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  • in reply to: Bike cleaning Tips needed #271770

    I never tried the candle technique I suggested but yeah I agree it might be damaging to the bike’s exterior.

  • in reply to: Hitch bike rack #271769

    For sure you heard about Thule. For my Ram truck have a top carrier mount: Thule makes bike rack for ages now and maybe try spending a little more for it as they are the trusted brand for this.

  • in reply to: Your best crash story #271592

    Taught there was a lion in front of me so I crashed on this waist level plant and I quickly run without my bike.

  • in reply to: Bike cleaning Tips needed #271591

    I feel like a silicone spray is not that enough. I saw this hack for your shoes that you can put a melted candle on your white sneakers for it to be waterproof but this would only work for white colored bikes. Not sure if this would be better than silicone.

  • in reply to: Night riding and Deer #271589

    I agree you can also use your bell and just ring it if you see them but I ride not with my earphones on instead I have a jbl Bluetooth speakers which I play with upbeat music during the trip so I guess deers would be bothered if they hear your music.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)