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  • There’s really no regular visiting mods any longer and those posts are actually made by scripts(or programs) that can post an incredible amount of posts in very little time. I’ve also stopped reporting them due to the sheer volume and lack of response.

    The irony of this post is just fantastic! 😂😂

    in reply to: Leasing mtb #289169

    How would you handle wear and tear? Like if I return the bike at the end of two years and the drivetrain is completely worn out, the suspension is leaking oil, the tires are bald, the brake pads are down to the metal, and there’s big chips missing from the paint… what would happen?

    Hey man, having just gotten back from spending two weeks riding in Whistler (and about 5 weeks in the PNW overall), it seems like your basic premise–wanting to ride XC in Whistler–is going to be a problem. How exactly are you defining XC??

    While there are a couple of trails outside of the park that might qualify as XC, most of what I experienced was gnarly as fuck. Many of the standard backcountry trails, the most popular routes in the region, are serious business!! Granted, I didn’t get to ride Lord of the Squirrels as it was too early in the season for that, and that trail gets an easier rating on Trailforks than most of the trails I rode.

    If you’re not into full-bore descents with burly features and high consequence, you might want to go somewhere else on your trip IMHO. I actually thought Squamish had much better trail riding overall, and while there are definitely white-knuckle trails there (slab riding FTW) I found there to be quite a bit more variety than Whistler, with some more approachable flow lines for non-technical riders.

    in reply to: What MTB trend do you want reversed? #256459

    Dump anything with electricity! No e-bikes. No e-shifters. No e-seatposts. One of the things I like best about bikes is that they are %100 mechanical.

    Came here to say just this…

    Also, what John said.

    in reply to: Where are you riding your mountain bike next year? #254092

    Greg, How the heck are you?  Sounds like you’ve got quite the year planned.  I hope the knee is sound and up to the rigors.  New Zealand South Island, oh yah, for sure.  Drop dead gorgeous.  And if you love stars and the night sky, Mt. John University Observatory at Lake Tekapo has regular public viewing (for a price).  They do a great job of teaching you the southern night sky.  It is a nice balance of viewing with the naked eye to get perspective/big picture and viewing interesting objects through multiple telescopes.  First rate program and experience.

    Doing pretty well! Knee is improving but progress isn’t as fast as I’d like. Had a lot of great experiences in 2018, but less riding than hoped. May-September was pretty rough. That said, PT is paying off and I’m pretty amped as 2019 gets started!

    To be fair, New Zealand is my furthest out objective 😉 it’s impossible to know what opportunities or obstacles life will serve up between now and then, but hopefully, finally, I’ll get down there!
    Holla at me when you plan to hit the Crest and ride the CT near here… would love to join you for a rip!
    in reply to: Where are you riding your mountain bike next year? #254089

    Love all the ride plans in this thread—everyone is getting after it!!

    I’m personally trying to be more proactive in the coming year. My plans include:

    -Hawaii (at least one ride)


    -Whistler, Squamish, Vancouver Island, Bellingham, Seattle, and Oakridge (roadtrip)


    -Hopefully Switzerland as well

    and of course, lots of Colorado!!


    Working on some New Zealand plans (South Island, probably Queenstown) but that’ll be late 2019 at the soonest, maybe 2020.

    in reply to: When did you start mountain biking? #239479

    Like others have pointed out this is an interesting question. If by “mountain biking” you mean riding a bike off of pavement and doing stupid stuff like flying off of jumps and drops, then something like age 4 or 5. But if you mean specifically seeking out singletrack trails to ride and trying to get better at the sport, then around age 16.

    in reply to: Jackson Hole Wyoming #239174

    If you want to do lift-served you could ride at the resort but if you want to do classic singletrack all-mountain mountain biking, the Cache Creek, Game Creek, and other associated trails connected to Snow King are rideable from downtown. So you can rent a bike at any shop in-town Jackson and pedal from there.

    in reply to: Time for tech to trickle down. #239173

    #1 Square taper bottom brackets. Spending slightly more on a hollow style BB would make bikes better. #2 3×8 drivetrains.  Going hand in hand with #1 let’s ditch this old DT. 2x9s are affordable enough to go on entry level hardtails, fat bikes, and full suspension bikes. #3 Quick release skewers. Standardize the through axle as the method of choice. #4 The tapered headtube. Why not make this standard too.

    How much are you spending on this bike? $200?

    in reply to: Cassete Width #237809

    Yes, Shimano 9, 10 and 11 speed all use the same hub. Keep in mind that you’ll be investing a decent chunk of change into the cassette, derailleur, shifter and chain.

    In addition, you can also fit SRAM cassettes up to 10-speed on the same driver body. If you want to go up to SRAM 11 or 12-speed, you’ll need an XD driver, and depending on your current setup, you could possibly run into issues.

    in reply to: How's your riding year going? #237787

    Interesting start to the year for me, but it’s beginning to look up. I started slow due to ACL rehab, and then I thought I was crushing it….and then I went backsliding for a couple of weeks with patellar tendonitis and some other swelling and issues. Now, though, I’m beginning to feel a lot better and am looking forward to what will hopefully be a fun summer!

    While I’m not supposed to mountain bike yet and I probably won’t be able to for another 2-4 months, I’ve been able to log a good number of gravel road miles. Strava shows 426 bike miles on the year so far, but remember those are relatively flat gravel roads for the most part 🙂 Elevation gain on the year across all activities is just 23,506ft, which means I’m WAY behind pace for 333k this year. Hopefully I can make up some mad vert once summer hits. Still, no dust storms or sub-zero temps over here!

    in reply to: Tire logo #236972

    Greg, later in the thread he updated as above.  This topic has been beaten to death – and of logos of all things.  Next ride….

    Ah, thanks for pointing that out!

    in reply to: Outerbike Moab or Sedona ROAM? #236895

    Laurel, what are you looking to get out of the event? Seems like the thrust of the ROAM events is very different than that of Outerbike.

    in reply to: Tire logo #236892

    For the past three people who commented, OP already said that the tires in question aren’t directional. While they’re relatively rare, there are a number of non-directional tires on the market.

    in reply to: Tire logo #236830

    Personally I think most logos suck. I’m a closet graphics snob that dropped out of a graphic design program. If it was up to me, I’d have plain black tires with no visible logos. If someone was paying me to ride their tires, bike or whatever I will happily whore myself out for their product. Otherwise, I’d rather not be a rolling billboard.

     I’m talking to more and more riders that think the same thing–even with their bike frame. Lots of people put custom decals on the frames, sharpie out logos on their tires, etc. to keep from giving a company free promo, since they’re not getting paid.
    While I definitely sympathize with the ethos, I’m too lazy to get a custom paint job on my frame just to remove the company logo 🙂
    in reply to: riding park and natural trails in Colorado in july? #236715

    Lots of coverage on the rain/lightning and specific trails, but based on your timeframes and the trails you mentioned… you’ll definitely want to consider heat. While Flagstaff is relatively high elevation, most of Arizona will be unbearable that time of year. Also, Phil’s world in Cortez will be extremely hot, and even Little Scraggy at Buffalo Creek will be warm during the time. That said, the higher elevation trails you mentioned like Monarch Crest and Crested Butte will be excellent that time of year. For those higher trails, later in July might be better so you can be totally sure that they’re melted out. But with the snow year we’ve been having, I expect they’ll be melted by late June–but you never know.

    in reply to: MTB Chains #236543

    I don’t think I’ve EVER seen the master link fail. The master link is generally way stronger than the rest of the chain.

    in reply to: Crested Butte Plan "B" Trails #236186

    Hartman’s is a good bet, and many of the trails around town Crested Butte like Upper Loop, Lower Loop, and Lupine are a bit lower and are likely out of lightning danger. That said, I’ve been walking down Elk Avenue in Crested Butte and seen a bolt of lightning strike the ridge maybe 500 vertical feet above town, so if it’s lightning out, nothing is a guarantee.

    Also consider Strand Hill as another, relatively low option. Also, depending on the way the storm systems are moving, I’ve found that Strand’s location sometimes keeps it out of the main systems that get hung up on the high mountains.

    in reply to: Best trail features #235460

    Berms and bouldery rock gardens–but in the same trail. I would be totally fine if every corner was a berm, but I really like riding rocks, so I’d love a trail with big, rocky, drop-filled straightaways funneling into fast berms, and then straight back into rocks. It seems like most trails it’s one or the other and not both at the same time.

    in reply to: Your definition of the "Ultimate Epic Adventure" #234711

    Have you heard of Ultra Romance?

    The life this guy leads is, to me, the definition of the ultimate epic adventure… the adventure without end. Riding for over half the year, every year, sleeping where you end up, no clear destination in site. IMO, it’s impossible to have an “ultimate epic adventure” in a 3-day weekend or even a week’s vacation.

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