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  • in reply to: Got my new bike yesterday, first ride is today #104398

    Well guys the ride went great, I got out to the trails about 2pm, and without anymore any hesitation I was off. It had been so long since I was last on a bike everything felt like a distant memory. It was like I knew what to do but reacted slow at first. So from the get go the bike seemed much faster then I remember and the braking was fanominal. There were many things that at first slowed me down. The first was picking which gear to be at while on the trail. My old bike was a 21 speed and the new one is a 30 speed, so as you can see I was confused at first, after about an hour I started getting the hang of the gearing. The second was the new bike is much stiffer and the cornering is much sharper, I also lean I bit further so my center of gravity lower. I kept taking corners like I did in my old bike and turned a bit sooner then expected. The last thing was the brakes. My old bike had v-brakes and I had outperformed the many times.The new bike had Shimano M446 hydraulic disc brakes which is an amazing upgrade from what i’m used to. I would be barreling down the trail and hit the brakes but these brakes slow me down MUCH faster then my old ones did, so I would lose my momentum and stall on the uphills. I must say i’m so excited to see how far this bike advance me on the single track. I feel this bike wont hold me back for a while. I’m extremely pleased with its performance.

    Now aside from the bike, my performance on the trail was better than I expected. I figured my body was completely out of shape and would be able to ride for nearly as long as I used to, but I was wrong. I noticed my lungs and heart wore out easier than normal and biking took more out of me. My legs to had suffered just a little bit from not biking. The uphills pretty much killed my heart, lungs, and legs but that’s normal.

    Guys it just felt good to be on a bike again, I missed biking as much as I missed being surrounded my nature. So that’s about it. I road for a few hours and got about 15 miles in…..my butts sore ROFLMAOS

    in reply to: Dropped a down on a new 2012 Tek 4900 #102007

    Man I plan on it. I haven’t had a mountain bike in 6 months and I’m going crazy. The weathers perfect to. I can’t wait to see how much faster I am with this bike

    in reply to: Thinking about buying a road bike #96459

    Yeah i’m pretty excited. Here in Texas are weather is crazy, mite get 3 days of beautiful weather this it starts poring. There’s many times I wanted to go biking but the trails were still to muddy. I think a road bike is going to be awesome. Im planning to ride from Texas to Oklahoman as a fund raiser for ALS disease "my dad has ALS". Plus there’s more to biking then one style. I like being well rounded, biking wise lol

    in reply to: Built my own bike rack, the American way #96391

    It pretty much stabilizes itself. Now as far as safety go’s, its always a good idea to bungee things down. With this bike rack my bike doesn’t move at all, even off roading its going nowhere but I still bungee it down for safety.

    in reply to: Built my own bike rack, the American way #96386

    Thank bud, yeah I’m pretty happy with it. I’m going to get my gopro, stick it to the back windshield and take video of it. See how much it moves

    in reply to: Built my own bike rack, the American way #96384

    Dont know about $500 bucks but I only spent $32 on everything. I love discounts

    in reply to: Built my own bike rack, the American way #96380

    For got to add, No I didn’t leave room for a 29er. I rode one the other day and didn’t like the way it felt, wheel flexing it a weird feeling. My bike is a 21.5 frame with an extended seat post. I am 6.2 260lbs lol. Good ol 26" works for me

    in reply to: Built my own bike rack, the American way #96379

    Thanks guys, yeah I thought about using pvc but I wanted to build something tough and strong. I don’t mind the weight, Makes me feel like its more secure. This thing it bullet proof. The cooler in the pic isn’t mine, it was used for conveyance. Mine is larger and can deff hold more……."Water"… Lol. Now on the other hand I would like the plants to that pvc rack you have. That thing is awesome. Looks beefy. I have to many bikes around the house lol

    in reply to: Buy a Giant Reign 2 or a Fuel EX 8? #94333
    "88brad88" wrote

    I actually was looking at the trance X3 also, I’ve tested out all three of the bikes and it’s tough to pick the better bike out of them. Plus with the shop here selling the Giants I get lifetime tune ups on the bike and the Trek is only for a year. Thanks for the input everyone, I appriciate it.

    That just depends on the bike shop, I only shop from Bicycles inc, and they offer lifetime tune-up on any bike they sell, I do my own tune-up’s though

    in reply to: Buy a Giant Reign 2 or a Fuel EX 8? #94328

    I say go with the Trek. Giant is a very good bike company but I prefer Trek. I myself am about to put a Trek Fuel EX 9 in layaway. I ride a Trek 3700, the bike is a beginner MTB but i ride it 10 times harder than I should and it still hasn’t broken. Also I have had nothing but good customer service from Trek. The rear DRCV shock is amazing, same with the geometry of the bike.

    in reply to: Best DH in Texas #94299

    That’s amazing how much that doesn’t help 😆

    in reply to: What did you get or do for Christmas?? #94125

    I made out pretty good this year. My girlfriend got me a nightrider 250 cordless, a GoPro HD with all accessory, a new double wall front wheel "needed that after I hit a tree and taco’ed my old one" and all new cables. Today I’m taking my sister out to pick up her new Trek lexa road bike. That’s her christmas present

    in reply to: So, Is Mountain Biking Growing? #94053

    As far as riding styles go, in Texas where I live its almost ALL xc riding. I have noticed that there’s ALOT of XC riders here. I mean these guys and gals are crazy fast. Now over in palo doro canyon there’s some sweet DH/FR but for the most part its XC. My legs are baggin strong after all the riding out here lol. I do wish there was more DH stuff here. I crave the stupid fast DH 😼

    in reply to: Clipless bandwagon…….wait for me #93818

    Yeah I mite be tall for a MTB’er but I’m pretty sure most of yall could run circles around me. I’m headed to NorthShore in grapevine, tx. Its a 19 mile track with not to hard uphill’s. With I had a lower crankset for the hills

    in reply to: Clipless bandwagon…….wait for me #93816

    Wow I haft to ride a 21.5 frame or bigger. So what about the crankset and bottom bracket. Never thought about a 29er, I should look into that

    in reply to: Clipless bandwagon…….wait for me #93814
    "maddslacker" wrote

    [quote="outlawracer":1fil4iqw]Im 6’2 251lbs. So I’m thinking about switching to a Shimano Alivio crankset.

    You can also go longer than 175, since you’re so tall.

    Really though, you should be on a 29’er 😃[/quote:1fil4iqw]
    is that joking or for real, never thought i was very tall. i will say im the tallest out of everyone i ride with.

    in reply to: Clipless bandwagon…….wait for me #93812

    Ill probably haft to stick with 175. Im 6’2 251lbs. So I’m thinking about switching to a Shimano Alivio crankset. Its cheap and will do the job. As i said im upgrading to a fuel ex9 in about 5 months so no big spending. Only have two question, splined or Square Taper and what size bottom bracket http://www.jensonusa.com/store/product/ … acket.aspx any ideas guys. the bike is a 2009 trek 3700

    in reply to: Clipless bandwagon…….wait for me #93806

    Wow I had no idea, ill see about upgrading to a better crankset and bottom bracket. Went biking at a different trail yesterday and did MUCH better on the uphill’s. I think I just need to trail my legs better, I’m using a lot of muscle that I normally don’t use.

    in reply to: Clipless bandwagon…….wait for me #93804

    Well guys I really shouldn’t bet on things like that. Just got home from work and it turn out I do have a 28 tooth low front cog. Now ok how much of a difference is there between 22 and 28 tooth cogs. Are we talking a world of difference or just a little

    in reply to: Clipless bandwagon…….wait for me #93798

    Well when I get my tax return ill be upgrading to a fuel ex 9. I counted my low rear cog and its a 34 tooth. I didn’t have time to count the front low cog, was almost late for work lol. I know I have ether a 24 or 28 low front cog. I know the 3500 Treks have a 28, they have since upgraded my 3700 to mine is the equivalent to 3500, I do share some parts of the newer 3700, also upgraded the stem. Will see when I get home today. I would bet money I have a 24 tooth cog though.

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