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  • in reply to: Cheap Chinese Carbon Rigid MTB Fork Results #257987

    I bought a “trigon” Chinese carbon fork about four years ago.(ebay)¬† I rode it mainly on gravel and snowmobile/abandoned logging roads for that time. It has taken some very hard hits in that time with no problems. I even squeezed a 3″ dirt wizard in it for a little while. No problems, but…. always in the back of my mind- cheap Chinese. I always held off on the rough stuff or when exceeding 40 on road stuff. I recently replaced it with a carver carbon fork¬† for about 250$. These can be found at and come in a variety of configurations. The weight went from~650gm to about~800gm. I no longer fear breakage(at least not as much).

    in reply to: Windows Phone App #110653

    I just recently moved from iphone to a windows phone and am wondering if there are any plans for an app for such. I miss my single tracks app.

    in reply to: Chain skips on cassette while under torque #102253

    I have found that when the chain is replaced the cassette needs to be replaces as well.This is due to both the chain and cassette wearing at the same rate.

    in reply to: Bibs? #100108

    I wear lycra shorts. I watch others have tough time relieving on longer rides w/bibs. Guess thats my only reason for no bibs

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)