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    I only hear them in the parking lot or brief encounters so it doesn’t really bother me.  I get out to the woods to clear my head so I just like hearing the sounds of the forest.

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    Just ride within your limits so you can gain confidence and don’t get hurt.  I’ve taken friends out on trails that were tough for them as first timers and they either got hurt or ended up wrecking their bike.  I am getting older so I like to ride a trail near me that is moderate to intermediate.  Remember it’s not a race.

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    I started riding a banana seat Schwinn on some old logging trails near the James River in Richmond, Va.  I upgraded to a Diamondback Mongoose around ’84 and we used to ride back in the woods in upstate SC.  I got my first real mountain bike in 1998 – a Specialized Rockhopper.  I traded that in for a Canondale F600 about 2 years later.  I did a ton of riding in the early 00’s on that bike.  Just recently got back into it.

    Yah, can’t wait to get it out and rip up some trails.  I upgraded the pedals as well.  I would say if you are looking to get a new mt bike in the Atlanta area – Peachtree Bikes is the way to go.

    I broke down and bought the Trek Xcaliber 8 for 999 at Atlanta Cycling.  Overall happy with the purchase.  There may be some better deals online but the Xcaliber 8 has a pretty solid setup.  ATL cycling also mentioned they were raising the price on XC 8 to 1149 tomorrow to match the website so good I picked it up today.

    It looks like Peachtree bikes has the Rockhopper Comp.  I’m going to go by and see what kind of deal they can throw at me.




    Ok, so I find the Xcalbiber 7 on Pink bikes.  Dude wants 950????  The green is really cool though 🙂


    Often I see used bikes for sale where the guy is asking way too much.  Maybe I’m not looking in the right place.

    Ok, I was a bit off on my post.  Atlanta Cycling is selling the Trek Excaliber 8 for 999 bucks.


    It has the air shock and hydraulic disk brakes.  The shifters and  derailleurs seem to be similar to the Fuji.  I am going to check with Atlanta Cycling to see if that is sale price or their normal price, but I’m pretty sure it is their normal price.

    I have always liked buying new mt bikes but I’ll check Pinkbikes and see what they have.


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    Thanks.  I will get some more estimates from other bike shops.  I like the geometry and Cannondale F600 is a great frame, but if the repair cost are over 500 it seems like my best bet is to cut bait.  I’ve done some researching on replacing/upgrading Cannondale components and they are pretty notorious about being proprietary and the head shock is usually getting bad reviews.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)