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  • in reply to: What was your first mountain bike? #293638

    VooDoo Canzo 29er

    We did Dr Ruth, Anthill, John Brown, Vortex (Among others) and spent a bunch of time on new downhill trail.  Santos is awesome!!

    in reply to: Over the handlebars going uphill? Why? #262298

    I think that was my first post!!

    I have learned a lot since that crash, but 1 lesson stands out…..don’t put your weight on the front wheel.  Bad things happen.  Keep your weight on your legs, hips, and core.  Your arms are just for steering

    in reply to: What does your bike weigh? #258695

    2015 Giant Talon 29er – 26lb 4oz

    Carbon Lite Renthal bars, 55mm Apex stem, DT swiss X430 XC rim, DT 340 hubs, 2.3 Schwalbe addix Racing Ralph (R) Nobby Nic (F), 1×11 NX with Race Face Aeffect cranks, Saint BB, Tektro brakes, Factory transfer dropper post, Factory F29 100mm fork, Volt pro saddle, Chester platform pedals.


    in reply to: Reader Bike Checks #258656

    My dream bike – 2018 Tallboy

    CC Carbon, Factory front and rear, XX1 Eagle, i9 Torch hubs.  I installed Invisiframe on frame and forks….and it only took 8 IPAs.

    in reply to: new tires #234361

    They still do offer rapid rob after further investigation, $25ea cheap cheap

    in reply to: new tires #234358

    I’ll check all those out, thanks for feedback please keep it coming.

    I have Maxxis Ikon on my FS and I’m really not a fan.  Although fast, they don’t seem to have the grip in corners enough for my taste.  I would buy another set of Rapid  Robs if they still made em.  Leaning Nobby Nic?  Lots of dry sand and roots in FL

    in reply to: Need dropper advise #230929

    Got a Transfer Factory.  Yew

    in reply to: Bar battle! Race Face Next or Renthal Fatbar? #211098

    I’ve tried 780mm and busted my knuckles on every tree I passed (okay….maybe not EVERY tree) and felt the need to slow WAY down in every tight section after getting yolked a few times.  I’m also a beginner and that would prob improve with saddle time, but found 740mm to be most comfortable for now.

    in reply to: Brake recommendations #211095

    I just ordered a set of Level TL for $170 front and rear — I’ll post up how they work out!

    in reply to: Bar battle! Race Face Next or Renthal Fatbar? #211092

    Renthal Fat Bar Lite 740mm w/ 20mm rise has been ordered.  I couldn’t resist the sexy-ness!  Paired with Renthal Apex 60mm stem, can’t wait to ride!!

    in reply to: Brake recommendations #211089

    Those TRP’s look pretty nice!  I found the SRAM Level, looking at T or TL.  Thinking I’m going this route based on budget and the kind of riding I do.  4 piston calibers are prob boss but not much DH in Florida where I live.

    Anyone have experience with SRAM Level brakes?  They look new which scares me — I don’t like being a BETA tester.

    in reply to: Favorite Songs to Ride To? #209827

    If I can only pick 3…

    Moe.  “Rebubula”

    Deftones “Be quiet and drive”

    Foo Fighters “Everlong”

    in reply to: Upgrades and Rides today? #208644

    just converted to 1×11!  aeffect cranks and narrow wide ring, saint BB, NX trigger and clutch derailuer and XT 11-42 and chain.  dropped nearly 2 lbs off my hardtail Giant!  yew!

    in reply to: Trail Riders – Backpack/Hydration Pack or no Pack #208643

    I always ride with a small hyrdo pack if planning on being in saddle for an hour plus, keep my multi and a spare tube in it.  If riding solo, I put my phone in as well.

    in reply to: Help purchasing first mountain bike #208570

    as a Talon owner I can tell you that you’re going to need to add another $200-$400 to that bike so you can upgrade that garbage Suntour fork

    in reply to: Questionnaire for Mountain Bikers #207960

    Name:  Mike

    Age:  35

    Occupation:  HVAC Sales

    Education:  BS Management

    Location:  Neptune Beach, FL

    Lives with:  My beautiful wife and 6mo son, 2 cats

    Quote (think of something that you say pretty often):  Plan for the worst and expect the best

    About (just general who you are, what you do, some key characteristics of yourself):  Husband and father, love the ocean and surfing/fishing/diving.  Obsessed with riding trail and all things mtb

    Likes:  IPA, glassy ocean, 29ers, big berms, the sound of a screaming drag, live reggae

    Dislikes:  electronic music, gose, in-laws

    Needs/Goals:  Support my family and outdoor lifestyle

    A day in the life (what does a regular day look like):  Work 10 hours 5-7 days week, ride every chance I get, paddle out when there is swell, keep a line wet whenever I’m able.  Enjoy good music, good beer, and the company of friends/family.

    in reply to: Narrow wide chainring: Do you still run a chain guide? #207560


    in reply to: First mountain bike ride horror stories #206042

    On my third trail ride ever, almost a year ago to the day, my advanced rider bro-in-law takes me to a trail near his Charlotte, NC home called Sherman Branch.  He explained to me that there were several jumps, skinny’s, and other intermediate technical features but that I would be able to easily pedal around anything I wasn’t comfortable with.  Being only my third ride, it’s safe to say I wasn’t comfortable with ANYTHING!  But I digress.

    Half way into our ride, after he was growing frustrated having to wait for me at the top of every climb, he shouts out that we are riding under a gap jump.  Later in the trail, he shouted, the singletrack looped around and we would need to clear that gap and there was a smaller (and easier) jump out in front that lead up to the gap.  He stopped me before we made it to that section and pumped me up.  “You got this!  Just go fast….if you go slow you won’t clear the jump.”  And he takes off.  I had literally just watched a YouTube video that morning of a guy attempting a gap jump and not clearing it, going otb and knocking himself unconscious in the process.  With that heavy on my mind, and the words of encouragement “don’t be a p___y!” ringing in my ears, I start smashing my pedals.  I got my very first air on the first jump and it felt incredible!  I instantly fell in love with my bike and felt an overwhelming rush of accomplishment.  I was feeling confident and remembered what he told me and worked on getting my speed back up.  Just as I was approaching the lip of the gap, I remembered that video and the dreadful fate of that poor man who had no business attempting a gap jump.  Instincts kicked in and I feathered my rear brake.  BIG mistake!  I shot off the lip, over the gap, and thankfully cleared the landing with my front wheel.  I completely cased the rear wheel, slammed all my weight forward onto the bars and bottomed out my fork, twisted my grips and wobbled forward down the back of the jump.  Miraculously I did not fall but I seriously damaged my bike, the jump, and I injured both wrists.  I was less than stoked.

    Nearly a year later and I still give my bro-in-law a hard time about it, to which he simply replies “but you charged it!”.  I guess he’s right.

    in reply to: What factors make for a mountain bike-friendly town? #206041

    a brewery nearby never hurts

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