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  • in reply to: Chain skips on cassette while under torque #102245

    I had this issue last year when I replace my chain only, cause I thought my cassette was new enough. Rode new cassette just long enough with old chain that they made a pattern. Had to put on new cassette again.

    in reply to: Rock Shox Tora #96703

    Never mind, I got it. I grabbed the spring with the vise grip and gave a twist and she popped loose.

    in reply to: Long Slump #95736

    I’m with ya on that FB! I put on almost 100 lbs. before getting back on the bike! in the past 2 years I have been able to take and keep off 45 of them. When I sold my old GT years ago and decided that drinking was way more important that my physical condition, it just didnt seem to matter much! Now, 34, I have a renewed love of biking, and my wife is very cooperative of letting me out! Its harder to do now, with a baby at home, but, you just have to want it. My main reason, was watching "Biggest Loser" and seeing people with young children and doing nothing to interact with them! Soon as we found out that a baby was on the way, I told my wife, I’m getting a bike again. Best part is now she wants to start riding! She sees how amped I am after a good ride and want that for herself too! Lucky for her, she lost all the baby weight right away and doesnt have all extra weight to lug along on the trail that I do!

    in reply to: I keep braking rear spokes!! #93295

    This started happening to the Bontrager rims on my Trek also. I coughed up the dough on some Azonic outlaws, been as happy as I can be with them! On sale at wheel world for @ $250. It sucks! But is a helluva lot nicer now not worrying about it! They can really take a beating also! When I first put them on my bike, I was pushing 300 lbs.! Air, rock gardens, no problem!

    in reply to: Trek Hardtails #92604

    I own a 08 Trek 4300 and love it! Some of the components are not so good, but the frame is solid! I’m 280 lbs. and it can take what I give it. I have had to replace my wheels, and crankset, and other regular maintenance items, but Im fat and ride pretty hard.
    On the other hand, my friend rides and older Giant Rincon, and hasn’t done a thing to it, other than some oil on the chain and tubes and tires
    Love the Trek, just for the fact that the frame is bomb proof! And if you are able to wreck it, has a lifetime warranty on it.

    in reply to: Am I crazy forwanting to do this? #92397

    This past weekend I purchased some shoes and pedals! I am sold! I took it easy for a while, but once I was feeling comfortable, I was really impressed with the control you do have! Hitting jumps is so much more fun! Not having to squeeze the seat with your thighs to keep the bike under ya is great! I was hitting anything in my path to catch air rather than becoming cautious wondering if its going to buck my feet right off the pedals and I will lose control, or have another part of the anatomy land before my feet do! 😆
    My wife wasn’t to happy that I spent $200.00, but she is ok now! 😀

    in reply to: Am I crazy forwanting to do this? #92392

    I have a question regarding this also. How hard is it to unclip, say in a "oh shit" situation? Now in my 2nd year back on the bike, I am getting a little faster, and have noticed my feet slipping around a lot on roots and in some of the rock gardens. Been thinking about some clippers but been hesitant just cause I am un-informed! Are they like ski bindings, where you can adjust the tension?

    in reply to: Chain is skipping #91948

    I meant to say that its everytime that I try to put the power on! 😀

    in reply to: Chain is skipping #91947

    The only time it skips is when trying to put on some power. And then its every time. I have the bike on my training stand now and have adjusted the barrel adjuster on the rear d. Its shifting flawlessly there. I havent had it back on the road or trail yet, so that’s where I stand for the moment.

    in reply to: Chain is skipping #91944

    dgaddis, the cassette make perfect sense now! I put the new cassette on my new wheels when I got them and been riding for almost 2 months on them now. They do show minimal wear, but, Im sure its just enough to cause my problems! Didn’t think that in that time the old chain was gonna cause me that kind of problem, cause I knew I was going to be replacing my crankset and chain. Oh, well, cheap enough, and I should have waited! 😀 Thanks bud!

    in reply to: Chain is skipping #91942

    The chain seems nice and free! But I am, just to rule it out, going to take it off and give a good cleanin, and soak in some oil I think. Other than that, I think my bud at the LBS is going to have to figure this one out! The rear derailleur is lined up good, all teeth on crank and cassette look perfect. ??
    Bums me out cause we had a couple weeks of rain and now the weather is beautiful to ride, and I can’t. 😢

    in reply to: Choosing a wheel for my bike #91040

    I have to second what Chilli said! I just put the Azonic’s on my ride and they are just stellar! I’m riding a cheapie Trek 4300 HT and they were just what I needed for my size and riding style! I have bombed a few rock gardens, and jumps and the wheels are just begging for more!

    in reply to: Azonic Outlaw’s #90549

    Here she is! Loving these wheels! Been beating them for 2 weeks now without a wimper! 😃 Just need to get rid of that vertical stem, and thinking a better crank set is in my near future!

    in reply to: Post Pictures Of Your Rigs Here! (Part 2) #70572

    Here is the 4300 with her new wheels and disc brake upgrade!

    in reply to: Azonic Outlaw’s #90547

    They are here and on the bike! Gotta say, I LOVE the anodized red! I was a little hesitant about the color, cause my bike is gray and silver, but it looks fantastic! Now to ride em and see if they hold up to the clydes test! 😮

    in reply to: Azonic Outlaw’s #90545

    Good to hear Chili! Was riding today and the hub on the Ryno’s just locked up the wheel on me! Was able to get it worked loose enough to limp back to the car! 3rd time in 3 months Ive had issues with these hubs (Shimano M525’s) DONE! 😆

    in reply to: Wausau, Nine Mile Locals. #89308

    Change of plans. Levis Mounds it is!!

    First Mtn bike I owned was a Murray from either Wally or some other discount store. Like others, first ride or two were great! Thought I was rolling on a fine steed. Soon my crank bearings were constantly going to crap. I think my parents brought it back 4 or 5 times and finally told them to keep it.
    Then my parents worked out a deal with me to go halves on a GT All Terra Tequesta. Stuck with GT bikes for almost 10 years till they went, well, whatever they did for a while there! Now, almost 10 years after all that, picked up a closeout Trek and am loving it! I beat this thing with my 300 lbs. frame and it does not disappoint! Walmart is for soap and undies!

    in reply to: Grease vs. Anti-seize compound #79069

    Usually you use the anti seize when two different metals are being used to prevent corrosion and where you have extreme heat cycles where normal lubes would break down. I have never used the copper based stuff in the video however, just the silver graphite based stuff from Permatek. It could make a stellar lubricant! I am actually quite curious about it now!

    in reply to: Winter MTB Training #75806

    All good advice! I am actually not dreading winter now!

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