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  • in reply to: Biking from -282ft to 14,252ft in a day #235699

    Hmmm, that adds a couple interesting data points. The article I originally read had some questions to the film maker where they made a big deal about doing it unsupported. It seems the term is used a bit ambiguously.

    in reply to: Endurance series training #235695

    I have had good results from the Trainer Road programs. Worth a look.

    in reply to: Biking from -282ft to 14,252ft in a day #235694

    This was interesting but triggered a debate between my friend and I about if dropping caches along the way could still be considered unsupported. My point was how is that different than a car trailing you and giving you food and water? Either way you are not bringing with you or gathering from the environment the materials required to complete the ride. Thoughts?

    in reply to: Help needed – bent deraullier or hanger, #232751

    I would have your LBS use the derailleur hanger alignment tool to verify that your hanger is straight vs just seeing if it is flat. The 3(ish) feet of extension that comes off that tool really shows the most minor of bends in the hanger.

    That should make for a good Xmas as long as they don’t get snow.

    in reply to: Checking Proper Chain Length #231295

    <p>Thanks for the tip on the shock Aaron, always learning something new.</p>

    in reply to: Night riding lights #231293

    <p>I use a Light & Motion Urban Trail 850 on both my bar and my helmet, really solid light.</p>

    in reply to: What bike rack do you use? #230447

    <p>I use the 1Up-USA bike rack. Specifically the hitch mount 2 tray with 2 more when I need them.  I’ve had roof racks and other hitch racks, including the Kuat NV, and this is the best rack I’ve ever had. 5/5, would rack again :)</p>

    Yikes Jeff, that’s intense! Certainly nothing close to what I’ve had to deal with.

    in reply to: Enduro on a cross country race #226793

    Do YOU want to race? I think that’s the only question that needs to be answered here.

    in reply to: Mountain Lions #225080

    I live in an area with an active mountain lion population but have never run into them. The general fear with them is small children, they are generally afraid of humans. While attacks do happen it’s generally because a human has gone near their babies or where they have hidden their kill ( ML will kill and then hide it to return and feed for a few days ). General rule is the same as bears, bell for prevention, pepper spray for protection.

    in reply to: Opinions on Canyon bikes #224179

    The guys at GMBN and GCN really like them as does the chairman of IMBA. It’s a well established brand in Europe that is only new here. If you know how to do your own bike work or have a good relationship with your LBS you should be G2G.

    in reply to: Dropper Posts for Cross-country Riding/Racing #224103

    I guess I’ll be the edge case here. I have a dropper post and find that I am less stable and slower when it’s down. I don’t know the last time I used it and am pulling it off my bike this week in favor of a static post.

    in reply to: Video: Road Trip To Arkansas, First Stop Kansas? #224046

    Here is the perspective from Horns High MTB, a Kansas City local.


    RE: Corn Plant, do you mean this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dracaena_fragrans ?  If so I’ve never seen anything like that in Colorado.  You do make a good point that you shouldn’t use something on yourself unless you know what it does.

    in reply to: Bike covers for rear hitch mount racks #220962

    All of the racks I’ve had have stated that using a bike cover voids the warranty and I think they would add a huge amount of drag and therefore force on the bike would increase. I feel your pain but a dirty bike is better than the broken bike all over the highway.

    in reply to: Recommendations for trails near Golden Colorado #219860

    Start with the trails at Green Mountain and then move on to Apex, Mt. Falcon, White Ranch, Centennial Cone, all good areas. MTB Project and Trail Forks have good maps.  Big Ring Cycles in town are great as well.

    in reply to: Are you riding for Father's Day? #218703

    Thanks, I feel the same way. I used a GoPro Hero4 Black.

    in reply to: How often do you ride with your POV camera? #218427

    If I think it will make an interesting video and won’t interfere with the ride or the ride is longer than the battery life then I’m wearing it.

    Cool, thanks for the advice Aaron!

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