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    I have the Fenix and it is great. My spouse wanted something similar so I got her the Vivoactive 3. I really like the Fenix but i think the Vivoactive 3 is quite competitive price wise. It does almost everything my fenix does for a fair bit less money. The only differences we have noticed is the number of sports programmed for the Vivoactive and she has to take it off when we go diving. Plus it is not quite as comprehensive as the Fenix info wise but so far i think i would have been fine with the Vivoactive and saved a few hundred. Overall she has zero complaints about the Vivoactive 3.

    Im canadian and the last 3 bikes i have bought have all been made in the USA. All were carbon and all from the same manufacturer. Although personally i dont care where it is made i have found the “boutique” bikes made in the states are beyond anything else i have tried. I fell in love with my tracer after 1 ride and couldn’t imagine riding anything but. So now i own 3 different intense models and love them all for different reasons. Pretty much the only other bike i get on now is my early 90’s merlin.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)