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  • in reply to: Wissahickon Park #92812

    Hello Fin,

    You can park at the below links. I usually park on Bells Mills Rd since its the closet to me. You can pick up the trail pretty much at or close to every parking lot as well as off the Forbidden Drive Rd. Don’t forget to lock your car and have fun. The main trails run on both sides of the creek. … 8&t=h&z=18 … 8&t=h&z=17 … 8&t=h&z=17 … 8&t=h&z=17 … 8&t=h&z=17 … 8&t=h&z=17

  • in reply to: Trailside pics from Mill Mountain #81055

    Very nice pics, the trails look really flowy and smooth. Where at in VA is this? I guess I should go check out the trails section. Might have to take a trip down there for the weekend.

  • in reply to: PA/NY tour #78736

    Hey Gregger,

    I’m from the SE PA. Some of the below i’ve ridden and some i’ve just heard about and never tried out on my own. Some of it looks like its pretty much out of your way depending on how far you are willing to go out of your way…..

    You may want to take a big detour to diablo free ride park in NJ…

    A huge trail system just got opened a bit north west of Harrisburg in PA … … ening.html

    This may also be on your way up to Buffalo right next to Penn State Univ….

    NE of Lancaster, is French Creek State Park with some good riding… … _maps.aspx

    Blue Marsh lake near Reading has over 30 miles of trails also NE of lancaster…

    Weiser State Forest also has some good trails, roomer has it. Having trouble find a trail map for ya…

    Not to sure about renting bikes in PA, all those stops are in the middle of no where. I hope you enjoy you rides and time. Watch out for those rocks 😆

  • in reply to: new to the sport #77568

    Hey Jay! HT bikes rock 😎 Def a great way to get started and hone in on your bike handling skills. You can feel more what the bike is saying to you and how it wants to react and how you are going to react.

    I disagree that a FS can climb better then a HT. My main argument is that FS are heavier and the general rule of thumb is that the lighter the bike, the better its going to climb. Also, in FS bike you get a slight pedal bob that will waste some of your energy, but FS have been improving in that area greatly.

    I’ve been riding HTs for 15 years up here in east coast, known well for its rough terrain of babyheads and wet roots, and love it. I guess as the years are passing by my back is staring to hurt more and more, but no pain no gain 😉

  • in reply to: Bike Mag’s shout out to Northeast Trails #74650

    Man those two pics of Kingdom trails looked awesome 😮 ! I really need to get myself up there this summer! You are a lucky individual!

  • in reply to: Any pittsburgh/western pa single track heads out there????? #77386

    I’d def love to check it out. You should write a review of the trail in Mountain Bike Trails Section of this site. I don’t think i saw one in there for hartwood. I have a few buddies in the Pittsburgh area so i’ll def have to bring my bike next time. Thanks and welcome to the site!!!

  • in reply to: Any pittsburgh/western pa single track heads out there????? #77384

    Do they even have single track out there? You need to move to the East side of the state!!! 😄

  • in reply to: Chain lube recomendations? #69883

    I’ve been using plain old PEDO oil for last 3 years, but living in the east with all the grime and mud my chain just got too nasty. So I’ve been working on a bottle of white lightning this summer(which is to expensive so i bought a bottle of PEDRO dry lube to pinch pennies but haven’t tried it yet). Living in the east with all the mud and grime dry lube is the way to go. I can even go for two rides depending on the condition without cleaning off my chain and its still lubed enough for me.

    Once last year I forgot lube so i dumped some 10W-30 that was laying around in the back of my car. Man was that a bad idea I had crap stuck all over my gears and chain.

  • in reply to: Anyone into the MTB & BMX in the Olympics? #74632

    When is the MTB race? Did i miss it already? I couldn’t stay up for the BMX last night. Will it be on again?

  • in reply to: CNN Short Article…’A mountain bike changed my life’ #74289

    I checked out the web site and it says they will take…

    "All bicycles received should be in repairable condition, relatively rust free, and accompanied by a cash donation. We DO NOT accept "bikes for parts" nor disassembled bikes. Frames or bikes with rusted frames should be rejected, a little rust on bright metal such as handlebars and rims is acceptable."

    It sounds like they don’t care if the shifting is off or little things like that. They said they’d even take the bike with no rubber on the rims. It seems they are mainly concerned about rust on the frame and has most working parts.

    They have some cool t-shirts as well on the site for sale.

    I’m game with stealing my parents junkers in the garage, they never ride them!!!!

  • in reply to: Need a new fork and… #74397

    I hate to hurt local bike shops so check with them first since they have families to feed. But you can usually find good fork deals on Jenson USA web site. They usually are selling brand new last year model forks. You can’t pet the local bike shop dog at Jenson though.

  • in reply to: New PA Rider or should I say new to PA??? #73931

    French creek is def a great ride, 20 miles of trails. May be a bit far from York though. Its only an hour outside phila. I’ve head of some parks in the york area that has some riding. I’ve never been out there though. There is also the Horseshoe trail that runs from Dauphin county(just outside of harrisburgh) all the way to Valley Forge Nation park (130 miles). I’ve only ridden the french creek section of the trail and i’m not sure if its all open to mtb. You may be able to ride it in Dauphin county section. Doubt anyone would stop you as well. Has anyone been on any other sections of the horseshoe trail other then french creek?

  • in reply to: What do you think about diamondbacks?????? #73996

    I started riding a cromolly Response tricked out with Rox Shock Quad 5 shocks back in 1994 for my 1st mtb!!!!! Kept it for 11 years uprgrading and even raced it for 3 of those years. Then sold it to my friend who is still using it. Man did I think i was cool when i upgraded it to V brakes and Rox Shock Judy SL 😎 !!!

  • in reply to: giant yukon 08 #74176

    For a first Mtb this is an good start from my stand point especially since u didn’t have to refinance your house to buy it. The components are ok and may start giving you issues once you tone those mtb skills, but that will be a while down the road. If you are looking to really rip it up on the single track in the near future you may want to upgrade some components in a year or two, but the frame will last you forever. I still ride and old giant rainier which has been upgraded to a maz fork and XT shimano componets. I guess you can say it’s kind of like one of those beat up 1998 honda civics all tricked out now:) The most important thing though for a new MTB is does it fit right? Did your bike shop help fit you on it? Happy riding…

  • in reply to: How often is too often? #73624

    MTBers are visual people so here is a visual example of a pump track… … re=related

    If only I had a back yard. AHH my land lord would never notice.

    AWooten2, you need to ride as much as possible. How do you think the pros get so good? They ride almost everyday!

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