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  • in reply to: Monkeylite bars with lizard skin lock-on #93049

    I don’t see why you could not. The end of the monkey bar is no different than Amy other bar…

    in reply to: Transition Double Build #92841

    Really interested in this build and how it works for your intended use.
    I own two Transitions (Covert and Vagrant) and really want either a Bottlerocket or a Double.

    in reply to: Going to full susp. & need opinions #92948
    "drop_off" wrote

    My local bike shop recomended the Elsworth Evolve. But this bike cost quite a bit more, has a much steeper head tube angle and doesn’t appear to have as many high quality components as the Kona.

    You local shop will always recommend a bike they sell…. 😉

    As for the steep head angle, again, that is what a cross country bike is designed to have. Helps on the way up (sucks on the way down). Since yup said you would concentrate on building a freeride bike after getting the XC bike, don’t fret the head angle. It is what it needs to be for what you are wanting the bike for.

    in reply to: upgrade which component first? #92688

    You should not require an XTR component to get your bike to shift properly, front or rear. For the non weight weenie, and XT or LX (X9/X7) should prove to be fine. If they won’t allow proper shifting, you have problems elsewhere.

    Go 1×9 and drop the front mech and shifter all together, problem solved for no cash! 😄 or should that be 😼

    in reply to: Ghost Shifting… #92358

    One issue I have with my bike is that after several days of hard riding, the vibrations cause the barrel adjuster on my rear shifter to loosen and cause shifting issues. A simple twist or 2 on the barrel adjuster fixes it.

    So yeah, bent hangers, stretched cables, out of wack barrel adjusters, etc.

    in reply to: Shimano vs SRAM #93000

    Full SRAM drive train on all my bikes.

    in reply to: JUMPS #92932

    As above, stay loose on the bike. Sounds like you have the dead sailor Going on. Hate to sound like a broken record as I recommended it in another thread earlier this morning but the Fluidride Like a Pro DVD is an excellent resource for jumping techniques.

    A link to a sample clip from the DVD….

    And a link to the site….
    http://fluidride.com/2008/06/25/fluidri … pro-video/

    Did wonders for my jumping (It also covers many other aspects of riding…drops, cornering, braking, etc).

    in reply to: Going to full susp. & need opinions #92940

    The thing is XC oriented bikes have steep head angles vs the slack ones you are wanting. For the general Joe Shmo, I don’t think it would hurt to have slacker head angles while ripping the trails, but if you are racing, I would think you would want the best machine for the job, and that’s not going to be a freeride/downhill friendly bike. They say most races are won on the climbs, and that is where the steep head angle of an XC bike will shine.

    A Fox Talas or Rockshox U-turn might be one option as you can adjust the travel of the fork and adjust the head angle, just be aware that bottom bracket height will also be effected.

    Also keep in mind that a bike that is designed to handle the abuse of freeride and downhill will be heavy, again, not good for racing XC.

    My 2psi anyway….

    in reply to: New to MTB and looking forward to learning!!! #92963

    Very cool. I remember my first ride on singletrack….blew my mind.

    Since you are new to the sport, a couple suggestions. Pick up a copy of the book Mastering Mountain Bike Skills by Lee McCormack and Brian Lopes and without a doubt, pick up a copy of the DVD from Fluidride Like A Pro. Good stuff.

    Mastering Mountain Biking Skills
    http://www.leelikesbikes.com/mastering_ … nd_edition

    Fluidride Like A Pro
    http://fluidride.com/2008/06/25/fluidri … pro-video/

    Sample clip from Fluiride DVD (not sure how to embed it here.

    in reply to: Fruity colors are in again??? #92908

    I agree with a couple of the above posters. Adding a few colorful bling components to your bike can make it look a tad different than the other 10,000 bikes Trek, Specialized, (insert fav bike company here) rolled out.

    in reply to: Brooklyn Vegiburgers flat pedals #92858

    Great combo, enjoy!

    in reply to: Brooklyn Vegiburgers flat pedals #92856

    Look for a pedal with a low profile (thin). That and a chromoly spindle.
    I used to use the Azonic 420’s until I tried a pair of Deity Decoys. Love the Decoys. They were about half the price of a set of Staitlines.
    5.10’s and the Decoys are close velcro, nice and grippy.

    in reply to: New Giro Xen Helmet #92610
    "ChiliPepper" wrote

    Hey GALAXY, have you tried looking at DansComp ( http://www.danscomp.com/products.php?ca … ow=Helmets ). They got some great prices on O’Neil as well as well as the Fly Racing.

    Nice link. Bookmarked.

    I’m using the Fox Flux and for full face a Specialized Deviant II.

    in reply to: Post Pictures Of Your Rigs Here! (Part 2) #70589

    My bike (love this thing – keeps a smile on my face)….


    in reply to: Lightweight Full Suspension Freeride Bike #92273

    So how is the transition double working as your light freeride bike? I’m using a transition covert. Just grabbed a transition vagrant (hardtail freeride frame) I’m starting to build.
    I’d love to get a hold of a double.

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