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  • in reply to: Loose Dirt | Mountain Bike Film #126267

    It’s short, but put together well. No obnoxious overly loud dubstep. Experiment with more camera mounting locations, close ups, arial views, and speed changes. Good start. Keep up the good work.

    in reply to: How well do these work #126034

    Never tried them on a bike. I’ve used foam filled tires in other settings, and yeah they work well if the application is right. I can’t imagine they would allow easy tire installation. I hate getting flats myself but I love the adjustability of pneumatics. I can fine tune for traction or rolling resistance as needed. You are better off with Slime tubes or Stans sealer, though both are a mess if there is a good leak. Slime tubes are heavy and would work well for a more downhill setup.

    in reply to: Grounded for 6 months :( #125950

    When I would get grounded, I was never allowed to use the internet! Consider yourself lucky! 😆 I had a clavical separation about a year ago which tore out my shoulder ligaments. Fortunately for you, bones heal faster and stronger but screws in your bones are downright painful. I was off the bike for about 4 months and even after a winter, spring, and summer of catching up, I’m still weak and gun shy. I’ve slept in a recliner for 6 weeks then on a couch, as the backrest could support my shoulder. I was on the couch another 3 months. I still get sore but as for range of motion and strength recovery, look at close to a year. You lose muscle faster than you gain it. You will most likely have some free time allowing you to watch TV and gain 20 lbs 😏 Use an exercise bike to keep your legs strong and definitely do the physical therapy as recommended for the fastest recovery. Good luck to you!

    in reply to: Pennsylvania trails anyone #125807

    Jim Thorpe has lots of trails that aren’t very technical. Look up Black Moshannon State Park north of State College for some nice trails. Rothrock and Bald Eagle State Forests have lots of trails too. Enjoy!

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    What area of PA are you considering?

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