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  • in reply to: lighten up the rig #85141

    The simple items you can replace to reduce weight would be things like pedals, seatpost, saddle, tubes and tires and fork. More involved things would be carbon fiber frames and bars, lightweight cranks, and rims.

    in reply to: Biking fat off #84737

    This would suffice.

    in reply to: Biking fat off #84736

    Seriously though, it’s all about portions. Sure, I drink beer after I have a good ride, but it’s usually a light beer and it’s not an entire 12 pack. Sure, I eat a burger, but I don’t put cheese on it and it’s a single patty with no mayo, and no fries.

    in reply to: Biking fat off #84735

    This would suffice.

    in reply to: Biking fat off #84727

    Settle down, tubby. 😃

    in reply to: Biking fat off #84725

    I honestly think as long as you are out there and riding, you will lose weight- PROVIDING you maintain portion control and watch you caloric intake!
    The mistake a lot of people make is they go out there and ride for hours every day, down a Clif Bar and a sandwich on the trail, burn off close to 1000 cals, then they go to the buffet at night (because they feel like they earned it) and down 1200 calories in fried chicken, cheesecake and regular coke. Well, everything you did that day is for naught, and you created 200 extra calories surplus to help maintain the fat!
    I’d say just get out and hit the trail, work up a good sweat and get out of breath for an hour or so, and eat sensibly and in small amounts, and you will see a difference. Also, get yourself a body composition measuring scale- it measures your weight, bodyfat, and water composition. Pay little attention to the weight, but monitor your bodyfat- that’s the real way to tell how you are doing. I gained weight when I started riding, but that was because my legs gained a lot of mass. My bodyfat, however, went from 12.5% to 11.5%, so I knew I was losing fat.

    in reply to: New mountain bike enthusiast!! #84580

    Welcome man! I have a 4300 also that I started off on- awesome starter bike for sure.
    I think the best thing about this sport is the awesome scenery and places you can see- it’s kinda corny, but it’s an awesome way to get in touch with nature.
    Being that you are in Colorado (lucky!), you are close to a LOT of awesome riding. I was in Fruita in May, and the trails out there are awesome. I live in flat Florida, but we have a couple nice parks around here.
    Again, welcome, and enjoy!

    in reply to: Crankarm (left) falling off…not good. #84542

    Yep, the Fuel was a 68 and the KHS is a 73….

    in reply to: Crankarm (left) falling off…not good. #84540

    Nope, I went with a Race Face Ride XC-
    Just an update for you guys- I totally fudged up on the BB size and install- I ended up having spacers on both sides of the BB cups, when the BB for the KHS was larger already than on the Trek….DOOOOHHH!
    So, tonight I removed the spacer on the non-driveline side, and bolted up the left crank, and what do you know- it looks solid.
    I am going to test ride it again tomorrow, and if it works well, I may send the Race Face back- after all the Deore is less than 3 months old.
    But thanks for pointing me in the right direction-live and learn I guess- I though all BB’s on modern bikes were the same size. Yeah, I’m a moron. 😏

    in reply to: Crankarm (left) falling off…not good. #84537

    I bet that’s what my problem was with this crank. The BB shell on the KHS may be a tad wider than the Trek’s.. Its almost like there wasn’t enough for the crank arm to grab onto when I put it on- and that’s why it was coming off so easy. I ordered the new crank- it should be here in a couple days. Hopefully I can ride this weekend without a hitch. Thanks for the replies, guys!

    in reply to: Crankarm (left) falling off…not good. #84535

    Thanks for the help guys. The bolts are okay- it’s the inside area of the crank that appears worn and stripped.
    I just am clueless as to what I did wrong- I made sure the BB (which is relatively new, BTW) was set properly, the right crank went in without a hitch, and then I bolted up the left arm- I am thinking I didn’t sink the arm in enough, but there was no play in the crank after I did this and tested it.
    I am going to get a new BB to be safe, and I think I’m gonna go with the Race Face on Jenson.
    I’ll try to post pics later…

    in reply to: Shock question on KHS XCT555 build #84413

    Hey Spaz- It’s a Rock Shox SID Team (2009). I love the thing. I ride over a lot of roots, some small rock gardens and undulating singletrack. It has a lot of cushion and is amazingly adjustable. I highly recommend it-not too sure about the Revelation though. Haven’t heard too much about it.

    in reply to: fork upgrade #83745

    I had the Rock Shox Tora 312 on my Fuel, and it worked pretty well- until I got back from a long road trip, did one bunny hop, and the thing essentially "blew up", leaking oil and was totally irreparable.
    I have been using the Rock Shox SID Team ever since, and I love it. It may not be for everyone, since it is pretty light compared to the Tora, it makes the front end of the bike very light- so much so I had to adjust my riding style. But this fork is pretty amazing, and works amazing. I ride singletrack that is pretty smooth, some roots and small rock gardens- I’ll test it on the REAL rocks when I head back out to Moab and Flagstaff next year.

    in reply to: Shock question on KHS XCT555 build #84410

    Finished up- bike’s all done. Trail testing it tomorrow.

    in reply to: flats or clip ins #83619

    I have been using Mosh platforms from the get-go. I like being able to bail without worrying about slipping out before I hit the ground. I ride a lot of singletrack with some good drops and some moderate hills. I have to admit, when I was riding in North Carolina a month ago I wished I was clipped in because of some of the uphills- it does help you in that respect. I’ve received some nasty pedal bite on my calves thanks to the platforms, though.

    in reply to: Shock question on KHS XCT555 build #84409

    OK, that’s what they mean by properly valving a shock for the bike. The 3.1 has a larger canister than the 2.1, so maybe that’s the reason. Thanks for taking the time to explain that, even though the concept is a little over my head.. 😄

    in reply to: Shock question on KHS XCT555 build #84407

    Good idea element. I’m going to ride it a few times with the OEM shock installed and see how it performs.
    I’d like to educate myself, so if you can explain linear/progressive, I’d appreciate it!

    in reply to: Helmet cam? #73393

    It comes with both styles of mounts-a velcro top mount for the helmet, and a side 3M clip with additional mountings. I also bought a handlebar/seatpost clamp separately (GoPro sells them also), but haven’t had too much luck with it- too much camera shake.
    That’s my video, by the

    in reply to: Helmet cam? #73391 … annel_page
    Click on "Watch in high quality". That gives you a pretty good idea of the quality of the video from the GoPro. It’s actually a lot better when not uploaded through Youtube.

    in reply to: Helmet cam? #73389

    I have owned the Oregon Scientific cams and they are terrible. They are constructed well, but the video quality is awful. I have been using the GoPro and I think it’s awesome. The video quality is quite good for the type of camera it is, the mounts seem to work well with all applications. I have the bar mounts for the bike, but I have found the helmet mounts work better for me. I have some problems with camera shake, but it’s tolerable. I like that VIO POV camera-looks pretty cool. I may have to try that one day.

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