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  • Thank God they made the right choice. Giving the internet over to the UN was never a good idea. Of course 44 had no good ideas so…

    Net Neutrality is to free speech as the Affordable Care Act is to quality health care. A feel good NewSpeak term that hides an insidious act of legislation to give even more power and control to our progressive overlords and their corporate masters. Stop watching Fake News and do some actual reading of the bills instead of main stream medias propaganda on the topic. If we don’t repeal NN, then the massive censorship already taking place online will only get worse. Ever heard of GAB?

    in reply to: Air Dog drone: Now as shaky as a helmet cam! #214724

    That totally makes me sick instantly. The concept is great, he just needs to program an ADSR envelope to smooth the tracking of the drone to the transmitter. Thats not even that hard to pull off, I just don’t think he knows to do it.

    in reply to: The Rise of the YouTube Celebrity #213490

    I’m 38, and have watched most of BKXC, Seth’s Bike Hacks, Skills with Phil, and Singletrack Sampler. All those dudes seem like great guys I wouldn’t mind hanging out with on the trail. Though I think I could only keep up with Brian, thats the thing I like most about his channel, he’s just a regular schmuck learning to ride his bike better, like me. Seth makes great videos in general that make riding appear very fun (which it is) and focused on the widest segment of the riding populating, the entry level. Phil Kmetz is very entertaining, and seems like a very sweet goofball, and can also ride the hell out of his bike. He’s much like Seth in that there is a very instructional slant on his videos, just kicked up to a higher level. SS is the wild carefree spirit, exploration driven, living the dream so to speak.

    Yes the videos have changed in nature a bit. What started as a guy with a day job doing a video on the side for fun has turned into a career path for these guys. And while that kinda stinks because the videos aren’t quite as pure, it also massively improves them from a technical standpoint. I for one can’t watch ANY trail video not shot from a gimbal, I’ll get motion sick. But all these guys are rocking fancy gimbal setups that might cost more than some of our bikes that I think should be mandatory for anyone posting POV trail footage in this day and age.

    It also improves them from a content standpoint. BKXCs recent Outerbike vids were the best POV footage of some of those trails I’ve ever seen, I actually got an idea of what they were really like (I think, I’ve never been there) for the first time. The fact that they can monetize all this allows them to travel to far off lands, drop money on a rental rig, and pedal some dirt to show off.

    I agree rig rundowns (bike checks) are lame, but the skills videos are awesome, and seeing good footage of some of these places are priceless for us mere mortals trying to plan some appropriate riding on our next family vacation or what not.

    Some of my favorite biking the net moments so far, in no order…

    Seth and SS bike packing to key west.

    Seth and Phil on a tandem.

    BKXC getting lessons from a riding coach.

    SS dislocating his shoulder and Seth popping it back in.

    Seth, BKXC, and SS on the Moab trip

    Thanks for playing bikes with me


    Way more. Now $1200 is considered “entry level” by many, whereas back in the 90’s that would have got you kitted out near the top of the line in most areas, hell you could get custom frames for less than half that. I know I don’t make 5 times as much as I did back then, but the price of the bike is certainly 5xs more. No way can I justify $5k or more on a mountain bike that will break and become obsolete just like a cheaper ride will. There is no logical reason for a bike to cost that much, not to the end user of a mass produced, imported product. Build a bike up yourself paying full retail for every little top shelf bit, sure a good build can run you $4-5k. Plopping $7k down for the assembly like Trek is insane IMO. (not bashing Trek here, I really like their bikes for the most part, but even after paying Giant to make the frame for them, the economy of scale they get to flex when they purchase thousands of a part from Fox or whoever, means they don’t have anywhere NEAR $7k in that thing, you are paying some marketing demon to press fit your bottom bracket with no lube.)

    But it’s not just the bike industry, it starts with manipulation of interest rates, inflation, etc., all as a part of intentionally devaluing our dollar and turning us into a 3rd world country. At this point we are either going to continue to devolve into a busted economy and the resulting civil war, famine, and strife that entails, living like refugees; or things are getting turned around as we speak, and products like a bike won’t be costing us the better part of a few months wages anymore.

    Personally, I have a $2k cap on a bike, (on a lot of stuff actually, outside of homes and cars, $2k will get you a very nice anything for the most part) and it better be damn nice for that $2k. Anything more than that and you are paying out the nose to save minimal weight while reducing longevity, or are just paying for the sake of having the “latest and greatest” on there.

    in reply to: Strava vs. Mapmyride vs. Endomondo #210866

    Tried Endmoto and Map My Ride, none of them were very easy or accurate to use for me. Strava has been mostly flawless, and I LOVE the heatmap, it help you find trails in a specific area that are unlisted.

    in reply to: Are you comfortable buying a bike online? #210776

    I’ll probably buy my next bike online, but I’ll also save a buttload of money doing it. That is the ONLY saving grace ordering online has, where there are many negatives such as bike fit, after sale support, wait times, shipping damage, option levels etc. But I’d love to pay about what I did for my current bike, but get light wheels and a better fork right off the bat. In some (many) cases you get the whole bike cheaper than you can go buy the wheels, fork, driver train and  tires off it aftermarket.

    in reply to: Busy Lives Call for Faster (Electric) Bikes–Retch! #206311

    I haven’t been on my bike in going on two years due to health reasons. Outwardly I’m a fairly fit 37 year old and you wouldn’t know I had an issue that keeps me off my bike by passing me on the street. I would be lying if I said I was not SERIOUSLY considering swapping my Trance out for an E-bike to get me back on the trails at this point. Is it cheating? Not if I’m not racing (never been a racer, I’m an explorer). And a pedal assist bike has still got to be pedaled, and it still has to be maneuvered up over and around things. Thats going to use your core just as much if not more (due to the slower speeds and extra weight) than a regular bike, and spinning pedals is spinning pedals to a degree, it’s good for lubricity and keeping your knees in good shape, and will be an aerobic workout for your cardio-pulmonary system, just one thats a bit more mild and controllable. If all that can be done while enjoying nature and the outdoors without hurting anybody, why would I not do it?

    From my stance, an e-MTB will let me, my brain, and my pleasure center ride on the trails, but my engine will feel like I’m riding on the road. Being a roadie has no appeal to me, but my body can take it. Riding MTB is much more intense and I just can’t output the power anymore. 🙁

    in reply to: Opinions – Sexism in Cycling #186148

    I never said women shouldn’t cycle for any reason. My wife rides, my daughter will ride, and I ride with women all the time because I’m slow and they go more my pace, the guys around here are just rockets racing through the trees, I like rambling a bit more, but I digress. Only that the reason women do not excel at physical sports is due to genetics, not social pressure. Since cycling is aided by machinery, it is one of the few sports where women actually have a chance of competing with the men in come cases. Women will never beat men in power lifting, sprinting, combat sports, or commercial sports. But some cycling, gymnastics, diving, and others where sheer brute strength and fast twitch reaction speed are not so crucial, the playing field is more level.

    in reply to: Opinions – Sexism in Cycling #186037

    I have been riding bikes for nearly 30 years, and not once ever have I witnessed negative sexism against women in cycling, and I ride with women a lot so it’s not like I have not been exposed to the situations where it could present itself. If anything my experience is that women are welcomed much more enthusiastically to the sport than new men have been. If a woman gets a flat trail side, I see 5 strangers (men) performing like her personal pit crew, where one of the guys might get a multi tool or tube thrown their way. I personally have not witnessed sexism against a woman anywhere in cycling now that I think about it. Certain communities yes, but not ours.

    in reply to: Opinions – Sexism in Cycling #185876

    Men and women are not created equal, no matter what our overlords tell us on the tv daily. Women are the weaker sex, so why would it be surprising that they do not excel at physical sports the same as men. Womens basketball is a perfect example, they can’t dunk, can’t hit 3s, and can hardly perform a layup consistently. Oppression and patriarchy does not cause this, it’s purely genetic, and a matter of fact not interpretation. Women are also more beautiful than men, which results in attractive women being used in advertising at a much higher rate (and pay scale) than their men counterparts.

    For me this is a non issue and speaks to how good women really have it in our society. Men worry about predatory divorce settlements and losing access to his children, women worry about a picture in an advertisement. Men worry about being injured or killed on their dangerous and physically demanding jobs, women worry about being equally represented in positions of power and leadership, never having had the experience of doing the jobs their subordinates have. Men worry about disproportional sentencing in criminal courts, women worry about having a positive role model on their precious media screens.


    in reply to: Elbow or Knee Pads? #180109

    I wear my Race Face Ambush knee pads on every ride. I’ve had a knee surgery and even a slight bump on my left knee is excruciatingly painful, and the probability of serious injury to that joint in a crash is much higher than normal. The RF pads have D3O foam padding that is soft and flexible until it’s hit, then it stiffens up instantly. They pedal great and have velcro closure so you don’t have to take your shoes on and off to put them on. Helmet, glasses, gloves and knees on every ride for me. I’ve thought about elbow protection, but haven’t really found anything I like.

    I have biking in thoughts and improvement much theft.

    By threading with strong arms and grasping hug, bicycle thief frustration and no climax due to snug nature of safety reLock.

    Much thank you for submit free education, identity thieves are not us!

    in reply to: Should I buy Giant Trance x1 Year 2009? #176096

    Thats pretty outdated for a thousand bucks. I’d personally pass. The Trance is a great bike ( I have a 13 Trance X 29er) but thats too much moola for a 6-7 year old bike IMO.

    If you’re taking suggestions… Jumps and Berms

    I’m from a singletrack background, more adventure riding than park. But all the local trails have slowly become "flow" trails with big berms and manufactured BMX looking jumps. It looks like it could be fun, but it’s completely alien to me and it hasn’t clicked yet for me. I’m used to riding in the forest on a trail, this is more like riding on a groomed racetrack. I always feel like I’m gonna kill myself so I ride the brakes and roll everything.

    I like your vids man, not too pretentious and not trying too hard to be funny. You also do a good job of explaining this crap, keep it up.

    in reply to: First MTB – #127344

    Get some padded liners. I never wore them in my youth, but now I wouldn’t even go to the store without them!

    in reply to: Thoughts on entry level bikes #127337

    They all came from the same factory and are very similar. Also don’t get too hung up on build specs posted online, as your actual bike will often come with a similar but different component somewhere, both mine and my wifes bike, Giants bought new, came with better bits than listed online.

    in reply to: First MTB – #127342

    Welcome to the fold and enjoy your bike. Start saving now for the next one, because you will soon get green eyes and want something a little lighter, faster, bigger, plusher. But in the mean time ride the wheels off your boulder, the best rides I ever had were on cheap POS bikes far below the level of yours, it’s not WHAT you ride, but what YOU ride.

    in reply to: padded biking underwear / liner #127271

    When I took mountain biking back up a few years ago, I rode for the first six months dressed like I used to when I rode as a kid and teen. Jeans, regular shorts, t shirts, and boxers, depending on weather. My ass was ruined the entire time, terrible hotspots, hemorrhoids, and even ball chafing.

    Then I finally broke down and bought some Canari Gel bike shorts on sale at Academy Sports. Instant cure, I will NEVER ride without them again. I will occasionally ride around the neighborhood for about 2 miles without them but never anything more than about 10 minutes. The difference it makes is HUGE, seriously the best thing I’ve done to improve my enjoyment on the bike. Better than fancy wheels, or seat, or carbon whatever magic pedals beer cooler contraption, just buy some padded liners. Throw cargo or board shorts over em like I do if you want to be cheap yet retain some modesty, or just rock them solo if you don’t have small children on your trails. Wearing them without the outer layer is a great way to attract attention from the fairer sex, though occasionally now a days you’ll get some flack from both directions.

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