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    Yeah, Pine Bush Preserve is pretty easy and good for first times. Staff is nice too. Watch out for ticks! Nearby, is what is called on Singletracks Cemetery loop- this is just a mile West in 155. Turn left on Pinehurst BLVD and go to end. The description is correct, but somehow it got messed up with some other area in New Scotland. These are trails just like Pine Bush. Very beginner. Close by is North Bethlehem town Park.mostly all beginner, but twisty and fast. On very very twisty loop in a small area where they just about come upon each other. Schenectady Central park is a little harder, but not much. I bet that gets quite busy though. I’ve only ridden it at off hours (like 11 am wednesday). Keep away from Thatcher Park until you have better skills and a full suspension. and a mouth guard. As you get more confident, as Franks29 says – Luther Forest seems to get better and better with age. MOstly nice easy singletrack if you like it, and then more technical. But, the as Franks29 suggest, Gurney Lane is as good as it gets. Nothing too technical if you don’t want. Other than Excaliber,(oh, and E-20 and Tango) you could handle it with some more seasoning. Flow is the word. Very well signed. Earns its spot at or near the top of NYS trails on Singletracks. I gotta ride Lippmann to see what the fuss there is about


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    CrazyIvn – Jeff Barber wrote here on Singletracks about a woman who won $2.9 million from the Hartford Metropolitan District Commission because of a crash on property they owned. Google Maribeth Blonski and the fallout from this. I’m not sure the outcome, but the HMDC was considering banning mountain bikes on their property (I believe a law was passed afterwards making a commission like that not responsible). Imagine some small park like West Mountain in Glens Falls/Queensbury who runs on a shoestring budget? If they allowed someone to ride without a helmet who got seriously injured and sued the mountain, there would never be another rider on West Mountain. This also has a chilling affect on other areas who might be wary of allowing mountain biking on their property at all.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)