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    YES! Bronson (rear) and Wolverine (front) are my favorite general trail riding tires (to be read without the “bro-ness” of the term “trail”) and Nanorapters front & rear when I need to go fast and still get great grip, as in a race situation (yeah, I know racing is totally uncool these days but I love it). I even use 700c Nanorapters  on my cyclocross bike

    in reply to: Favorite (commercial) Trail Snacks 2018? #240064

    Lara Bars or Kind Bars, both of which I can buy at my local supermarket. BTW, Rip Van Waffles are far better than Honey Stinger

    in reply to: Autoplay videos on Singeltracks front page #240063

    Odd, I have never had a video autoplay on this site… is this a problem?Or even a thing?

    in reply to: Chain Reaction Cycles. Opinions/experience? #231626

    I’ve only ordered from them a couple of times. One time they sent me a brake pad package that had come open and there were no pads in the package or anywhere in the box the stuff was shipped in… very odd. But to their credit, CRC responded to my email about this by sending out a pair of pads to me so I have no complaints as they resolved the issue in a timely manner.

    The funny thing is, when the new set of brake pads arrived the actual product packaging was halfway open already so the issue was with the brands packaging not being very good (Nuke Proof brand; I’ll probably just go with TruckerCo next time I need pads)

    in reply to: What mtb socks do you love? #226986

    I generally prefer standard Pearl Izumi socks, 2 inch tall cuff. But half the time I end up riding in just my everyday socks, because I already have them on at the time and don’t see a need to swap out to different socks

    in reply to: Favorite pre- bike ride food #217574

    Rip Van Wafels are my go to pre-ride food…tasty, filling enough, but don’t sit heavy in the stomach

    in reply to: UCI MTB Eliminator World Cup: What is this? #216986

    I’ve been getting emails about this as well. My reaction? Meh. A bit of a kooky idea in general and in Columbus? Seems like something that should happen in the metro Atlanta area… or maybe people in Ga should just do a Gone Riding XC race… dirt is more fun and sort of the reason that we all got into this, right?

    in reply to: Full Suspension Advice ($2,500) #216985

    If that type of bike is what you are looking I’d go for the Trance 2, as it seems like the best value in its class. I live in Georgia so if I was getting a full suspension I’d go for something with a bit less travel and has 29inch wheels, like a Kona Hei Hei(which is at your price range), that fits our trails a bit better. I know 27.5 is still all the rage and gets all the hype, but 29 seems to be the way to go… even the “bros” are starting to see the light on that now that 29 is having success in the DH arena

    in reply to: Newbie Recommendation: Plus HT or FS #214810

    With your description of “however probably never progressing beyond beginner/intermediate level with still lots of riding on gravel/old wood roads” I’d suggest a standard 29 or 27.5 hardtail, depending upon what size fits her properly. Those thresholds do not seem to require either a full suspension or plus bike, though I’d go with full suspension before the voodoo marketing of plus bikes

    in reply to: Anyone prefer to wear a road helmet for MTB? #214722

    I always prefer road helmets, but I always prefer lycra when mountain biking as well which seems to put me in the minority these days

    in reply to: Why do you leave your car keys on your tire? #214437

    That used to be a thing back in the late 90’s, but I don’t know anyone who still does it. I hate wearing a pack, unless I am on a 3+ hour ride (maybe) but I still wear traditional cycling kit so I can just put them in a jersey pocket. The better question may be, why do you wear “mountain bike” clothes instead of a more functional traditional cycling kit?


    in reply to: Which bike? #213573

    I’m not sure why anyone would say those are not real mountain bikes. They all look okay to me. I have been riding mtn bikes for 23 years and almost pulled the trigger on the Airborne Goblin a couple of years ago. Was not terribly keen on the X7  (I prefer Shimano) and ended up running across a similarly priced bike with a bit better spec at a LBS.

    Those Bulls bikes seem to be a pretty good deal… XT & SLX with a Reba for that price is solid. I’d go with one of those if I was in your shoes. You just have to decide between 29 & 27.5. For what my opinion is worth, I think 29 is still the way to go, especially with a hardtail. I know the trends are towards 1X and 27.5, but you will not be getting anything wrong with a 2X 29er


    The unofficial trail builder that I am assuming you speak of is who I first thought of when reading the thread topic. That person has been honing the craft for about 20 years now and really takes pride in the work they do, for free. No machines, just hard work with hand tools. Quality singletrack like it is supposed to be, not the doubletrack (at best) that you get with most Atlanta area trails. Someone needs to pay that person to build trails all over the area

    in reply to: New Guy on the Internet Block #209016

    uhh, you sort of screwed up here… sounding like a douchebag trying to cash in easy money rather than a true mountain biker who is in the sport for the right reasons. Jeez…  Maybe you should know what you are doing, know your audience and then figure out on your own how to cash in. Or try to cash in on a sport that is actually growing without any knowledge. The Seths Bike Hacks dude has succeeded with a bunch of dumb videos that interest newbies (I suppose) and I have no idea why Singletracks posts his dumb videos, but usually it is not that easy

    in reply to: creaking in my bottom bracket/crank set #204221

    Always start with cleaning and re-greasing with a creaking in the drive train. I recently had a creak in my bottom bracket area when putting good pressure on my road bike. I removed the bottom bracket and cleaned and then reassembled with new grease but still had creaking. I was about to buy a new bottom bracket but first decided to remove the pedals and clean/re-grease the thread area… that fixed the creaking problem. It was all in my pedals

    in reply to: Beer taste test: What are some good Stout beers? #201987

    Duck Rabbit Milk Stout, out of North Carolina. Out here in the Stn Mtn/Tucker/Lilburn area I get it at Smokerise Bottle Shop but have also seen it at a local Kroger every now and then. I still love Guinness too, especially when the options are not there.

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