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  • in reply to: Have you seen the 29×2.8 Teravail Coronado tire? #643530

    I bought a set of them for my fully rigid Krampus that I converted to singlespeed.  They are mounted to i40 rims.  I love them! Great grip but low rolling resistance.  However, I bought a set of 27.5×3.0 for my Karate Monkey and was horribly disappointed in them.  I guess 29×2.8 is the sweet spot for those tires.

    in reply to: looking into ideas for an all inclusive MTB vacation #616642

    I vacationed in Bryson City, NC last fall and loved it.  Great riding at Tsali and Fire Mountain, plus a whole lot of things to see and do besides riding.

    in reply to: OneUp – any experience? #517378

    I have had a OneUp V2 dropper post on my bike for just over a year now and it has performed flawlessly.  I have had no issues with it whatsoever.  I also have their composite flat petals and they are really good too.  I don’t think you can go wrong with any of their products.

    I would employ a plan similar to that of the Village Wrench in Greenville, SC.  I would offer underprivileged children the opportunity to earn a free bike by doing community service.  I would also offer opportunities for them to learn how to work on bikes and do at least basic repairs by offering weekly classes.  I would also create a space for them to work on their bikes, and provide the tools they need at no cost.  Additionally, I would go into all the local schools and offer classes teaching the basics of riding and rider safety.  I would also organize beginner rides using local trails.  I would also seek to create a NICA team for the older children to introduce them to the competition side of the sport.  Lastly, I would enlist the aid of all the local bike shops and even the major bike companies to get bike parts or even full bikes donated to use in a bike-share so that more children can be introduced to the sport.  I am fortunate enough to live in a town with ample trails, but sadly there are a lot of underprivileged children who do not even know they exist even though these children live right next to them.  If we are to diversify the sport of mountain biking, we have to focus on the next generation of riders, and make the sport accessible to them.  Taking small steps like these could create that diversification.

    in reply to: what mtb shoes do ya run #303294

    Five-Tens are my shoe of choice hands-down.  Combined with a set of OneUp Composite Pedals, they are tough to beat.

    in reply to: Breaking in…. #271730

    When I first got started in mountain biking I did everything wrong.  I bought a Walmart special, wore regular clothes, and rode trails that were way more advanced than I was.  Guess what? I still had a blast.  Looking back, I should have started with a budget-minded hardtail in the $1,000 range and some decent mountain biking gear.  But you really don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun with the sport.  I would advise talking to your local bike shop, as well as some local riders you see out on the trail.  Mountain bikers as a whole are really friendly, and really glad to help out newbies.  We want the sport to grow.

    in reply to: Going Knee Pads – POC, Dakine or TLD? #243644

    I am using the Dakine Slayer pads and have had a great experience with them.  I ride in Florida, and find them to be comfortable even in the summer.  My riding is mostly XC/trail, and I find them adequate for that.  It’s going to come down to comfort vs. safety, and that will depend on your skill and the trail conditions that you ride on.

    in reply to: Broken Spokes and Tubeless Tires #242223

    Some sealants can corrode alloy nipples, causing them to break.  Try a less corrosive sealant like Orange Seal.  If the problem still persists, consider replacing your alloy nipples with brass ones, which are corrosion resistant.

    in reply to: Tubeless? #240665

    Going tubeless is one of the best upgrades you can make.  It will totally transform the way your bike feels and handles.  I use Orange Seal sealant instead of Stan’s because it is more environmentally friendly and not as corrosive on alloy nipples.  I live in Florida, so I have to add some to my tires every couple of months due to evaporation.  Orange Seal has a great kit that makes it easy to add the sealant, and gives you a dipstick to check the sealant levels in your tires.  I have not seen any downside to going tubeless, and haven’t had any flats even when running really low air pressures.

    in reply to: Pollen season is rough. Any tips? #240506

    Daily doses of local honey and saline rinses have done wonders for me as well.  I still have some irritation, but nothing like it was before I started using them.

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