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  • in reply to: Mountain Unicycling… #87035

    I’ve seen some of unigeezer’s films. He is exceptional. I’ve done two singletracks here in Colorado. Going uphill is difficult; not so much physically, but technically. There are two ways: just straight up, or ‘pecking’. I have trouble standing still, and going straight up requires quite a bit of forward balance. I’ll get there.

    in reply to: When to do your first Mountain bike race? #74753

    Thanks for all the comments and advice. I did four races total for the season, including two winterpark races. So, in hindsight…what would did I learn? 1) Don’t push too hard too early, 2) don’t worry about the "other guy", 3) there is a right way and a wrong way to train (training with a heart-rate monitor in the right zone helps), 4) don’t eat too much before the race, but eat the right thing, 5) know yourself and keep track of how long there is left in the race, 6) bring minimal equipment, but bring the right stuff!, 7) eat and drink enough during the race, 😎 have fun, 9) it’s worth it!

    I’m planning on racing more next season, but am not planning on signing up for a series. I have few in mind. Hope to see you out there! I’m the guying huffing it up hills on the Mamasita 😀


    in reply to: How often is too often? #73631

    I’ve been doing some recent studying about "training"/riding. The basic idea that I’ve gotten so far is: 75-85% Zone 2 (aerobic, but not anaerobic) riding. This is a nice even cadence with a comfortable but working heart rate.
    the rest is mixed between Zone 3 (pushing it in intervals or a higher pace) and Zone 4 (hard climbs and sprints for shorter periods of time). I’m going to try to plan a regime out before my next race, and see if it gives. Hope these ideas help.

    in reply to: The Grind Climb Blues #80991

    Thanks for all the comments. I just finished my 3rd race: 24 miles, 11,000 ft and two flat tires later, I’m starting to get an idea of what I need to do.

    1. I have a single 32 ring up front, and am changing that to a triple (for the granny mostly). I can’t keep a good cadence up long hills.

    2. I need to eat more during long rides/races, and eat right days before the race.

    3. I need to do more base-mile training (zone 2).

    4. Stop ‘hatin’ and start ridin’

    These are some of the things I see popping up in articles that I’ve read concerning some of the problems I’m running into.
    I’ll check out the link to this topic too! Thnx.
    m 😃 😃 😃

    in reply to: Recommended Tires for AZ Desert Riding #78366

    I’ve had good luck w/ Kenda’s Small Block Eight in sandy/hardpack conditions

    in reply to: What tools do you carry on you when riding? #80190

    Alien II bike tool, extra tube, patches, pump, duct tape…
    I tore an 8 stitch gash in my leg, and wrapped it with duct tape to cut the bleeding until I got to the hospital. It worked, and I take it on mnt bike rides and tours.

    in reply to: when to try a race? #79490

    I recently had the same question, and now have done two races. A couple of good points have been mentioned, but one has been the most important tom me: have fun 😃 Racing is fun! There are riders who take it a bit "too seriously", but there are a lot of nice folks out there too. Don’t worry about where you are in the pack, strategy etc… at first. Just ride. The rest comes later. Now given that I don’t have much race experience, I can say that my riding gets better after a race, and I learn something every time. That, and the fact that its fun, makes it worth while no matter what.
    Good luck…and have fun 😃

    in reply to: Clippers or no Clippers?? #75733

    I rode sans clips for some months, and then switched to clipped. I found that I can get a smoother pedaling stroke going, use my hamstrings to support my power strokes, and the "issue" of getting out of the clip has never been a problem. In fact, just the opposite has been my problem: they come out (and yes, I’ve tightened them). I have a pair of the Shimano-324, and use them on my singlespeed. This gives me the option of powering or cruising. The downside: they’re heavy.

    in reply to: The illusive "creak" #80930

    The "torque wrench" idea is a great one that I have not thought about before. However, I took the stem and the seat post apart, cleaned them and used my favorite tool of all time….WD 40. The creak is gone. It was in the seat post as far as I can tell. I ride quite often, and wash the bike regularly. The seat post had a lot of crud mixed with grease. All cleaned off; all creaks gone! Thanks for the roadmaps.

    in reply to: What is your favorite MTB??? #78645

    I just love the $%^#$ out of my Salsa Mamasita. I’ve rode a Specialized Stumpjumper and a lower end GF, but prefer my mama to any gal in town.

    in reply to: Problems with stray dogs on MTB trails? #77836

    I’ll have to say: I find that dog owners do not tend to be the most considerate of people I’ve met on the trail or on the road. I don’t know if they are inconsiderate consciously, but I see more loose dogs on trails then I do dogs on leashes, even when it is clearly marked that all dogs must be on a leash. I’ve almost went over an embankment trying not to hit dogs, I’ve had to hold dogs that I do not own, back from attacking wildlife, and have had to kick a dog off my leg while the owner stood and "reprimanded" the animal. Unfortunately, I’ve not been impressed. Even nice folks need to be responsible.

    in reply to: new to singletrack… #77964

    Ditto to the "fun" comments. But, I will add that I think the more you ride off road singletrack, the more you will want to get a full-on mountain bike. It really makes a difference. I road and trained on a hybrid for a while around St. Louis before moving to the Denver area. Now, I ride a full-on mountain bike in the mountains, train on a sweet single-speed on the road, and commute/tour with a full touring bike. Three bikes seems like a lot to someone like me, but I’ve found that the "fun factor" goes up quite a bit when you ride a specialized bike that you’ve picked out with care.

    in reply to: What have YOU been working on when riding? #78597

    Nice question:
    Two things for me:
    1. "hammerheading" hills and riding high elevation when I can
    2. When I miss a switch back, or can’t crawl a rock nicely, I stop, go back and redo it until I can. I find that being persistent pays off technically, and makes me feel better about my riding

    in reply to: When to do your first Mountain bike race? #74748

    Did Battle of the Bear, Sports level, and got my #$*& handed to me (30th out of 35). It was a lot of fun, though, and I plan on doing more. I only wish I had raced when I was in better form

    in reply to: Front Range Tire of choice? #73914

    I will also have to say for Front Range: Kenda Small Block Eight, but back country, I’d run something with a little more "toothiness"

    in reply to: Moving around CO. #77284

    I"ve recently moved to Littleton, and have done most of the front range rides. Some that come to mind:
    Falcon Park
    Green Mountain
    Deer Creek
    Waterton Canyon (this hooks up with some great trails south of Littleton
    Bear Creek (if you don’t want to get out of town, and there’s a race there in a few months there)
    I’ve heard that Cherry Creek Resevoir is nothing exciting, but it is dirt…

    in reply to: When to do your first Mountain bike race? #74746

    Brian, good luck on your 1st race. I’m doing my first on march 28. I’ve made a list of all the regional rides in my area (Denver), and plan on riding as many as possible. Maybe some of you guys here will be racing as well? 😛

    in reply to: When to do your first Mountain bike race? #74744

    I’m back! I’ve decided to do as many Colorado races this season as possible, starting with the Leadville winter race on March 28! Thanks for all the comments. I’m looking forward to it!

    in reply to: 29ers or 26ers? #74383
    "steve32300" wrote

    Man,we were cruising LoDo last night checkin out all the halloween costumes AND bikes because there is a bike ride every year on halloween downtown and I saw this bike that had wheels way bigger than a 29er.Looked like a 39er or somthing,had no chance to stop and ask about it to see what it was exactly but it really caught my attention.Anyone ever seen somthing like this before????

    Hey Steve;
    I’m three months in Colorado, and am interested in finding rides like the one you are referring to. Where can I look/find info? BTW: I ride a 29er mountain and a 700 single speed road bike…is this "sinful" or "blasphemy" in any way? 😃

    in reply to: What’s the best thing you’ve found? #69379

    This isn’t weird so to speak, but it sure was funny when "funny" was needed:

    I was doing a hellish climb (about 5 miles according to the book), and about half way through after puffing and cussing at the hill gods, I looked up and someone had hung a bag of energy gel with a note reading "You’ll be needing this…" on a tree

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 47 total)