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  • in reply to: camelback or water bottles? #250129

    First thing, holy crap this is an old thread.

    I don’t like back packs of any sort I find it hinders my ability and throws balance off. Thankfully I live in an area where I can be done with the ride in 1-2 hours. One bottle of water does the trick. But that’s only if I been hydrating all day.


    in reply to: One Line Advice Thread #245472

    Be confident not cocky.

    in reply to: One Line Advice Thread #242927

    Don’t wear your clipless shoes too tight. You could break your leg if you crash and your foot is stuck in the pedal..

    2/14/2017 Indeed

    in reply to: Advice for rock gardens #242925

    Take the bypass  ????

    I personally never have much fun in RG’s either my derailleur gets hit or I tear up my shoes by getting caught up on limestone chunks that are all over the trails here in Florida.

    I guess good balance would be key.

    in reply to: Entry Level Bike Opinion #242570

    Upgrading the brakes later is probably not the most cost effective way to go. I have a Specialized hard rock that I use for urban rides and it has hydraulic brakes. The price was only a little more than the bike you’re looking at.


    in reply to: One Line Advice Thread #242547

    Don’t think, pedal and roll. Just pedal and roll.

    in reply to: Entry Level Bike Opinion #242543

    Seems ok but I would rather have hydraulic brakes. You have to pull a little harder with mechanical and you’ll end up with cramps in your hands.

    Check bikes direct. There’s tons of selections there.

    Or just go to a bike shop. But get hydraulic brakes. Your hands will thank you.

    in reply to: One Line Advice Thread #241514

    Descents are made for wheels not heels.

    in reply to: First mountain bike? #241308

    You will be happy with either of those but I suggest trying the Specialized last. 🙂

    in reply to: One Line Advice Thread #240965

    Jumping a ramp on a mountain bike is absolutely completely different than jumping a ramp on a moto-x bike.

    in reply to: I FINALLY DID IT! :D #240672

    Ahh that first full squish feeling I remember that. It’s like cheatin!

    I suggest getting a can of suspension spray. Keep your fork stantions clean as well as your rear shock. I spray and clean mine every ride.

    in reply to: One Line Advice Thread #240670

    The longer you go without falling only increases your odds of falling. Due factor.

    in reply to: Creaking bottom bracket. #240444

    Long shot here. Curious, what pedals are you using? I use Crank Brothers Egg Beaters and if I don’t service them regularly, I will get creaking sounds on push.

    Maybe your sound is coming from another area?

    in reply to: Average speed for XC #240253

    I like to “Turn it up to 11”. But sometimes that’ll depend if there’s any “Gromets” on the trail 🙂


    in reply to: Suggestions for getting a tire off of rim #240198

    I think the Schwalbe tires are exceptionally tight. I just put a Nobby Nic on a 27.5 Roam 40 and it took so much effort to get on I thought it wouldn’t work and almost gave up on it. But I was eventually able to get it on and the thing held air for days before I put the sealant in (Waiting for other parts)

    Use a plastic tire lever and work it in. Once the seal is broken, it’ll slide off.

    in reply to: 27.5 wheel question? #240188

    What kind of bike? Is it a hybrid fat tire? Then you’re probably not able to put big tires on it but most mountain bikes these days will have rims wide enough.

    in reply to: One Line Advice Thread #240181

    Haha… Thanks Jeff.

    I do have a confession though. I have not followed all of these at least once.

    And sad to say, I have more.



    in reply to: One Line Advice Thread #240041

    You’ll never know how fast you can go till you go faster than you should go.

    in reply to: One Line Advice Thread #239778

    When coasting down the trail, have your pedals level with the ground or you could end up on the ground.

    in reply to: Specialized pitch 27.5 tubeless conversion #239356

    If I had to convert a set of non tubeless ready wheels again, I would opt for the the rim tape and stem setup.

    My experience with the rubber tape and stem was not that great. The valve stem is very sensitive to over tightening and would tear the seal if you went just past where you should have stopped.

    I would always be lucky to get one ride without losing too much air.

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 20 total)