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  • in reply to: What bike for a newbie? #113084

    I love my Talon 2. Good frame to upgrade all the components as they break.

    in reply to: Anyone up for a game of bike polo? #112678

    Nutty! I would rather be flying down some singletrack!

    in reply to: extended weekend cruise! #110027

    Heading to Estes Park in 2 weeks. Where did you find the single track?

    in reply to: New Avid MTBer Looking for Wisdom #108329

    You might what to check the fork on your Rvel. I just saw the the fork on those may have been recalled. I’m sure there is something on Giant’s webpage about it.

    in reply to: Other than biking #108280
    "brianW" wrote

    [quote="Jarvan":aah24hz0]Swimming, Running, and playing with the kids!

    with kids you also have the added sport of being a taxi driver[/quote:aah24hz0]

    I count chauffer/taxi drive and my second occupation.

    in reply to: CR NEMBA #108289

    The maps are sweet!

    in reply to: Other than biking #108276

    Swimming, Running, and playing with the kids!

    in reply to: Fork upgrade for talon: how high can I go? (travel) #107637

    I think the first Talon 29er 2 was a 2011. It is mostly black and red. It has a SR XTC 29" (Custom for Giant) w/ Lockout, 100mm Travel fork. I love the bike but the fork has something to be desired.

    in reply to: Muscle recovery #106745

    I personally haven’t tried it but some friends says The Stick does wonders.

    in reply to: hHelp save the Mah Dah Hey Trail in North Dakota #106271
    "skibum" wrote

    When I spent a few years in Minot, ND, the MDH was my greatest refuge. While the prairies and badlands can never compare to the mountains I was used to, it was a unique landscape that provided the only worthy mountain biking within a (long) day trip from home. Destruction of the are would definitely be a huge loss.

    Having said that, however, I can’t sign the petitions as is. It just puts a blanket ban on potential drilling. I have seen drilling done in ways that minimize the impact and I have seen reclamation that would leave you wondering if any drilling had ever taken place at all. Rather than just say "no drilling," better to assess and balance the needs of both concerns and then ensure any drilling done has minimal impact and full reclamation. Of course, that would drive up costs, but if the need is that great, then it will bear the additional cost.

    We do ourselves a disservice by only accepting two possible alternatives–either we blindly rape and pillage the landscape and environment or we "preserve" with no consideration of the possible uses of the land. It’s the exact same argument anti-MTB Wilderness advocates use to defend their position by begging the questions with "would you rather preserve our wild spaces with Wilderness designation,including MTB prohibition, or have them destroyed by commercial interests or rampant overuse"–as if those were the only two possible paths.


    in reply to: Using Smart PHone Apps to track Rides? #101942

    MapMyRide with an Incredible.

    in reply to: Weekly Weigh In #105899
    "maddslacker" wrote

    [quote="ollysj":38pl5rjq]I’m like 5’9 and 236lb. Not to fat, just ain’t tall enough for my weight 😎
    Waiting for the spring. 4 Weeks of biking, will make me 220ish

    Finally .. another man of substance 😆[/quote:38pl5rjq]

    Right there with you. 5’10" @ 229lbs. Hope to be 199 by August.

    in reply to: Question about your knees #104898

    Don’t let the snow stop you. Inside is boring!!!! Bundle up and hit the trails!

    in reply to: ENERGY BARS #105114

    Has anyone tried Sports Beans?

    in reply to: Looking to buy a 29er !! What do u Recommend ? #89417

    I have a Giant Talon2. Under $1000 and I love it. A lot of the components are entry level but can be upgraded as you go.

    My biggest advise is go out and ride as many bikes as you can, in your price range, and get the one you are the most comfortable with.

    Have Fun!!!

    in reply to: Using Smart PHone Apps to track Rides? #101937

    I use Mapmyride on my Driod Incredible. Works well and its free.

    in reply to: Post Pictures Of Your Rigs Here! (Part 2) #70669
    "SillkySlim" wrote

    Here is some pics of my Giant Talon 29er, with some upgrades.



    I have the same bike and love it but it needs some upgrades (fork,pedals,…). What upgrades did you make?

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)