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    A Fathom is going to be a huge upgrade and you will definitely start to feel more confident after a few rides.  I have owned a few decent full suspension bikes from the early 2000’s and I must say the Fathom is very trust worthy (my current ride:2019 Fathom 1 27.5).  The modern geometry makes a big difference.  The lack of rear suspension is the only limit I have  on it…but it’s an amazing bike at that price point.  And it’s a blast to ride even in the rough stuff.

    in reply to: Brake lever upgrade… #504765

    So I was able to swap out the levers this morning and bled the system.  It’s definitely a marked improvement…I was surprised in all honesty.  I am going to ride a few times with the current setup before I invest more into the system.  I appreciate everyone’s input…

    in reply to: Brake lever upgrade… #504681

    Awesome thank you for that info!  I do have a little experience with bleeding shimano brakes and luckily I have the funnel and mineral oil.

    in reply to: Brake lever upgrade… #504664

    So I did and a little research and I didn’t realize there was a lever adjustment on the lever.   I am going to play with that this weekend.

    The levers, pads, and rotors seem to be in very good shape.  I only have about 150 miles on the system.

    I also found a video on GMB explaining slight adjustments you can make to the lever position to maximize leverage on the lever.  I always do one finger braking and currently my finger sits very close to where the lever is attached.  I have a  new Renthal Fatbar coming Friday so I am going to play with at to…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)