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  • in reply to: front fork bottoming out just from small jumps #110548

    I was in the same boat a year ago with a 29er Stumpjumper. Now I have a Specialized Enduro…and man was it the right move. You just got to get a bike that is fit to your riding style. The Enduro is like a XC/DH hybrid which is perfect for me. It doesn’t climb as fast but the descent is well worth it on any terrain. I am not trying to market the brand or anything, its just that there are bikes out there for all our needs.

  • in reply to: Colroado Springs Riders Rejoice (Again)! #107592

    Thanks for the update on this. I frequent the area on two wheels a lot. I was thinking Capt Jacks this week, but now I have something else to look foward to. Thanks!

  • in reply to: $1850 2011 Stumpjumper 29er FSR Comp #102728

    Still available as of 13 November 2011

  • in reply to: $1850 2011 Stumpjumper 29er FSR Comp #102726

    Sorry, Its only for local pick up only in CO Springs. I will change that on the forum. I did bring the price down to 2000. The size is a Large 19.5"

  • in reply to: Most technical mountain bike trail? #100699

    Templeton Trail at Palmer is brutally nasty. Majority of the time something always goes wrong, its either a face-plant or in yesterdays case a slashed tire from a rock. I am tubeless so the sealant shot out like a geyser and what really sucked was that I was parked on the other side of the park 😠 . But you know what, I will keep going back for more!

  • in reply to: Why go tubeless when…… #100548

    I can see where this is headed. Air Jordans for supreme suspension 😆

  • in reply to: CO Springs just had rain #99586

    NICE! Here too in the upper Springs, Looks like more is coming…I hope. This should make for a good week of morning rides before work.

  • in reply to: Best Crashes #99421

    I lost it the other day going down the Chutes in CO Springs. There are good high banks going left to right going down and at a pretty good speed, I took a right turn and banked high on the left side and a dang tree root caught my attention but I avoided it…as soon as I was relieved from what would have been a painful disaster…a hiker popped out of nowhere and I just lost it when my front tire slipped on loose gravel at a high speed. I lost some serious cool points on that one…big time!

  • in reply to: Getting Cussed Out by a Fat Redneck #99542
    "Dorado" wrote

    I usually carry a small pistol with me. It’s good to get there attention, but if they think you’re bluffing and have to use it…. well. Next time you’re riding carry some pepper spray. If you get confronted again use it on them. Don’t wait, just blast. Hesitation will only get you hurt. Now, If you cannot carry spray, Attack the knees, hips, basically any low joint. They’ll go down. If you have a good grasp of the skeleton, in the front of the pelvis there is a split held together by cartilage, Striking that hard will break the cartilage and they will not get back up for quite a while. Again, DO NOT HESITATE. Remember he has a motor you don’t he can drive himself to the hospital, kinda hard to ride with a broken bone.

    Are these useful tips in a book, or was it in some issue of Mountain Bike Action magazine that I missed :?: 😎

  • in reply to: Finally getting down to CO #99038

    If you hit the Pike’s Peak area in Colorado Springs, Cheyenne Canyon is a nice spot. Great network of trails running in and out of there. The best time of day to go is early morning in the summer so you can beat the heat and the foot traffic.

  • in reply to: Getting Cussed Out by a Fat Redneck #99531

    I don’t do any rode biking, but I was thinking about caring a small light firearm in my camelback just in case I ran into a wildlife situations in CO. I know it wouldn’t do anything to a bear, but its good for scaring off mountain lions and maybe any brawley rednecks that slam thier brakes in my path, especially if I have my son with me. It would definitly have to be in a serious life threatening situation though.

  • in reply to: What fork should I up grade with? #99193

    I am currently riding on Rock Shox Reba’s which have dual air chambers, they are doing really nice over rocky terrain. These are probably a little cheaper than Fox forks if you are looking for cheaper. Here is the link for the review; … e/237.html

  • in reply to: What fork should I up grade with? #99189

    There are some really nice deals on craiglist. I was looking before I bought new. I saw quality bikes ranging from 300 bucks to 900, and I am talking about canondales, specs, treks and GTs. I live in CO so it could be where you live too.
    Good quality forks may be the same price as a used quality bike from someone trying to get rid of one.

  • in reply to: Warm-up or just hit it? #99346

    I am 35 and it depends if it is early morning then I will do a quick ham and quad stretch and then put it in low gear on my way to the trail head, then I hit it.

    If its mid-day, then I will just hit it.

  • in reply to: alternating 26er and 29er #99499

    😆 😆 😆 I forgot about the 69er, maybe I can throw that into the rotation

  • in reply to: alternating 26er and 29er #99493

    I like the idea of switching it up. I went on a ride with 11 y/o son and didn’t realized how far I was ahead of him on my 29er. The pedal strokes were effortless and I was gone "whoops, sorry son"

  • in reply to: hey everyone #99459

    Thanks for the welcomes everyone, I plan on taking a half day off of work Friday and beat the snot out of it in the Cheyenne area. We will ride Capt Jacks and then shoot down the Chutes to Stratton open and then probably go back up and hit Columbine trail back down again. Can’t wait!

  • in reply to: stumpjumper EVO 29er #99308

    I just bought an upgraded COMP 29er and compared to the the EVO, There were some minor component differences but both use the RockShox Reba RLT 29er fork, which has been nice to me on some serious trails. I think the EVO would provide similar comfort and awesome performance.

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