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  • in reply to: Are you riding "too much" tire? #290576

    I’ve experimented with 2.6, 2.8 and 3 “ since they came out in addition to my usual fat bike 4.6 and 4.8 sizes.

    Bucksaw fits a 29” x 2.6 knobby nick just fine in the rear.  Front I’ve had a few side wall tears in some light casing  2.8 so I’m trying a Maxxis DHF 3” which is heavier but way tougher and better cornering .

    I’m 6’2” at 200lbs plus gear

    in reply to: Anyone wear MTB pants (not tights)? #255879

    I’ve been using pants for a few years when its cooler out or in snow  -all since leg warmers wore out. Current set is from MEC  Mountain Equipment Coop -lightweight not winter  lined , breathable ,tapered and i have a second set to wear casually . Cooler temps I  add a water resistant pant from MEC  over top and below -15 c i add thermal underwear under both pants .

    in reply to: Roll Call: Where did you ride this weekend? 1/20/19 #255192

    I was on chauffeur duty for the family to Toronto so time to explore more of the Don Valley .

    Cold temps of feeling like -23c but down in the ravine it wasn’t  too bad as long as you kept moving .

    I followed some fresh fat tracks which took me to some new areas and even caught up to a fat tire old school rider with no electronics . We rode together for a bit and then I was on my way. Great ride 

    in reply to: Jan 2 2019 Road trip- Ontario Canada to Florida #254811


    I never actually rode at Paris Mtn , it was on my list to do but rain changed that stop . For some reason my phone gps and trail forks kept using Paris MTN as a default location for every ride since i had looked it up to go to – i just missed changing it for Tillie Fowler in Jacksonville .

    Next trip

    in reply to: Jan 2 2019 Road trip- Ontario Canada to Florida #254795

    Tour went well  with 6000 k of driving  -only missing DuPont   State forest because of rain ,my planned starting point . Kept heading south -SC  Wannamaker Park, Charleston city tour where I got hit by a minivan while in a bike lane .

    Florida – westside regional park , Hanna Park, Amelia Earhart and Markham Park . Alafia my favorite on the trip then Santos , then off to Raccon mountain and Hamilton   Creek in Nashville . Some locations were chosen because they were close to locations I was camping out at or parked at  ie. Wallmart RV lots  and trying to keep other family members not too annoyed waiting for me at a desolated park parking lots

    More weekend trips to the US planned upper states like MI , Indiana, Pennsylvania ,Ohio etc

    all tracked by strava

    Thanks for the extra trail location info

    picture feature works well !

    in reply to: Jan 2 2019 Road trip- Ontario Canada to Florida #254084

    Just yesterday in Charleston , now Paris mountain and still breathing heavy completed Hanna

    awesome place

    everywhere else along the way was pouring rain

    onward south !


    in reply to: Jan 2 2019 Road trip- Ontario Canada to Florida #253799

    Thanks for the rider info. Appears  like a lot of rain coming up so I’ll keep driving until conditions are good and keep upper States like Ohio ,W Va ,etc for weekend trips.

    The Florida list is huge and the weather there is good ????

    in reply to: Jan 2 2019 Road trip- Ontario Canada to Florida #253152

    that’s on the 2020 list of places to go , going to be a long drive …

    in reply to: Help a fellow Mountain biker out ? #249062


    in reply to: Familiar Trails vs. Exploring #246770

    I definitely always  prefer  exploring new trails and locations solo and only ride the local trails or do a repeat when there’s a time limit .

    Main goal is to check out all 250 Ontario trails ( worthwhile ones) and fill in missing trail reviews and add pics etc , I  spend a lot of time using google satellite searching out tracts of forest and atv trails or rail trails and then plan a trip to check it out  . I’ve been able to add in  numerous new ride locations so its hard to complete that list though . Still have to add more trips to the USA since my AZ trip this year was awesome .

    Even bought a truck camper for my pickup  so i can increase  my exploration trips to more than 1 day



    in reply to: The Age Old Debate of Rock Shox vs. Fox #243067

    I have a newly built bucksaw that came with a rear debonair Rock Shox . After getting stuck down the winter I bought a rear fox for it . I’ve been swapping back and forth between the 2 all summer . The debonair seemed smoother and less adjusting needed with its 30%sag and the fox seemed a little more harsh no matter what setting but today I dropped its sag from 22% to 30% and now its smooth also ,…., so who knows which is better – not me ….although I’ve always been a fox guy

    in reply to: Another Fuggin' Trek?!?!? #241298

    I’ve never ended up with the same bike brand twice, I like variety and want to make sure I’m not missing out on what someone else has to offer. Rent the trek and order the Salsa – good things are worth the wait ????

    Salsa rider

    in reply to: Mountain biking season yet? #238722

    If it was just snow up here in south western Ontario I would be out on fat  as usual but a major ice storm passing through here is on it’s 3rd day with non stop freezing rain , slush and cold temps stopped me getting out on the weekend ,

    Appears to be just a freezing cold rain now and I’m putting together some rain gear

    got to get Outside !and ride

    in reply to: How's your riding year going? #238098

    I seem to have more time in the winter to ride up here in southwestern ontario . Started this Jan. with a trip to Arizona and i’m able to get out 3 times a week all winter in snow . In 2016 i had  680 k  mtb , last year 2017 -2400 k missing 2 x 3 week periods with sciatic nerve problems . This year i built up a Bucksaw with full size fat tires to help my back problems and things have been  good  with 775 k on fat bike so far .I ‘ve even cut out the chiropractor and just stretch multiple times a day including before and after rides.

    in reply to: What confuses you about the mountain bike industry? #236073

    Brief stop yesterday at the Toronto international bike show  as I have done many times over the years . Seemed to usually be a good way to bring in the bike season and maybe find a bargain on a part I needed, but now I ride as much in the winter as the summer.     Along with the expected numerous bike store venders clearing out their old stock at higher than on line prices , there was a major push of e bikes (motorized vehicles) for all occasions . I am aware that it’s becoming a major segment of the bike market but it’s seemed to over power many of the displays.

    Minimal  showings again from local Ontario bike builders or new products , I did not see any booth with a Fat bike display and what’s new , expecting to see representation from -ride Fat bike and other Ontario supply stores that we purchase from .

    It seems to be more of a location for a quick pickup of a brand name bike with various levels of parts at an ok price for your average consumer.. with some exceptions.

    kudos to the bike hockey players and bmx riders

    I’ll probably have to head to Interbike to see what I’m looking for .

    in reply to: Singletrack in Ontario #235651

    I stayed and rode in Carnevon years ago , nothing official in that area but there are numerous atv trails that go everywhere . You can check an atv web site and go to trail forks for single track.

    I did go to Halliburton forest and wildlife preserve , loads of main roads gravel , wide paths for a 6 year old but once off those it’s great hiking/biking single track, way out back woods style


    in reply to: What do you love about Singletracks? #234939

    I find the SINGLETRACKS  Mtb trails section real useful when searching out new places to travel  to and ride , also  usually up to date trail conditions .

    I also like the fact it tracks where you’ve been, photos,etc…and posts  the info and pics you’ve added

    I guess also the quick stories and reviews

    I used to visit race car sites everyday ……things have changed

    Its now biking and  single tracks

    in reply to: Any Fat Bike Conversions to 29+? #234669

    The kona -I added a WREN fork , I had wrist problems from last year and all the vibrations. On the street I had racing Ralph’s 2.1  and the rigid fork on it – works great As a hard tale it works good in snow but once hikers have created deep footprints that freeze, the ride becomes real rough and hard on the back . I added a suspension seat post and that helped a lot.

    its the reason for the bucksaw fs build and it works amazing , it will be my year round bike with the different wheels , I’ll be getting rid of my cannondale scalpel I had set up as a plus bike

    as for most people settling for a bluto….

    Get  a WREN!!  They are amazing

    in reply to: Any Fat Bike Conversions to 29+? #234657

    i have kona wo with 26″  4.8 front and rear and also a summer set of 29″ wheels with hope hubs ,stans flow mk3 29.1 inside with just a set of 2.3 ardent s

    my new build salsa bucksaw will also have 2 sets – current a 65mm marge /hope hub rear with a 4.6 dunderbiest  and 4.8 front

    the next set for summer will be a 29″  35mm inside rim /hope hubs with a 2.6 rear (size limited ) and a 3″ front

    in reply to: Rockshox monarch debonair …stuck down #234599

    Yes it was in real cold temps but the other failures through the USA were in warm areas .

    Before i got into fat bikes Irode my cannondale scalpel during winter and  the fox rp23 worked great for years

    My Wren fork as been fine also this year

    I’ll see with the fox ,it will hopefully work out and they do produce snowmobile shocks



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