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    Go to Waterbury and ride at Perry Hill! Google East River Rd Waterbury VT. Park there, cross the railroad tracks, climb a killer hill (consider it a warm up) and have a freakin blast. It’s worth the drive. There’s three main loops and a few other ones as well. Probably a good three hours of riding.

    I still ride a Trek 4300 sometimes that I bought 8 years ago. Great bike for the price. I love it, don’t have any complaints. The Judy shock has since seized up, but that’s a $100 fix (still not fixed). Plus Trek has a great warranty on their frames if you break it.

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    Mine broke in the same place as well, just not as nasty looking.

    in reply to: How do i determine the year of my bike? #73133

    I’ve lucked out with finding manuals or catalogs online, that’s how I found out what year my Trek 420 was. Google??

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    Can I not post images in certain forum topics?

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    I recently purchased a Light & Motion Solo Logic lamp, and I’m loving riding at night. It’s really fun. I briefly chased a deer down some single track near home in October.

    in reply to: Does anyone bring a weapon? #70204

    Bear spray’s probably the best way to go I think… since I don’t have an AK. A knife means you’re up close and personal with whatever is attacking you- and you’re probably owned at that point. There’s nothing here in Vermont anyways other than deer, moose, some bears, and non-poisonous snakes. Most of which tend to leave you alone anyways.
    Spray and ride like the dickens!

    in reply to: Christmas riding? #72878

    I got some Avid Juicy Seven hydraulic disc brakes today… couldn’t be more excited for the spring! I’m not riding the better bike until then. My hardtail is getting ridden today through the snow. Studded tires rule!

    in reply to: winter riding tips #72675

    Wow, Rain-x! I never thought of using that, great idea!

    in reply to: Shimano Manual disc brakes #72690

    If the disc is rubbing on one pad, I would say you could loosen the two hex screws that hold the brake system in place and slightly move the entire brake mechanism in or out a tad, spin the tire and figure out where they stop rubbing. Check for rubbing when tightening everything up again too. This worked for me and haven’t had to do it more than once. Also make sure the wheel is locked in good and straight.

    If it only rubs for a second when you spin the tire, the above could help too, but it would be easier to just bend the disc brake a bit with your hand. They do make a tool for this, but I’m just saying this has worked for me too.

    in reply to: Vermont Clubs and Organizations #68067

    Check out Fellowship of the Wheel at [url:12qk0pir][/url:12qk0pir]. This is a non-profit organization that maintains many of the popular trail systems around Chittenden County.

    I would suggest joining the fellowship. It’s a minimum of $25 annually, which is tax deductible, and just keep in mind that the money that you donate goes towards tools, wood, gravel, and other supplies that keep these trails in the condition that they are. You’ll receive e-mails of future trail work days and group rides, meet new people, learn new skills, and get included on special sales and events at local shops. Plus you get a free Sleepy Hollow membership.

    in reply to: Oh, My, God!!!!! #68381

    I’ve heard stories of people suing landowners for getting injured on their land. God, people sue for everything these days. It’s not like it’s their fault you fell off your bike and broke your arm. They didn’t put that root there on purpose. Suck it up.

    I haven’t ridden the kingdom trails yet, and probably won’t this year. Definately next year!

    in reply to: Recumbent Cycles?? WTF? #69240

    Everyone I’ve met who rides these things are snobs. I’d love to see one ride some single track though. Hahaha

    in reply to: Clipless or Flats for technical riding. #72413

    I ride clipless all the time now. It took a little time to get used to getting out of them in an instant, I was a master at getting out of the way of my bike on the way down with flat pedals. But probably 95% of the time, if I’m going down I still manage to get unclipped before making a harsh landing.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)