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    Always!  Always!  Always!  It will be inevitable that you will be hit by someone, something, or you will hit someone or something.  Besides my head is at least $60, I think!  I have never had a collision, only some close calls.  Recently we had a person at work who’s daughter was at college and got hit and with no helmet now has limited hearing and eyesight problems due to the head impact.  Was’t even mountain biking or doing extreme jumping.

    law of large numbers and statistic.  You are only 98% good.  This is why even the professional action sport people die while skydiving.  it is when you do the 98th jump that it goes wrong.  yeah sure all your YouTube videos show you dangling 5,000 feet in the air.  But it will always catch up to you if you do it long enough.

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    Always!  Need to keep yourself pumped!  “Breaking Benjamin”, “Volbeat”, “Disturbed”, etc. etc.  But all the trails I ride in Michigan are 1 way MTB dedicated.  Once in a blue moon a runner will be on them, but they know it is for MTBing and they are taking there lives into their own hands.

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    As you stated yourself you don’t see very many 60+ on the trail, so why are you asking?  If you seem to be the only one doing it then you are obviously way above the average.  Most folks in your age range are driving around a golf cart.  Plus it does not matter, as long as you are having fun.  “It’s better to go out in flames than to fade away.”

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    Brand X is CRCs owned brand.   I have purchased $1000’s of dollars worth of stuff from CRC and they are the best at customer service.  If you have any issues with it just call them up and they will help you get it fixed ASAP.  I personally have a Stealth, just because it came with my bike so I can’t tell you directly the feel of that post.  But if I was looking I would not hesitate, as long as it makes your criteria list.

    in reply to: Trek Fuel Ex 8 vs Scott Genius 740 27+ #237952

    It looks like you are in the $3K range!  you may want to check out Chain reaction (out of Dublin, Ireland)  Great prices and you can get more for your money.  I picked up an XT level Cube Stereo, 160mm Fox travel F/R for $2K last year.  I love the bike and very glad I went Enduro geometry.  here is a killer bike for the same price range http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/us/en/cube-stereo-140-c-62-27-5-sl-suspension-bike-2017/rp-prod154568

    Just so you know Chain Reaction has the best customer service.  When you order a bike it comes in around 2 days.  it is set up ready to ride, you just have to obviously unpack and put together the handlebar and put wheels on.  Mine felt a little weird on the brakes so I pinged them and they told me just take it to a LBS and send them the bill.  they understand that folks live all over the world that order from them so they take care of you.

    FYI… to answer your question, Trail to Enduro to Downhill is a change in geometry to have the front wheel stick out further and a change in wheelbase so that as you travel more aggressive (steeper) hills the fork is hitting relatively perpendicular to the ground and it allows the bike to soak up the bumps better so you have more control on the hills.  You can probably look up the difference right here on singletracks.

    Last, if you are choosing between the Trek or Scott, I would take the Scott.

    in reply to: Full suspension MTB for 2500$ #224288

    Cube Stereo!  Right now chein Reaction is paying duty so you will get it for the price + shipping, there customer service is superb.  You can’t beat the components!  I pulled the trigger in January, first FS in my lifetime and I have had so much fun with this bike (5′ 11″ 275lb. thick build rider).  I am also glad I went 160mm travel.  I was nervous for such high travel but once you start rolling over rocks and drops like butter it was the best decision I could make.



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