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  • in reply to: What are your mountain biking goals for 2017? #227550

    Definitely want to learn how to bunny hop on a consistent basis-
    To successfully navigate and speed through technical areas without mishap by finding the correct line-
    To jump ok without freakin out (not even trying the high jumps lol; leaving that for the professionals!)-
    To be finally able to go through a ride without cramping up at the end of it (it happens from time to time it sucks)

    in reply to: Is 30 minutes too long to get suited up to ride? #219333

    Of course its way too long! I myself am late on occasion but thats due to getting off work and hitting that 5pm traffic…so annoying but i always let the people I’m riding with know I will be late. Its not cool to leave them hanging!!

    in reply to: Do you ride with a bell? #217497

    no I don’t. I use my voice to let people know. But what’s funny is when other people use the trails and have an attitude when you call out your intentions?!Thought trail courtesy is the norm…guess not.

    in reply to: How often do you wash your mountain bike? #216374

    Every time I take it through a muddy trail; I spray the gears and moving parts that has mud and grime. I spray the rest of the bike when needed, ha!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)