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  • in reply to: Riding with fear #124847

    Ever rode with an instructor? I already did this two times and it helped me alot.

    in reply to: 29er keep hitting wheel on toes #124706

    Guess it wil be the standard 175mm crank, what is usual on new bikes. I wonder, what is your foots position on the pedal? Are you cranking with the heels?

    in reply to: close call #124679

    Glad nothing serious happend to you. Something simular happend to me last year too. My frontwheel sliped after a steep step, I crashed and my head hit the ground. Mild concussion and a bruised shoulder. Contrary to you, I was by myself and had like 6 miles left to my car. I was more than happy, when I was at home. My helmet went into the bin right away, because it was damaged.

    in reply to: How to BE a mountain biker (video) #124623

    Great one! 😆 😆 😆

    in reply to: Help with Rent and Ride in North Italy #124577

    If you’re going to visit the Lake Garda, check out the Bikers di Brescia on Facebook or on their homepage

    in reply to: Rear shock dustproofing idea #124504

    Good luck, if the graphite makes it way into the shock. That’s probably worse than any dust that might get in.

    in reply to: The New Rockshox RS-1 #124437
    "mtbgreg1" wrote

    What do y’all think it’s for??

    Suspension? 😄

    Guess it will be for XC-bikes

    in reply to: How do you help new people get into the sport? #124397
    "griffinjay" wrote

    Gar29, I hadn’t thought about the possibility of riders dropping out after 60, but it seems more likely that there just aren’t that many who got into the sport back in the 1980s or 1990s who would now be riding in their 60s. If you’re seeing of lots of those in their 40s and 50s now, I guess we’ll know in another decade or so if most keep it up.

    47 myself and riding with people between 20 and 60. 60+ MTB-riders, I met only randomly, most of them prefer road bikes. It’s not that they drop out at this age, most of them riding road bikes ever since. For myself, I can’t imagne to ride anything other than a MTB….

    in reply to: 660mm to 725mm bars #124329
    "maddslacker" wrote

    [quote="ollysj":28l3ys8b][quote="maddslacker":28l3ys8b]That’s what my daughter runs. So, you know, if you want to ride like a 12 year old girl … 😼

    Easy dude, I run a 685 on my HT 😆[/quote:28l3ys8b]
    Same logic applies. 😆[/quote:28l3ys8b]800mm bar is ordered…. 😮

    Serious, riding the HT almost only on gravel- and fireroads, I’m okay with 685mm. On the FS I run a 740mm bar, what give me more control on trails

    in reply to: 660mm to 725mm bars #124327
    "maddslacker" wrote

    That’s what my daughter runs. So, you know, if you want to ride like a 12 year old girl … 😼

    Easy dude, I run a 685 on my HT 😆

    in reply to: 660mm to 725mm bars #124323

    That’s narrow 😮

    "dgaddis" wrote


    btw. I’m running the same grips, like you did

    in reply to: 660mm to 725mm bars #124318

    I changed from 640 to 740 on my Trek. Need some time to get used to it, but I love it now

    in reply to: Downhill Ice Wreck #124276
    "GTXC4" wrote

    Not hurt, just pins caught my shin good.

    Well, that’s part of the game 😄

    in reply to: Downhill Ice Wreck #124274

    Ouch! Hope you didn’t hurt yourself much

    btw, why was your saddle in the upper position?

    in reply to: Deore shifters vs XT #123889

    There isn’t much difference between todays groups anymore. All come with 2-way release, detachable gear indicator and you can shift more than one gear at once as well. A lot of bikers say, the haptics of XT is better than the one of Deore or SLX, because the way you have to push the trigger is shorter. Maybe there is a difference in weight or durability between the groups.
    For myself, I’m happy with XT and XTR is just overpriced IMO.

    in reply to: Startling stats about bike mechanic salaries #123699
    "syd" wrote

    Some shops are charging over $100 an hour..

    😮 Who’s willing to pay this amount for a bike shop?
    Glad I do all my repairs and maintenace by myself

    in reply to: 2014 Goals #123205
    "revans1961" wrote

    With that I would like to wish you all happy safe trails for next year.

    Thanks, same for you.

    My goal this year is to cross the 3,000km (1860 miles), which I came 20 mi short last year. Since we didn’t have any winter this time, I’m confident to cross that mark again.
    My main goal is, to stay healthy, something I didn’t do over the last years
    Another one, is to loose more weight. I lost like 28 lbs last year, but gained 9 back over the holidays. Already lost 5lbs again and hope I can get under 198 by the end of the season.
    Some more goals are a vacation at the Lake Garda, Italy (already booked) and trips to Bavaria and Spain, while the first is more likely to happen
    Another important goal is to have as much fun as I can on the trails

    in reply to: Which bike should I buy? #123506

    I got the Vassago JabberWocky Rigid Singlespeed, exactly what I wouldn’t ride. Surprises me a little bit, cos my answer to rocks on the trail was the one that mentions full suspension

    in reply to: Are Fat Bikes Popular Outside the US? #123127

    Speaking for central Europe – no, not popular. There are a few, but no big numbers

    in reply to: Davos, Switzerland #122581

    The Swiss became the most MTB-friendly countries here in Europe. Lot’s of official trails and very open minded ppl, which welcome the biker

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