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  • in reply to: what bike and why do you ride a full sus? #509416

    2019 Motobecane HAL Pro.  Why? Because it is the most fun bike I have ever owned!

    in reply to: Bike covers for rear hitch mount racks #221195

    Well then maybe you should try another trail location if you are bothered that much.  (more cheese with that whine?)

    in reply to: Bike covers for rear hitch mount racks #221108

    How ’bout just enjoying your ride and clean the bike when you get home.  Depending on trail conditions I get more grime on my bike trail riding then hauling it to the trail.

    in reply to: Your favorite bike trails in Michigan #211568

    I’ve ridden at least 20 different trails in the Lower Peninsula.  (Haven’t got to the UP yet)  They are all good………..some are better than others depending on my skill level and conditioning at the time.  As an older rider I would have to say that Poto is my favourite with Big M a close second.

    in reply to: Startling stats about bike mechanic salaries #123700

    If you think bike mechanics @ the LBS are underpaid, then tip them. I do………… if they do a good job. 😃

    in reply to: Mid-life mtb #120623
    "thefox" wrote

    Hi all,

    I am 40 years old and getting into mountain biking. Probably too late, too old, but I have fallen in love with roots & rocks, and I am just not ready for a road bike. I ride a Scott scale 960 29er hardtail.

    Spent my youth on bmx bikes in the 80’s, then just peddled to work & back for many years, before an impulse ride on a technical singletrack while on holiday last year led me to start practising.

    This forum looks like a nice place with good people, so I thought I would sign up & say hi.

    Your post made my day:
    Quote: [b]"I am 40 years old and getting into mountain biking. Probably too late, too old……………….

    I started mtb in 2008 at the age of 59. After 25 years of riding Harleys I sold my motorcycle – wasn’t gettin’ much exercise just twisting a throttle. I purchased an ’08 Gary Fisher superfly hardtail and hit the trails non stop. After 4 years of ‘pounding’ on the hardtail I bought a ’12 full suspension Superfly 100 Pro. (I gotta tell ya, this bike makes even an old man a decent rider) XC singletrack riding is my favorite. Over the years I have ridden many epic trails such as Bent Creek, Tsali, Dupont, Kerr Scott Reservoir, FATS, Shingle Mills, the "Big M" as well as numerous other trails in Michigan and Ontario, Canada. All trails are good – some are just better than others. Am I the fastest on the trail? NO. Am I the slowest on the trail? NO. I’m probably somewhere in the middle as far as speed and technical skill level goes but the main thing is the enjoyment, fun and the comradeship that mtb provides – not to mention bumping up the fitness level. What’s really cool for me is the fact that I bike faster and better each year!

    You have many, many years of fun biking ahead of you. Enjoy!

    in reply to: Tire direction? #116337

    For $26 or $27 a tire I wouldn’t be too concerned about direction for best wear………….. 😆

    in reply to: bike shoes #116216

    If this is the first time using clipless, then positioning of the cleats are the least of your concerns right now. (lol) Clip in, ride a lot, then adjust according to your personal preference. No secrets here.

    in reply to: Christmas Rides #114908

    re: winter hand protection: I ride year round. When it’s real cold I go with down filled mitts – hands & fingers stay warm! (Twist shifters make it easier) Good footwear & "toe warmers" are also a must.

    in reply to: chain adjustment raleigh xxix single speed #84936

    While "foolin around" with the eccentric bb I found a solution for rotating the bb. After backing out the two 4mm set screws I placed a 4mm "T" hex wrench in 1 of the 2 holes in the face plate situated on the non-drive side. Then while holding the hex wrench securely I turned the crank arm against the hex wrench using the pedal. Voila – the eccentric rotated! Depending on which side the crank arm is in relation to the hex wrench, movement can be clockwise or counter clockwise. When the chain has enough slack it can be slipped off the rear cog then the wheel can be removed. (for changing flats, etc)

    in reply to: chain adjustment raleigh xxix single speed #84935

    thanks i’ll keep waiting for a solution. I’m pretty happy with the xxix so far. Different ride from my Superfly but the big volume tires soak up a lot of bumps and hits. Excellent handling on twisty trails and tight turns-also not bad for short climbs. Great for conditioning!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)