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  • in reply to: Action-Cam Woes: Shaky/shoddy video #265268

    IIRC some of the newer go pros have a video stabilization feature that actually works decently, additionally for the quality you generally have to play around with the settings a bit to get the most optimal quality out of the camera.

    in reply to: Need sunglasses suggestion #265119

    I just picked up a pair of Smith Attack glasses from Steepandcheap for a solid price. So far I really like them.

    in reply to: Minimum Ride? #246213

    Ride until you’re satisfied or tired, whichever comes first (hopefully the former)¬†ūüėõ

    in reply to: New rider #246157

    Honestly any bike regardless of price is okay to start on in my opinion so long as you do one thing: go out and ride it!

    That said, I think one of the biggest criteria I would look for regardless of price is disk brakes.

    in reply to: What was your first mountain bike? #245577

    My first MTB was/is a 2018 KHS Alite 1000 hardtail. Great gateway bike into this hobby.

    in reply to: Noneed2hate from Oceanside, CA #245415

    I’ll be going for a ride in Tuley Canyon this Thursday in the afternoon if any of you would like to join me. Feel free to send me a PM.

    in reply to: Noneed2hate from Oceanside, CA #245337

    If you need a riding buddy, let me know!

    in reply to: Noneed2hate from Oceanside, CA #245334

    It’s just a block or so¬†across the bridge from¬†that main bike trail that goes through Oceanside. There are some homeless camps in that area offset a good¬†distance¬†from the¬†trail. They haven’t bothered me really and I generally try to go with at least 1 other person.

    It’s relatively small, but there’s a lot of good stuff packed into a small area.

    in reply to: Noneed2hate from Oceanside, CA #245324

    This is actually right next to the airport in Oceanside, I posted it as a small trail named: Tuley Canyon Single Tracks on this site.

    in reply to: 2012 Breezer Comp 29er #244685

    Yeah, I’d go with a 21″. The 19″ I got is ever so slightly too small for me but I don’t mind much.

    in reply to: 2012 Breezer Comp 29er #244681

    I’m 6’1″ and I honestly don’t mind the 26″ tires. Definitely makes for a more nimble bike IMO, might be a bit more difficult to roll right over things.

    in reply to: 2012 Breezer Comp 29er #244669

    I might be a bit biased and inexperienced but I’d say take a look at the KHS Alite 1000’s. They are right around the same price point for the current year. They come with hydraulic disk brakes, tapered threaded headset, a decent air fork etc. The only downside I could see due to preference is that they come with 26″ wheels.

    in reply to: Parts: LBS or Online #244374

    I like to take a look at my LBS first before I look online.

    If they have what I want, I’ll purchase it even if it is cheaper online (unless the price is drastically different).

    If they don’t have what I want I generally default to purchasing it online depending of it is an item I’m needing in a timely manner.

    It’s a SUV/Crossover, it’s in it element offroad *sarcasm*

    Some people just need to learn the hard way I guess.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)