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  • in reply to: Northern/Central California Needs trails #303921

    Want to make it clear, I totally respect and thank those that have put countless hours into what already exists!

    in reply to: Leasing mtb #289155

    Good question. It would be you get a super high quality bike (8,000 + msrp) and get a 2 year lease for x amount. Would total to about say 3-3.5 k for a bike at 8,000. The company would just buy bikes at dealer pricing in bulk. As a customer, you’d be saving money if you wanted to change bikes up every 2 years or less. A bike depreciates 55% each year so your 8,000 bike one year in is worth less than 4k. Some food for thought 🙂

    in reply to: Trust worthy online mtb shop??? #222610

    What i use the most is performance…. they are a great company, and near me, they even have a couple retail stores so you REALLY know they are legit.

    Jenson USA has the best prices and they also are a great company.

    in reply to: Santa Cruz #220707


    I have ridden this bike, and it is an absolute dream on the trail. If live in the area, you can go and trail ride any santa cruz bike in Santa Cruz… a GREAT experience…

    in reply to: What bike rack do you use? #220706

    it really varies on what kind of car/vehicle you plan on using your bike rack for.

    I currently use a Thule (hitch mounted), and that is all I have ever used. You pay the price up front, but what you get out of it you really can not put a price on. The first one I had I used for 10+ years on MANY trips and it took a beating, and now the one we have is great. I have the T2 Classic w/ 4 racks on it. It is durable, has locks, and you can easily access any of the 4 bikes.



    in reply to: Best vehicle for mountain biking? #210144

    Truck all the way. There is going to be that one time that you think you do not need the AWD, or the ground clearance, and you are wrong, mighty wrong and it messes up your car. We have a 2016 GMC 1500 sierra all terrain, this is a great truck, plenty of space, pretty good fuel mileage, then has rancho off-road sus. which is very helpful. truck and 4×4 are the way to go if you are the adventurous type, and want to look bad A while doing it 🙂

    in reply to: What was your first mountain bike? #209287

    had an old specialized rockhopper, one of the original ones, was a hammy-down from my big bro. Went to conondale from there, then now back to specialized! cant get away from it! Stumpy all the way!

    in reply to: Full face helmets? #208976

    I ride with the bell super, and even though its not downhill rated, (as in you can not use it in a downhill race) it will definitely protect you and its an easy system to use. I have never tried the new 3r, but I am considering!

    in reply to: Shuttle Service in Santa Cruz #208903

    Yes well it is a fire trail so would that still work you think? Shouldn’t be too much wear and tear?

    On weekends and holidays there is always many people there. We could bring it up to the land owner, or manager.

    in reply to: Climbing Techniques #208873

    Thanks for the Tips guys. I we be sure to share this information with the person who asked!

    I just try to focus on the present, and not try and think about how much further to go. In santa cruz, when you climb out after the flow trail you have to do a 4.5 mile climb, and they have markers, which I think DO NOT help at all.

    Do you think stops on a climb help or do you think it is better just to keep rolling and wait till the top to rest?

    in reply to: Free Ride Park! SJ #208743

    never ridden a flow trail or freestyle course on flat ground so going to be interesting!

    in reply to: The pluses of 29er over 27.5 #208737

    I had a 29er, and it rolls really nice. Now i have the 27.5 and i like it better to bumpier terrain. The 27.5 i feel is faster, and feel i have more control. on 29, as a big guy, feel like its bending.

    in reply to: Trail Riders – Backpack/Hydration Pack or no Pack #208735

    I always wear a pack when the ride is longer. When the ride is shorter, like just some random aft. then I will just throw a bottle in the cage, and pack up my pockets or underseat storage. Then I have SWAT which allows me to fit even more on my bike when doing short rides.

    in reply to: Upgrades and Rides today? #208717

    Riding 1×10 or 11 makes a world of difference when doing xc, trail riding. It makes everything simpler, and switching gears is quick and easy. @triton189, I will have to check out that brand of tire, never heard of them? Looking maybe to get some in the not so distant future. Great to see all these posts! There is a great amount to learn from all them as well!

    in reply to: Help purchasing first mountain bike #208319

    Like Alvin mullen was saying, a common problem throughout all of the listed bikes is the coil fork. If you plan to do fairly minimal riding, (example once a week or twice) then it will stand up to it, but if you were planning on hitting some stuff that requires some more travel, and the air fork, it could be a problem. One ride with my friend something unfortunate happened, he had a giant revel and it was equipped with a coil fork, he hit er’ a bit to hard I think and the lockout feature was no longer available from that point on! 🙂

    So like I said, for an entry level bike that will last you a couple years those bikes on the list are good, but check out the cannondale trail sl 2 or bikes like that from cannondale. I had one (if you look at my profile) and it lasted me 4-5 years of harsh riding! I hit every imaginable surface with it, and the rock shox recon fork stood up, and it had avid hydraulic disc brakes on it, definitely another plus. Then moving up the line, if you have a bit more cash laying around, there is the specialized camber, which is a great bike, around 140mm fork and something similar to that in the back. Check out there website here. Their lowest priced one is in the 1000’s.

    These are my few recommendations, and I am sure you will find out more from other great writers that come onto this website. And make sure, GO TEST THE BIKE BEFORE THE PURCHASE!!!! 🙂 Good luck

    in reply to: Upgrades and Rides today? #208249

    Hope to hit the trails this next week, has been a while especially that I have been sick w/ the flu, SO HORRIBLE. So I hope to get out in some local parks. Sorry to hear about your crash @allgrainer, but I guess crashing is what builds up the confidence, and is what is going to make you a better rider!

    Around our area we have been having so much rain, it makes the trails unridable, so we have to wait until the rain clears until we can do some proper riding, its really to bad, just trying to workouts to keep in shape 🙂 LOL


    in reply to: Help buying first mountain bike #208221

    I had a cannondale trail sl 2 29er, a great bike, had a rock shock fork, plenty of gears for XC, avid hydraulic discs, and overall handled so much hashing. I am a big guy, and I took this thing to santa cruz, and many other places that would test the travel of even a full sus bike. check it out, in the 1000 range.

    in reply to: 2×10- 1x conversion #208189

    you will love the 1×10 set up, makes a world of difference when riding.

    in reply to: mountian biking shoes #208168

    If you are looking in to clipless, I recommend the giro chambers, either the high top or the regular. I have the high tops, and they have wonderful support for when hitting the downhills, and when you get into rock gardens etc. they hold up wonderfully. These also look nice as well, are leather, and clean up really nice. You should look into them.

    in reply to: Upgrades and Rides today? #208167

    Nice! It’s good to hear all of these things happening, building up the mtber community. ‘arkinet’, are u riding in the snow? or is just the dirt?

    “Robert dobbs’ what kind of riding do you do? those VP-vice pedals are nice, great platform, I rode those same pedals when renting in montana.


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