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  • in reply to: Roll Call: Where did you ride this weekend? 1/20/19 #255539

    No pics here, either. But, I was able to squeeze in a solo flight at Markham Woods on Sunday morning. The woods are my church. So peaceful, with an event at a close by trail, I had the place nearly to myself, save the birds and the squirrels.

    in reply to: Bike Demos at Outdoor Market in Charlotte #249193

    Nice! We will have to check these out. Thanks for sharing!

    in reply to: Truck Bed Mounting Options #249053

    Haha, Head Over Handlebars. Dig your name, hope tera firma is kind to you!

    I appreciate the replies. It helps to hear experiences, and ideas of those that roll their own. Great things come from collaboration. I just added two more steeds to the stable today, so I will be putting something together in short order.

    I think I’m gonna dig it around here. Cheers all, and happy trails.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)