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  • in reply to: What confuses you about the mountain bike industry? #236160

    Totally agree with Nick Helper. Putting shitty “stock” wheels on bikes that are labeled “Trail” or “Enduro” is a joke. At least offer “stock” wheels that can handle more than 1/2 a season doing what the bike is built and marketed to do.

  • in reply to: Yakima vs. Thule hitch racks #221574

    Thanks for the replies.

    I ended going a completely different route with the Kuat nv2.0 with 2+ adapter.

  • in reply to: Bike covers for rear hitch mount racks #220998

    I thought of waiting to cover bikes until leaving the pavement too. I’ll see how that works.

  • in reply to: Bike covers for rear hitch mount racks #220966

    If the wheels stick out from the sides of the vehicle, with a cover on the bike, the wind couldn’t pass through the wheels. Yeah, that makes sense that it would generate much more force on the rack and bike. Dang it.

    One friend suggested using a small portable air compressor at the trailhead. Not sure if he was serious or not.

  • in reply to: iPhone bar mounts #219156

    All good and valid points.

    I have been riding with my phone in my camelback with Strava or Maps3D running while I ride. Which is fine. My main want is to know my mileage at any given point without having to stop and check my phone.

    So the next logical question would be can anyone suggest a decent, low cost, wireless odometer?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)