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  • in reply to: Map of Oleta Park in Miami? #84260

    You’ve probably found one already, but just in case, this is the best map I’ve found for Oleta’s trails:

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    "Biohazard74" wrote

    Chilli i went to something down here called south dade green way. Its that part of the Everglades that Dade county took back from some farms etc etc a few years back and re made it into everglades.

    It sounds like you had great time out there. I have to check it out.

    Bio: How far west from Krome Ave do I have to go to get there? And, did you ride it from the north or the south trailhead?

    I also found a little trail in Davie, just South of Markham Park. It’s called Vista View Park. It’s a landfill that was turned into a county park. It’s only a 1.5 mile loop but it takes you up and down this "hill" with some fast downhill sections and long climbs. A good workout depending on how many times you do the loop.

    Chili: I’ll be in your neck of the woods tomorrow. Are you riding Tillman tomorrow? Let me know.

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    Hey everybody. I finally had the time to sit down and give an update. My son finished school last week, and as promised, thanks to his good grades, he got his new mtb. We finally went for the Trek MT 60. The determining factor for him to choose this one: "Wow, the black and blue color looks cooler dad!" 😃 . We went riding the next day after a big storm and he had a great time. What a difference. Only 25 lbs for this 20", that’s 2 lbs lighter than his old 16". A few of the climbs that he always walked with his old bike, he now made them look easy. He just went crazy across mud and sections with standing water, like if they weren’t there. He finally learned that he has to use the brake levers instead of the pedals to stop, thanks to a tree and then a fence that he rode into. He’s OK, he wasn’t really going that fast. Now he’s also figuring out the gears: "Dad, if I use # 1 and #2 to go up and #5 and #6 when it’s flat, what is #4 for? 😀 😀 .
    I didn’t have the camera with me that day, but here are a few action shots with his old bike. I’ll bring the camera with me next weekend.



    Chili, hope you feel better now. Sorry to hear about the Tillman trails. I rode the Wickham Park trails two weeks ago, got lost a couple of times, but had a fun time out there.

  • in reply to: MTB Wallpapers? #78746

    Check these out from Whistler: … /index.htm

    There are some pretty cool photos and great quality too.

  • in reply to: Mountain Bike for Kids #78185

    Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I actually found a local bike shop that has both the Trek and the Specialized in stock. I’m taking my kid to the store this weekend so he can try them out. I’ll let you know how it goes.
    Chili, you know what I ride, so you also know for which one I’ll be pulling for 😀 , but at the end it’s going to be his decision.
    I’m sure he’s going to thank you all everytime he’s out in the trails having a great time with his new rig.

  • in reply to: I’m a Proud Father!! My 10 year old son freeriding! #78036

    I can really say that this kid is the real deal. He makes these jumps look so easy and I’ve witnessed how he has improved his freeriding skills immensily in a matter of just a few months. Mongoose, you should definitely change his nickname from "Crash" to "Cash", because he’s going to make a lot of it if he takes his skills to the next level.
    I can also say that I’m proud of my six year old boy. He’s been riding with me in the Markham Park trails and he loves it. It’s great to see that they can have so much fun and enjoy MTBing as much as we do.

  • in reply to: Places to MTB in Florida #77955

    Oleta has everything, from beginner/novice trails to intermediate/advanced trails. Oleta has a lot of twisty, rooty single track, with lots of switchbacks and some sections with loose rocks. If you want something more technical and difficult, you have to go to Markham Park in Sunrise. I’ve heard that there is bike shop close to Markham that will let you try out one of their Giant FS demo bikes at the park. Markham has about 8 miles of the best trails in South Florida.

  • in reply to: Places to MTB in Florida #77953

    If you are going to be in the Miami area, your best option is Oleta River State Park in North Miami Beach. They have more than ten miles of singletrack well worth your trip. They have bike rentals right next to the trail entrance, hardtails and full suspension (which I highly recommend for Oleta trails). Check out for info, rates and trail map.

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