borrow a tool? let’s get up for a GFT ride this week!

    yeah had a blast. good seeing you guys and thanks for waiting on us joe. that place is the most versatile single trail ive ever ridden. it’s got a little bit of every where and definitely tests your conditioning. busted my chin before scott even got there on the little jump to skinny. we’ll all have to meet up for another ride in scott’s neck of the woods before you’re preoccupied joe 😉 . thats about right in between me and you.

    good ride fellas.

    damn scott hope derek is alright. im packing up and heading out now see yal about 8.

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 217 total)