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  • in reply to: 4 missing riders found #123149

    I always carry my leatherman with me and a fully charged cell phone even if you don’t have service you still have a compass got me out of a jam when I tried to meet my wife at a certain time….I knew the area but trails changed or disappeared and I got disoriented crossing a road at a different point compass saved me but I made a full loop before I recognized where I was.. Had me a little worried but it was 1pm in the summer I carry a flashlight and zip ties to strap to the bars but a lighter sounds like a great tool to have no crazy fire starting techniques like on survival shows that only work some of the time

  • in reply to: Best way to protect frame from chain slap #121458

    Yep I touched up the paint and wrapped a tube with zip ties works great

  • in reply to: 29’er Spooked Spokes ?? #122081

    I have the same problem with my 26er hardtail just broke my fourth in 2 seasons thought first time stick second and third the bike shop cause they seemed loose after getting fixed even tho wheel was straight 4th one all were tight and wheel straight riding uphill here a clang boom broken spoke on drive side don’t know what it is thinking about upgrading my wheel…is there any good strong wheels for a guy my size at 230 pounds I bought the 26 figuring they’d be stronger than 29 I always wondered if a 29 could support my weight

  • in reply to: New to flats, I can’t jump. #117709

    I pull up on the bars when it gets high I push down on the bars then scoup my feet on the pedals toes down and push up and back on the pedals gets the rear tire up high but takes some thought and coordination practice it for a while in a parking lot

  • in reply to: Strike three your out. #121762

    Lol maybe it’s eerie? A weird feeling

  • in reply to: Strike three your out. #121758

    I rode at bradys run county park near beaver pa and rode across a bridge a guy died on 4 years ago talk about an Erie feeling. I paid my respects and hope he watches over other mountain bikers as they cross the bridge

  • in reply to: Best way to protect frame from chain slap #121455

    I did the same thing tube wrapped with zip ties on a low budget and bike is well broken in maybe get skins when I can one day get a new bike

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  • in reply to: workout for mountain biking #115762

    I lost 18 pounds during the 12 week challenge at work gained some of it back time to get more serious now that I moved and have my bike fixed and I agree if you give up the foods you love you’ll go insane lol I just cut back on my portions

  • in reply to: Training #119895

    Another thing I found during my first race was not only enjoying the experience but if you want to be competitive ride your pace you think is fast then try running your pace 20 percent faster that’s gonna be race pace I found this out running with guys from the bike shop that do long races it took all I could to keep up but the pace would be hard to maintain for a long time cause it was way faster then what I called fast but anyways stay hydrated with water and Gatorade and enjoy your first experience you’ll be talking about it for days just ask my wife lol

  • in reply to: Tubes Valves fail #120582

    In regards to tire psi and gauges I quit using them I found it was easier to use my hand pump then sit on the bike lightly bouncing my weight up and down and watching how much the tires buldge. If it looks like to much I add more and I find it better to set it higher like that especially if youre riding the road but the way the tire looks with your weight on it is key to ensure you’re not running too high or too low. After increasing tire pressure using a gauge I still got flats and some tires are softer than others that’s why I don’t use a gauge anymore

  • in reply to: should I lube the chrome on my front shock? #118741

    thanks for the info i think ill just clean them too

  • in reply to: broken spokes and flat tires #113419

    I’ve always got off the seat over bumps but being even lighter might help …in my case think the tension was a little off but I’m gonna try being lighter and I found good skill vids on Imbike mag about pushing the bike through ruff stuff gonna try it once trails dry up

  • in reply to: Should I wear a helmet for biking? #117544

    Helmets are not only good for crashes but I’ve been wacked on the top by tree branches that would’ve hurt without a helmet.

  • in reply to: Deer "Attacks" Cyclist #116811

    When I was younger I hit a chipmunk on my friends bmx bike I was probably doin 20 mph broke the poor guys back leg so we put him out of his misery

  • in reply to: workout for mountain biking #115754

    Sounds easy enough to me

  • in reply to: workout for mountain biking #115752

    Thanks man I’ve been losing 2 pounds a week for 3 weeks if I can do that For 12 weeks that’ll be 24 pounds at the end of the biggest loser challenge at work

  • in reply to: workout for mountain biking #115750

    Alternative products like low carb food? Ive cut down my portions at dinner and lunch run on the elliptical and ride the bike and I’ve been losing 2 pounds a week

  • in reply to: Ride groups in Harrisonburg VA #116711

    i live in harrisonburg va and me and the guys could use another guy to go riding with us. theres a bunch of places to ride that are within 20 miles in any direction and also some places inside harrisonburg

  • in reply to: Entry Level Budget Bike #116951

    looks like a pretty solid bike to me i bought a felt q 520 for 500 bucks and that bike is half the price. mtbgreg1 rides some airborne bikes he could help you out with further details or look up some reviews of this bike

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