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    "abegold" wrote

    Give him a gift certificate so he can get the Cannondale. If he’s near my age he wants the full suspension.

    He is 53 and he told me he wants a Hardtail. I’ve talked with Specialized and the Trek dealers in my area and they basically pointed me towards a Specialized Rockhopper and a Treck XCalibur 7. What Giant and Cannondale bike would be comparable to those two above?

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    Its simply a matter of preference. Its really not that difficult to get in there and get the TW out. Thanks for letting me know where I can get one!

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    I like to ride fairly aggressive on some of the trails that I ride and the seat bags that I’ve used haven’t always been ideal. I like the TW because it is out of the way. Its also nice because I don’t always have to remember to pack a spare tube because it will always be on the hub. I could also put it on the seat post, I just have to figure it if I like it there or on the hub instead. Thanks a ton for that link! I really appreciate it.

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    Wow, I didn’t realize that not many people knew about them. A TW is a pouch that mounts on the hub of your front/back wheels that lies within the spokes. In it, it holds a spare tube. It is really nice because they don’t take up any space, don’t weigh much, and it is always nice to have a spare tube when your riding. I will try and find a picture and post one if I can. Apparently nobody knows. Is there any way that one of the Site Moderators would know about a TW?

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    Thanks Stumpyfsr!
    I am a little ways off, financially, before I can purchase anything, but I will definitely let you guys know what I get! Keep the opinions and advice coming!


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    Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. With that in mind, any advice on what forks and discs to get?

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