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  • in reply to: Fox 34 GRIP top thread verses GRIP 2 Damper compatibility #611317

    If the Fox 34 is from 2015-present, it should be a straight swap between the dampers.

    in reply to: 2019 Fox EVOL Thru-Shaft, 210mm, 52.5mm Compatibility #610249

    Apparently there are some back-compatibility issues. I just saw a used Thru-Shaft and thought it may improve the performance a bit. (not that there was anything particularly wrong in the first place). According to a LBS, there’s not a huge difference between the regular RE:activ and this one.

    in reply to: 29er Trail Tires #257279

    My local bike mechanic basically echoed exactly what you said. According to him, a 2.8 tire has a better and more direct feel then a 3.0.  I’ve heard this more than a few times from from number of different rider comments. I may have to go big or go home!


    in reply to: 29er Trail Tires #257261

    That’s an inexpensive way to go too. I’ll geek out on those as well. 🙂

    in reply to: 29er Trail Tires #257260

    Definitely a combo I’d consider. The Minion is everyone’s overall favourite. Have you ridden any Bontys?

    in reply to: 29er Trail Tires #257259

    I’ve demoed a Cannondale Bad Habit with 3.0 tires and wasn’t a fan at all of the feel of the plus size. I have yet to try the 2.6 though and will try to get out onto  a bike sporting them this season. Apparently, all of the attributes that you mention are the big reason everyone seems to like them. Maybe a 2.6 front and a faster, smaller one in the back as well. More bikes are coming specced like this.

    in reply to: 29er Trail Tires #257005

    Yes I’ve considered a 2.6 tire as well but again, wanted to still roll nice and fast and not add 160 grams of rotation light per wheel. You’re right about the Fuel: there is clearance to run a 2.6. It is tempting and there are a ton of models of that size on the market now. Almost too many options 🙂 Always good to hear what other riders experience and the NN as it’s pluses and minuses. I’m more trail than enduro as well and this is my only real bike.

    in reply to: 29er Trail Tires #257002

    Good points all around! My buddy has Minions on his bike and I’ve demoed them on another. They are the grippiest I’ve tried and rolled better than I thought.

    in reply to: e*thirteen 9-46 Cassette Stuff #254461

    Yes that may be true. My buddy got a brand new TRS 9-46 for a used price so it was worth taking the plunge. He spent the $40 or so on a new chain and also measured it and the derailleur – which seems like it has a long enough cage – with the suspension fully extended to get the correct sizing. The 32T chainring he has is about right for the gearing and the 9 tooth works on his frame. All in all, it’s about a 35% savings (assuming the TRS cassette and chain were bought new) vs. going with a GX Eagle.

    It’ll be interesting to see how it performs over the long-term and should determine whether the savings would be worth it.


    in reply to: e*thirteen 9-46 Cassette Stuff #254349

    Were the 2 GX derailleurs toasted because of the 9-46?

    in reply to: e*thirteen 9-46 Cassette Stuff #254330

    Again, the reason you went with the TRS was to increase the range without having to replace your entire drivetrain. I picked up a screaming deal in the fall on a lightly-used 2017  Trek Fuel and it’s outfitted with a 1×11 SRAM X1 setup. Coming from an entry-level 3×9 setup, the shifting is much superior  and the simplicity is far more intuitive out on the trail. I do miss the range of the 3×9 in certain situations though. It just seems a shame to ditch a great shifter and mech given that it functions superbly has has so much life left in it.

    That’s why I’m considering just a mod at the cassette: save a few bucks and make use of the existing components. I’ll definitely check out setups similar to yours and see what may work given your experiences. Thanks!

    in reply to: e*thirteen 9-46 Cassette Stuff #254301

    Really great advice here once again. You don’t really know how things stack up in the real world until you’ve experienced a demo or owned a piece of gear over the long haul. As you can imagine, these two options are very intriguing but that sounds like a flat-out bad experience with the TRS Race. Not being able to ride because components are down is a real drag, especially in the Northeast where you only have 8 months of good weather to do it. (As I experienced this season when my dropper bit the dust) Seems like everyone loves the GX Eagle!

    in reply to: e*thirteen 9-46 Cassette Stuff #254285

    Those are all great points. I’ve already got a 32t chainring up front which I think would work well for gear ratios with the 9-46. I would want to go with a 34t if going with an Eagle setup. Here’s an interesting article comparing the 2 systems: 

    Interesting stuff to geek out on and I’d like more top end than bottom end out of my drivetrain. My buddy just picked up a great new/used deal on the TRS 9-46 cassette – he’s got a 32t upfront as well as a new chain – for his bike and I’ll be using it as a guinea pig to see how it works. I drivetrains use the exact same SRAM X1 drivetrains so it should be a good comparison.

    in reply to: e*thirteen 9-46 Cassette Stuff #254257

    Actually the 9-46 only works with the SRAM XD driver equipped hub. The 12 speed upgrade is actually sold as a kit from e*thirteen and includes a 12 speed cassette, chain and items to mod a shifter. The NX Eagle will work with a Shimano freehub but not the SRAM XD one. 11 tooth is as small as it can go for most Shimano drivetrains.

    Wow great response man. My buddy has Ardents on his Rocky Mountain: I tried them an they were WAY grippier then my Michelin Wild Grip’R in slick dirt. Weird because the tread pattern is almost identical. (Guess this is where composition is big) I’ve heard good and bad about the Nobby Nics so it’s great to get some info from someone who has used them. Great stuff.


    in reply to: Rockshox Reverb (lightly used) vs. new KS eTen? #185053

    I ended up with the Reverb for $160 and it doesn’t seem noticeably heavier than the stock post. It appears to be working wonderfully: I’ve only been over a couple of curbs – it is winter up here – but it performs faithfully. I can’t wait to use it on the trails this spring. Everyone tells me that once you get a dropper, you wonder how you ever rode without one. I love this sport. Stoked!


    in reply to: Rockshox Reverb (lightly used) vs. new KS eTen? #184340

    I’m really trying to go with a dropper on a budget because I keep hearing how much of a game changer they are – even on the intermediate XC trails that I ride. The crazy thing is that in the US, you can get an eTen for about $120. Here in Canada – with our dollar at .70 cents – it’s over $230 with shipping and taxes, which gets somewhat pricey. Thanks for the info.

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