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  • "scotkrzy" wrote

    Excellent, ridin with locals who know the flow is the best way to learn new trails. You ride with them rpritt?
    Hey Chilli you see any open Sunday a.m.’s in the near furture? It’d be cool to do a meet ‘n’ mosh over there.
    Ride On

    Yeah, I rode with them for the first time this past Sunday. There was about 15 people. It definetly helped with learning the trail going with the folks that built it and ride it all the time.

    "joetutt" wrote

    [quote="scotkrzy":514qo305]Good lookin trail Joe. Need to head your way and play 😉 thanks

    Ready when you are my man![/quote:514qo305]

    There is a group ride at Mala Compra every Sunday morning at 9:00am with the local club that built the trail. Everyone is welcomed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)